How To Construct A House With Vastu – Important Tips

Construct A House With Vastu: Check out these crucial vastu construction ideas for houses if you are building one. Directions, colours, components, and more are covered for the entire house, from the entryway to the many rooms.

Ancient Indian architecture is based on the Vastu Shastra. Texts about the Indian subcontinent cover topics including design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space organisation, and spatial geometry. In the Vastu Shastras, conventional Hindu and Buddhist concepts are merged.

The designs attempt to integrate architecture with nature, the relative functions of different structural parts, and traditional beliefs by utilising geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry, and directional alignments.

In order to achieve harmony with your surroundings and ensure a pleasant flow of energy in your area, vastu for house building can be extremely helpful. All household members will benefit from and succeed in different facets of life if their home is vastu compliant.

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Vastu for Home Building: Important Pointers

We offer some straightforward yet crucial vastu building advice. We provide you with advice on routes, colours, components, and more from the entry to the various rooms of the house. Read on:


Keep an eye on the entrance

According to vastu, the entrance of a house should always be at the north-east corner of the building. The sun rises in the east, providing your area with the most solar rays possible. The sun is an unparalleled source of light and energy. You may fix this problem if your doorway is already constructed in a separate section of the home by including a large window in the east.

The size of the door is another crucial consideration. The largest door in the home should be used as the primary entry. Additionally, you should always have a sturdy threshold created since it will keep good fortune from escaping your house.



Construct A House With Vastu: Bedroom Position

The optimum location for a restful night’s sleep is considered to be the southwest corner. As a result, the bed should never be positioned in the north, always in the south, east, or west corner. Use browns and greens to give your bedroom a living, organic feel.


Construct A House With Vastu: Make use of North Corner

Make an effort to begin building your house from the north and work your way south after that. To increase your financial blessing and luck, use the element “water” in your design. The northernmost point of your house is a good place to put bathrooms, swimming pools, ponds, and even a RO water filtration system. In the unlikely event that you lack a true north corner, try the north east instead.


Remember the Kitchen

The kitchen plays a significant role in vastu literature. Since it is where food is prepared for the entire household, it is obviously important to properly design it, taking into account things like the building’s structure and colour scheme. Your kitchen should be placed in the southeast corner, with your cooking facing east. Additionally, avoid placing your kitchen in front of the entrance.



Avoid using overhead beams

If your design and décor expert suggests installing an overhead beam in your living room or above the dining area, don’t be startled. Bold, contemporary, and aesthetically pleasing architecture abound in modern interior design. Exposed ceiling beams, according to vastu for house building, might encourage despondency, arguments, and discord. Therefore, if you want to maintain your calm, simply avoid them.


Pay attention to Doors

Doors denote entry and connect your home to outside energy as well as the other way around. As a result, it’s an important junction for the flow of energy. All doors, especially the entrance door, should open at a 90-degree angle, according to Vastu. This will allow positive energy to effortlessly and abundantly enter your home. Keep anything behind the doors out of the way so as not to impede the doors.


Room Shape

The optimum form for a space is square because it encourages harmony and balance. Additionally, rectangular rooms are fortunate, as opposed to L- or T-shaped rooms. Unevenly designed rooms might cause you a lot of stress and even financial hardship. Triangular rooms might hinder your growth while octagonal rooms can be bad for your money.



Vastu for Bathrooms in New Construction

As per vastu for house building, the bathroom is where trash is disposed of, thus you should be very careful about it. The toilet should be placed in the north-west or west area of the home.

However, it’s important to keep direction in mind when positioning the toilet seat or the lavatory. When use it, never position it so that you are looking east or west. Either facing north or south is the best position for toilet seats.

The colours utilised inside the restroom must also be taken into consideration. According to vastu for home building, you should avoid using dark colours in this room and instead choose for brighter hues like grey, white, or pale blue.


Construct A House With Vastu: North-east corner water

You should consider installing a fountain or aquarium in the northeastern corner of your property. Money flows more easily when there is a constant flow of water because it fills the area with uplifting energy. To get the most out of an aquarium, make sure it has a pump for aeration and that it is maintained clean.



Construct A House With Vastu: Windows and Doors

Do consider the design of your home’s doors and windows as prospective homebuyers. They should be designed and built to be really simple to clean. Doors and windows should be maintained immaculate, according to Vastu. Additionally, unclean windows reduce the flow of money into your house. Make sure to regularly clean your doors and windows.


Incorporate Mirror Work in Interiors

If you have a cash locker at home in a cabinet or in a home office, mount a mirror on the wall across from the locker door so that it reflects your money each time you open the locker. This is suppose to increase the wealth of your home. Similar to this, a mirror that reflects your dining table will guarantee that the food supply is always consistent and nutritious.


Construct A House With Vastu: East-Northeast Corner

Your home’s northeastern corner features a Vastu Kubera corner that is especially powerful. Therefore, keep this area clear of clutter to guarantee a constant flow of wealth. Make sure that nothing in the northeast is blocking the passage of power, such as towering buildings or trees.



Construct A House With Vastu : Some Extra Advice

  • The layout should be at a 90 degree angle from all directions. This brings you joy and money. The only other direction that may be greater is north-east.
  • All flooring, ceiling, and lighting work should begin in the home’s south-west corner.
  • This adds to the peace and harmony of the entire house.
  • If the building project has been postponed for an illogical reason, create a slope to the north or east and swiftly tidy the plot’s centre.
  • The entrance door should always be larger than the other doors in the house.
  • To avoid delays in the construction process, construction tools shouldn’t be place facing north-west.
  • The southwest corner of the site is the ideal area to start building. It ought to go in three directions: north-west, south-east, and north-east. The flow of positive energy is in this direction.

We really hope that these suggestions will be very beneficial to you as you build the house of your dreams!


Summing Up How to Construct a House with Vastu

Vastu is crucial when building a house because it enables you to create a structure that is in harmony with the earth’s forces. a home that is free of vastu dosh and constructed with the needs of all occupants in mind. We must be mindful of how to employ the diverse energies present in each space of the house to our greatest advantage.

We go through the fundamentals of vastu for home construction with you in the blog up above. And provide you with pointers and instructions for each area that will bring prosperity and health into your house. Which of the aforementioned vastu guidelines do you already adhere to? Or which of these suggestions would you prefer to apply to your room? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.







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