Important kitchen Vastu Shastra guidelines

The kitchen is the area in a home where food is prepared to feed the inhabitants. We look at several Vastu dos and don’ts for this vital space, kitchen Vastu Shastra.

kitchen Vastu Shastra guidelines

In today’s home, the kitchen is the center of activity. Kitchens are well-designed spaces with cutting-edge technology, where family members may be observed cooking, interacting, and socializing with friends and family. Vastu Shastra, which supports constructing in accordance with the natural laws of the cosmos, includes various criteria for open and closed kitchens to ensure that the home has the proper amount of energy and positivity. The atmosphere in the kitchen is critical for the health and well-being of the occupants.

According to Vastu Shastra, “health is wealth,” and “the correct location and positioning of objects, in the suitable direction, counts.” The fireplace purifies the house’s energy, and hence the food prepared there is considered to fuel and nourish the body. As a result, the fire must be positioned perfectly. Kitchens should not be located in the north or south.


For an open kitchen plan, Vastu is recommended.

Many Indian families, particularly those who have lived abroad for several years, are beginning to appreciate the open kitchen concept. For open kitchen design, here are several Vastu tips:

o Because both the south and east directions are dominated by the fire element, the south-east is the optimum zone for an open kitchen.

o In the north zone, open kitchen layouts should be avoided since they limit new career, growth, and financial prospects.

o For open kitchen layouts, the west zone is also recommended. Physically and financially, it fosters gains and well health.


Is it Vastu-friendly to have an open kitchen?

In today’s homes, the concept of an open kitchen plan is very popular. According to Vastu Shastra, however, it may cause a flow of negative energies and tensions in the home. There are certain Vastu cures for an open kitchen that will help you get rid of the bad vibes. This includes painting one of the kitchen walls red and placing a mirror in such a way that it reflects both the stove and the visitors who are visiting. To ensure a good flow of energies, set camphor balls, a wind chime, or Vastu crystal balls in the kitchen.


According to Vastu, the kitchen should be oriented in a certain way.

The elements of earth, heaven, air, fire, and water should be in appropriate balance in one’s home, according to Vastu. “The Sun is associated with fire, or ‘agni devta,’ which represents energy and strength. Fire sources should be placed in the south-east direction, according to Vastu. As a result, the kitchen should be in the south-east corner of the home, with the chef facing east. While cooking, another neutral direction to face is west. The sink should preferably be situated in the kitchen’s north-west corner. Place the water purifier and water pots in the north-east corner.

For excellent health and success, a clean, roomy, and clutter-free kitchen is essential. The kitchen must have windows, be light and airy, and be well-lit. The design of the kitchen should be minimal, with clean, simple lines, in order to avoid clutter and have adequate space while cooking. The west and south walls of the kitchen should have as much storage space as possible.

Water trickling from a tap or a leaking pipe in the kitchen indicates that riches is being sucked out of one’s life and should be mended promptly. Keep your rice jar at home loaded to the brim for good luck. Keep storage jars away from old newspapers. Cooking under an overhead beam should be avoided, as should keeping the trash can in the north-east corner of the kitchen.

Important kitchen Vastu Shastra guidelines

Vastu for the dining room

The eating area, too, should be designed according to Vastu Shastra. “The dining table should not be below a toilet on the upper floor,” says Vastu Shastra. Dining tables should ideally be square or rectangle in shape, as they represent solidity. Dining tables that are round or oval should be avoided. Positive energy is generated by lights. As a result, the dining room should not be dimly lit. Keep a mirror near the dining table wall because a mirror doubles the amount of food visible, symbolising richness and fortune. Keep some rock salt or powdered salt on the dinner table to attract positive energy. It is never a good idea to leave the dining table vacant. On it, you can keep some fruits, dry fruits, or a jug of water.


Colors for the kitchen according to Vastu

The kitchen is a representation of purity. According to Vastu Shastra, white is the greatest colour, but don’t go overboard with it. Red should not be used excessively in the kitchen because it creates an unstable energy. Dark colours should be avoided because they can cause despair. Green, lemon yellow, and orange are also good choices for the kitchen because they are nourishing and fire-related colours. To create a sense of balance in the kitchen, choose white for the ceiling. In the kitchen, stay away from black, grey, and blue. “If you don’t have space for a separate pooja room, you can build a temple in the north/east corner of your kitchen if you cook vegetarian meals. It is best not to maintain a temple in the kitchen if non-vegetarian food is prepared.


Kitchen lighting Vastu

The kitchen should have uniform lighting and minimal shadows, according to Vastu. Because a well-lit kitchen emits cheerfulness, you can utilise scones on the walls, task lighting, and pendant lighting in the kitchen. Don’t forget about the storage room, and make sure it’s well lit. A zero-watt red light bulb on the kitchen’s south-east wall can aid in financial growth.


Kitchen design and décor tips

o Avoid an all-white kitchen, as it can make the space look dull and cold. A kitchen should always look welcoming.

o Do not build too many cabinets in dark colours, as it can make the space look claustrophobic and overbearing.

o According to kitchen Vastu, platforms touching the north wall of the kitchen should be avoided but platforms can be extended on the southern wall.

o If a kitchen loft is required, it should be on the west or south wall, not the east or north.

o Keeping a water-filled pot in the kitchen, according to Vastu, helps to keep money problems at bay. If you can’t keep a large earthen pot, a little one will suffice. Fill it with water and store it in the north or north-east corner of your home.

o Avoid ornamental decals if you want a timeless aesthetic, as they may go out of style quickly.

o Avoid dark colours in a tiny kitchen because they make it appear smaller.

o Low ceilings and high cabinets are not a good fit since one would diminish the perception of the other.

o As a Vastu cure, if the stove and sink are close to each other, place a bone china vase between them.

o Make sure the windows face east or north for maximum natural light.

o Yellow, orange, rose, chocolate, or red should be the kitchen’s floor colours.

o The gas burner should not be placed directly in front of the kitchen’s main door.



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