How To Make A Room Soundproof : 15 Clever Solutions

We don’t think about how to make a space soundproof very frequently, but when we do, we don’t seem to come up with any solutions. With the rise of the work-from-home, study-from-home, and entertain-yourself-from-home lifestyle, even a basic video conferencing conversation might appear hectic. For starters, we don’t know a lot about many soundproofing materials. For example, how would you go about converting a tiny conference cabin on your office level into a soundproof room?

This is why this site not only shares some of the most efficient, accessible, and cost-effective methods of soundproofing a space, but also explains the physics behind them. Before we get into the many techniques to soundproof your room, let’s first understand how the soundproofing process works.


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  • ·         Soundproofing 101
  • ·         The Price of Building Noise-Cancelling Rooms
  • ·         10 Sure-Fire Ways to Soundproof Your Room
  • ·         Work with NoBroker Interior Designers to Create the Ideal Soundproof Room
  • 101 on soundproofing

To learn how to soundproof a space, we must first understand how sound works. As you may have learned in school, sound travels in the form of waves. For example, if you speak from one end of a tiny bathroom, the voice echoes back, as it bounces back and forth until it evaporates. As you may expect, such an echoey sound is not ideal for video conferencing or podcast recording. But what causes the sound or audio quality to be poor?


Room Soundproof

There are two sorts of sound waves: direct, which comes straight from the source of the sound, and reflected, which is formed by the waves being rebounded off of walls. The reflected sound that reaches our ears later causes distortion, resulting in poor sound quality. So, how can we overcome this problem or soundproof the room? There are two possibilities available to us. One method is to absorb the reflected waves, which is not a good idea since absorbing too much sound might make your recordings appear artificial.

The second approach is to diffuse the sound waves, which involves scattering the sound waves in various directions to produce a smooth audio quality. Using the two procedures together yields the greatest results. That poses the question of how to soundproof a space from both outside and inner noise.

To provide such a sound dampening effect, soft materials are required rather than hard ones, as hard materials echo more. This is why the walls and floors of recording studios are often coated with soft foams with many angles for soundproof insulation. Dense materials are employed to strengthen every sound-leaking gap in order to prevent external sound waves from entering the room.


The Price of Building Noise-Cancelling Rooms

When you go out to acquire soundproofing materials and calculate the cost of soundproofing, keep in mind that the overall cost will be determined by the type of sound-absorbing materials for the home, their quality, and the surface area of the space you want to soundproof. While the size of space for house soundproofing may vary, panels of acoustic foams will cost between INR 2,000 and INR 4000 for a set of 7-10 panels. You will also want blackout drapes that are heavy/dense enough to block outside sound, which can cost anywhere between INR 3,000 and INR 10,000 depending on the fabric quality. As a result, the typical cost of soundproofing a room in India is between INR 40,000 and INR 1 Lakh.


10 Sure-Fire Ways to Soundproof Your Room

There are several techniques to soundproof a room, including weather-stripping, adding carpets as underlay, adding wall hangings, foam rubbers, window coverings, bookshelves, drywalls, and more. As previously said, the decision is determined by the quality of the material used, the type of area to be soundproofed, and the overall budget. So, keep an editorial eye on the top ideas for soundproofing your room listed below. Continue reading!

How to Make a Room Soundproof: 15 Clever Solutions

Door and window weather stripping tapes

Interior doors don’t often have weatherstripping, but adding some around the exterior of the doorway can assist minimise noise. Stick foam rubber strips are also available. Weather stripping is a method that is not only cheap but also simple to implement. Even better, it creates an extremely tight seal. Felt is one of the earliest forms of weatherstripping; it comes in rolls and in variations with and without adhesive backs. These are also quite inexpensive and, surprisingly, effective in noise suppression. Add a door sweep or an under-door draught blocker at the bottom of the doors to reduce the gap along the floor.


drywall padding

As previously said, the greatest approach to make sound waves halt (metaphorically) is to utilise solid materials to deaden them. While utilising dry padding is not the cheapest way to soundproof a room, it is unquestionably one of the most effective ways to keep a space silent. The dampening compound made of such a sound-absorbing caulk can also be used on top of the drywall, which should not be thicker than 6 inches in total.

