Impact Of The 2022-23 Home Buying Budget On Real Estate

Home Buying Budget: The Union Budget 2022-23 might represent a turning point in the real estate sector. The budget declarations appear to be empowering and forward-thinking, with a concentration on affordable housing and infrastructure development. During the preceding several years, India’s real estate industry saw a slowdown in property sales, fewer site visits, and project delays as a result of Coronavirus-related issues. The Finance Minister has unveiled a number of initiatives that are anticipated to benefit the sector. It is admirable that this budget offers a contemporary and inclusive vision, laying the basis for the future.


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According to industry commentators, the Union Budget 2022-23 is a growth-inducing budget that emphasises the importance of the real estate sector in the Indian economy. It will benefit our younger generations, women, and farmers tremendously, as well as enhance productivity and accelerate economic growth and development, all of which bodes well for the real estate business. Budget 2022-23 policies have helped the affordable housing industry and reduced anti-dumping tariffs on steel.


Impact Of The 2022-23 Home Buying Budget On Real Estate


The budget’s benefits for the real estate industry:

Let us take a closer look at the essential factors mentioned to assuage real estate developers’ concerns and their implications for the real estate market:


1) Economic Pressures:

In fiscal year 2022-23, the Finance Minister predicts 9.2 percent GDP growth. These signs may improve market cash liquidity, directly impacting the real estate business, with a planned capital investment of Rs 7.5 lakh crore.

The second key goal for the real estate industry was the ‘Gati Shakti Master Plan,’ which contained the initial outlay of Rs 20,000 crore for 2022-23. This Scheme will be presented as a transformative method for long-term economic growth and development. Trains, roads, airports, ports, mass transit, waterways, and logistics would be the foundation of the PM Gati Shakti Master Plan.


2) A Consistent Demand for Low-Income Housing:

Given the growing need for affordable housing and the need for overall demand creation in the real estate sector, which is still recovering from the pandemic, the industry has made a slew of demands to get the business back on track. The real estate industry anticipated, among other things, relaxations that favour affordable and rental housing with the announcement of the Budget 2022-23. The Union Budget 2022-23 contains a commitment of Rs 48,000 crore for affordable housing. Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, the money will be utilise to expand the supply of low-cost homes. The strategy will aid around 80 lakh families in the following year.


Impact Of The 2022-23 Home Buying Budget On Real Estate


3) Emphasis on Urban Planning:

The Union Budget for 2022-23 emphasised the need of developing Megacities, as well as a stronger emphasis on Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. These cities are anticipated to become economic powerhouses in the not-too-distant future. In 25 years, cities will most certainly house half of the world’s population. Orderly urban expansion is require to prepare for this. The federal government wants to help and work with states in increasing urban capacity.

The housing business may benefit from a focus on sustainable and planned development. In addition, five urban planning centres of excellence have been suggested, providing the sector with a conduit to recruit competent individuals. The Union Government has announced the creation of a high-powered committee of urban planners, economists, and institutions to give policy suggestions, implementation methods, and capacity building for urban infrastructure development.


4) Fiscal Impacts on Cooperative Societies:

To reduce the burden on cooperative groups, the Union Budget proposes cutting the Alternative Minimum Tax from 18.5 percent to 15 percent. The penalty on income between Rs 1 crore and Rs 10 crore has also been reduce to 7%.


5) Infrastructure Development:

The infrastructure projects head has grown extremely fascinating. With plans such as expanding highways by 25,000 kilometres throughout the nation, committing Rs 60,000 crore to the Nal Se Jal programme, and launching five river connection projects across numerous states. All of this will contribute to the country’s overall growth. It will hasten infrastructure development in the country and assist the real estate industry.


6) Records Digitization:

One of the primary goals is to digitise land records. The effective use of land resources is a fundamental requirement. States will be encourage to utilise information technology-based record management. The Union Budget encourages states to create a Unique Land Parcel Identification Number so that deeds may be registere anywhere in a few simple steps and digital land records can be manage. In addition, efforts are being made to translate land records from regional languages.


7) The Steel Budget and Its Implications for Real Estate:

The real estate business is not a separate entity. It works with a wide range of industries, including steel, iron, cement, and other materials. Given the present high metal prices, the Finance Minister removed the Countervailing Duty and Anti-dumping Duty on stainless steel, coated steel, alloy steel bars, and high-speed steel in the Union Budget 2022-23 announcements, cutting imports from China and encouraging domestic production. It will have an immediate impact on the building and related industries. Which rely significantly on steel and steel components in the construction of homes.


8) Parvatmala: National Ropeway Development Program:

The National Ropeways Development Programme will be implemented through public-private partnerships. As a preferred ecologically feasible alternative to conventional roadways in difficult steep terrain. The idea is to improve commuter connectivity and convenience while also promoting tourism. Contracts will be awarde in 2022-23 for eight ropeway projects totaling 60 kilometres in length.

To summarise, various housing and development schemes are include in the Union Budget. The funding of Rs. 48,000 crores towards the completion of 80 lakh houses under PMAY is the most prominent of these. The extension of PMAY till 2023 is a positive step toward providing affordable housing for those in need. Significantly, the Union Budget has outlined a favourable path forward. With a strong development projection and an emphasis on urban planning and long-term prosperity.



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