IGR Maharashtra Will Implement Blockchain Technology

IGR Maharashtra : Records of every document accessed and changes made to it can be accesse using blockchain technology.

IGR Maharashtra is preparing for a transformation by implementing blockchain technology. District collectorates will be able to complete documentation more quickly and save money by using blockchain technology to store records. IGR Maharashtra is in charge of managing land records, ownership/property leases, and sale and purchase registrations, among other things.

Every year, IGR Maharashtra receives several complaints about errors in property registrations, such as misspellings of names and property descriptions. Even if 20% of total property deal registrations in a year are to be corrected, it will take a significant amount of time from the staff,” a senior IGR official explain. He expects blockchain technology to save this time, allowing the department to focus on its core business of stamp duty registration and collection.

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“Blockchain technology will save a lot of time for a district collector, who has to spend a lot of time conducting hearings related to document errors.” “Once we completely shift to blockchain technology-based documentation. There will be no typical or conventional role left for a collector,” said an IGR Maharashtra official.

An additional collector-rank official stated that while computers have increase the speed of documentation and land title records are now available online, it is very difficult to find and take action if some changes are made (illegally).

The blockchain technology will keep a record of every document accessed and changed by an official. As a result, it will prevent malpractice and assist in determining when and why changes were made,” he said.

IGR Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, there are currently over one crore land title documents. Farmers frequently use such documents to obtain crop loans and for other purposes. The use of blockchain technology will also alleviate citizens’ concerns about the security of their land records. Particularly among the less educated and financially disadvantaged, he said.

According to an IGR official, IGR Maharashtra. Which registers the sale, purchase, or lease of properties, has already begun e-registration of newly constructed properties in the state base entirely on blockchain technology, and more than 450 developers have opted for this system so far. With an annual contribution of more than Rs 45,000 crore, IGR Maharashtra is one of the state’s largest sources of revenue, he added. Every year, 28 lakh to 30 lakh property deals are registere in Maharashtra. According to IGR Commissioner About four lakh of these are newly constructed properties registere with IGR Maharashtra.

Other sections of the revenue department, including IGR Maharashtra. Will transition to blockchain technology in the coming days. Which will forever change the way the administration operates, according to a senior revenue official.












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