In India, many types of wood are used to make furniture.

We explore the benefits of five different types of finest wood for furniture in India and the most costly wood in India.

wood furniture

While interior design styles come and go, wooden furniture is a constant. In comparison to other materials, the use of the finest wood for furniture in India makes it sturdy, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. Different types of wood, on the other hand, are utilised to make furniture for Indian houses. So, which wood is good for furniture? As a result, while purchasing furniture, one should be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of various types of wood in India, and the maintenance measures that owners must take.


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Which kind of wood is best for furniture?

In India, there are two varieties of wood-based on their hardness: hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is not always harder and denser than softwood, contrary to common opinion. Hardwood is derived from flowering trees, whilst softwood is derived from evergreens. Hardwoods and softwoods are both utilised to make furniture.

India’s most suitable wood for furniture


Teak wood is a kind of wood found in India.


Teak wood is one of the best woods for furniture in India and one of the most often used types of wood for furniture. Teak wood is also imported from Burma and Ghana by certain producers. Kerala is a big manufacturer of teak wood in India. Teak wood is one of India’s strongest and most durable woods, and it’s commonly used to make door frames, cabinets, and tables. Teak is a decay-resistant wood that outlasts all other forms of wood in India. It is the greatest wood for furniture, especially outdoor furniture because it is a hardwood that can tolerate intense heat and cold.


Sal wood is a kind of wood found in India.

In India, sal wood is regarded as one of the best woods for furniture and is also used in buildings. Sal wood is one of the few varieties of wood found in India that does not require many coats of polish to maintain its durability. It also has the capacity to endure wet and damp conditions underground. Termite-resistant sal wood is used to build stuff. It’s commonly used to make walls and doors, stairways, and beams. Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh are the most common locations for sal wood.


Deodar is a kind of wood found in India.

Deodar is a conifer tree that thrives in cold climates and is evergreen. It is prevalent in Himalayan regions such as Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh, and others.

Deodar furniture wood is not as hefty as teak and has a coarse texture. Knots are spaced at regular intervals, and this furniture wood has no self-sheen. That is why it is necessary to polish it on a regular basis. Deodar is a softwood, making it one of India’s most effective forms of wood for furniture.


Satinwood is a kind of wood found in India.

Satinwood is the best wood for furniture or items with a vintage look. It is a cost-effective material that is readily available in local markets and is produced from southern and central Indian regions. Satinwood, on the other hand, requires constant maintenance. Satinwood for furnishings is strong and long-lasting, and a variety of polishes may be used to get the desired style or finish. Because the grain of satinwood is so diverse, it generally has an extremely shiny surface. Satinwood furniture is typically brilliant yellow in colour and in warm colours.


In India, there are two types of wood: white cedar and black cedar.

It also is known as Marandi, but it’s an excellent veneer for light-weight furnishings like display shelves, trunks, and even ornamental objects. Since this sort of wood for furniture requires little upkeep, this is better suited for products that aren’t used frequently. White cedar wood is mostly sourced from Malaysia and requires a month of seasoning before use. It’s being used to make the inside components of sofas and dining chairs, which are afterwards covered with upholstery because it is softwood. It’s a cost-effective wood that looks excellent and is extremely strong and load-bearing, making it one of the greatest woods for furnishings.


Indian rosewood is a kind of wood found in India.

Indian rosewood

Indian rosewood, also known as Sheesham, is among the most popular types of wood for furniture in India. It also is a hardwood that can take a variety of polishes and treatments. In spite of the fact that rosewood is the most costly wood in India, it is commonly used due to its termite resistance, durability, and adaptability. Rosewood is an excellent option for furniture such as kitchen cupboards, couches, and even flooring. Sheesham is primarily located in south India and is utilised in instruments.


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