In India, there are many types of houses.

India is usually divided into city, semi-urban, and rural areas, with a range of houses types in each.

Types of houses

There are many different types of houses in India, depending on location, the climate of the region, construction materials, architectural influence, people’s lifestyle, and financial condition. Indian has a wide range of architectural styles for houses that have evolved in response to the changing trends, cultures, and requirements resulting in a variety of house designs. Here are some of the most common forms of houses in India.


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In India, there are 2 types of housing: flats & apartments.

types of houses flats & apartments

A flat, also known as an apartment, is a form of house that has all of the basic amenities for comfortable living and is located in a building with several other houses. Due to a shortage of land, vertical housing developments have become popular. The increase of flat or apartment-style dwellings has indeed been observed in metros and cities.

The flats can range in size from 1/2/3 BHK to much larger. Developers can provide apartments with a variety of additional features to meet the changing demands of house purchasers. Apartments have become the most common style of housing in India’s cities, and they are still accessible to the middle- and upper-middle-class urban population.


RK or studio room is a type of house in India.

types of houses RK or studio room

RK stands for room-kitchen and is also known as a studio apartment. Those houses, which are typically seen in metro areas, lack a separate bedroom and living room. Working students and professionals like studio rooms since they are small and efficient.


Penthouses are the most common type of housing in India.

types of houses Penthouses

A penthouse is a high-end apartment on the top level of a high-rise building. In India, penthouses are linked with exclusivity and distinction. These houses have luxurious features that aren’t shown in the rest of the building’s units. Penthouses provide plenty of light and ventilation, as well as a magnificent view of the city.

Despite the fact that luxury homes are located in multi-residential complexes, they provide a sense of freedom comparable to that which villas and bungalows provide. Houses of this type may have numerous levels within the same framework, which is ideal for joint families. The ceiling in a penthouse is higher than in a regular flat. It has one-of-a-kind floor plans and high-end facilities such as individual patios and private elevators.


Bungalows are a type of house in India.

types of houses Bungalows

Bungalows have a big balcony, a low-pitched roof, and a single-story one or structure. A bungalow often is surrounded by a garden and a parking area, and it is set us back from the surrounding neighborhood. Bungalows are more costly than flats because they have larger living quarters, which are frequently on one floor.

Bungalow designs in India come in several styles, including traditional and contemporary. Bungalows have become increasingly popular as the epidemic has transformed our houses into multi-functional places with outside spaces to enjoy. In addition, because most of India enjoys warm weather, well-designed bungalows generally incorporate all indoor and outdoor rooms.


In India, there are two types of houses: villas and flats.

types of houses villas and flats

A villa is a type of house in India that is similar to a luxury apartment with all of the latest facilities. A villa often includes a large lawn and backyard, as well as a variety of other amenities. Villas in the same area generate a feeling of community that building flats do not, while also offering the solitude of a house.

Those who desire the tranquility of an independent unit without the trouble of making one prefer villas. The margins of cities allow plenty of area for these villas to be constructed within gated communities. A clubhouse, swimming pool, and theatre are available at a villa in a gated community.


India’s row houses

types of houses row houses

A row house is a type of house that is built on its own within a gated community. All row houses have the same architectural approach. The benefits and designs of a bungalow and a flat are merged in a row house design.

A row house can be renovated without the involvement of the builder. Row houses provide the advantages of identity while remaining part of a community. Row houses may be located in Noida, Gurugram, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad in India.


Farmhouses are one of the most common house types in India.

types of houses Farmhouses

A farmhouse is a style of house that is surrounded by either a farm or a well garden. People looking for vacation homes or second homes like farmhouses, which can range from classic to modern. Farmhouses are chosen by families because they provide the best choice for a better lifestyle, such as growing vegetables, relaxing, exercising, having parties without disturbing neighbors, and spending time in nature. Farmhouses may be found in the Mumbai districts of Lonavala, Karjat, and Alibaug. Farmhouses may be located at Chhatarpur, Westend Greens, Mehrauli, Rajokri, and Sultanpur in Delhi.


Stilt house is a type of house in India.

types of houses Stilt house

The stilt house is made of bamboo and may be found in flood-prone areas like India. For flood control, they are elevated from the ground. Water enters the house because of the high construction.


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