How to Make a Room Soundproof: 15 Clever Solutions

Quilted window treatments

If you’re wondering how to make a room more soundproof, consider combining sound-blocking window drapes with quilted window pads. While window curtains offer the dual aim of shielding both sound and harsh sunlight, windows do become increasingly vulnerable over time owing to prolonged exposure to outside weather conditions. This is where quilted window cushions not only protect them but also effectively block out noise.

How to Make a Room Soundproof: 15 Clever Solutions

Room Soundproof: Placing tapestries

If you do not want to invest in professional soundproofing materials and equipment, there is a less expensive and more appealing option. Tapestries consisting of cloth, carpets, or even painting canvases perform a fantastic job of absorbing sound waves and so diffusing noise on a flat wall (as opposed to amplifying it due to a hard wall surface).


Place rugs on the floor

Sound may bounce not only off walls, but also off hard surfaces such as your floor. Floors take up a large amount of the space and reflect sound waves, open portions of the floor much more so. If you have a solid surface floor in your room consisting of wood. Laminate, or even tile, the simplest answer is to use an area rug to help with sound absorption. A significant benefit? With a multitude of décor possibilities, you may choose one that matches your artistic style! Because of the greater thickness, thick carpets are preferable than thin rugs.


Soundproof panels that hang on the wall

Firm surfaces, such as drywall caulks, angular panels, plaster, and tiles, both reflect and amplify sound. As a result, soft surfaces absorb sound naturally, making places with soft rugs, tapestries, and couches significantly quieter. Thick blankets or quilts may also be utilise in creative ways to cover walls. You may also put sound-absorbing panels on the walls and ceilings, but the space would seem much more industrial or business than domestic. However, if you are seeking for noise-dampening materials.  Make sure to look into alternatives such as thick polyester fibre, soft foam rubber, cork. And other materials that are commonly used to create such soundproofing panels.


Room Soundproof: Wall-mounted sound-proof panels

Firm surfaces such as drywall caulks, angular panels, plaster, and tiles both reflect and amplify sound. As a result, it’s only natural for soft surfaces to absorb sound, making places with soft rugs, tapestries, and pillows significantly quieter. Thick blankets or quilts may also be used to cover walls in creative ways. You may also put sound absorption panels on your walls and ceilings. But the space would seem much more industrial or business than domestic. However, if you are seeking for noise-dampening materials. Make sure to look into alternatives such as dense polyester fibre, soft foam rubber, cork, and so on, which are commonly utilise to create such soundproofing panels.


Room Soundproof: Wall-mounted bookcases

If you’ve always wanted to build a peaceful home library, here’s how to hit two targets with a single arrow. An assortment of books on ceiling-to-floor or wall-length bookcases work well as natural soundproofing materials in generating that pin-drop-quiet ambience in the library/workroom. They not only serve as a second wall, but they also educate and entertain us. If you ask me, this is pure genius!


Remove door sweeps

No matter how much work you put into soundproofing your room. It will be useless if you do not maintain the doors. The bottom of the doors frequently let in a lot of outside noise into the interior. The best approach to deal with it is to purchase a door sweep that can be glued or nailed to the door’s side and bottom edges. Sweeps are often compose of plastic, metal, rubber, or a mix of these materials. And they are available with self-adhesive choices. Alternatively, you may create your own draught stoppers and fix them using Velcro tapes beneath the doors.


Room Soundproof : Paint that is soundproof

While the phrase “soundproof” is misleading. “Sound reducing” or “absorbing” paints are nevertheless useful in not only making your space seem nice but also in minimising noise transmission. These water-base soundproofing paints. Also known as acoustic paint, are constructed of fast-drying viscoelastic compounds and allow you to manage the degree of noise pollution within the space.


Room SoundproofPurchase a white noise machine.


The white noise machine is another tool that, while not as efficient as professional-grade soundproofing materials. Does an excellent job of reducing noise pollution. It’s a strange mechanism. Rather of removing sound waves. The white noise machine boosts the flat and neutral layers of sound, which generally produce boring and irritating noise.





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