Income Tax Raid Definition, Timing & Rights Of A Person During A Raid

Income Tax Raid: The Income Tax Department conducts an income tax raid to confiscate and take possession of illegally obtained funds. Here is everything you ought to know.

Income tax raid is a word that almost everyone is familiar with. An assessment raid is another name for it. The Income Tax Department frequently engages in this effort to locate, confiscate, and manage illegally obtained funds. Officially, a raid is referred to as a search and survey operation. The primary goal of this operation is to eliminate any corruption.

Because the Indian government offers the finest legal defence against all forms of corruption, the Income Tax Department is carrying out the operation.

Black money cases have historically been prevalent in India. In the future, the Indian government and the income tax department will step up to prevent incidents of this nature. The Income Tax Department (ITD) is primarily in charge of tax collection and the enforcement of all tax-related laws and regulations. The ITD directly reports all tax receipts to the Department of Revenue within the Ministry of Finance.




The Central Board of Direct Taxes is in charge of running the ITD (CBDT). Prior to this, the Income Tax Department issued two significant regulations: the Prohibition Act of 1988 and the Black Money Act of 2015. So, in essence, the ITD’s income tax raid is a means of establishing a nation devoid of corruption.

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Read the article to find out more about the Income Tax Division’s raid.


Why are income tax raids conducted?

According to a number of stories that have reached the public, certain persons with dubious authority amassed significant sums of money without any permission and without any supporting documentation for their holdings. Unaccounted or “black money” is the term for these types of assets or funds that are kept secret from tax authorities.

The total national economy might suffer greatly from the usage of black money. The Income Tax Department will examine assets including cash, jewellery, and other pricy riches when this type of news is release.


Tax department raid: When does the tax agency conduct a raid?

The Income Tax Department’s only recourse is to conduct raids in order to battle all forms of illicit or unexplained money. Typically, a raid operation involves stopping at a few different locations.

  • Proper information about black money or tax evasion from the Income Tax Department’s Intelligence Wing.
  • the same data on tax avoidance from the government.
  • bank account manipulation
  • Investments made illicitly in gold, the stock market, real estate, etc.
  • information about a potential taxpayer’s excessive expenditure.



Income tax raid: What actions is the designated officer permitted to do during the raid operation?

The senior officer will be quite powerful throughout the raid operation.

  • They are free to enter any structure or construction. They can enter any car or place and locate numerous unauthorised items there.
  • Any lock may be broken by the police. The ITD may conduct a raid operation on a locker, almirah, door, etc.
  • Every location where the raid is taking place is open to the officer’s searches.
  • All passbooks, bank account information, etc. are accessible to the officer.
  • Any paper, wall, or book can be mark by officers.
  • They are permitted to take extra copies of papers.
  • The officer can also compile a thorough inventory of all the cash, jewellery, real estate, and other valuables.


What cannot the ITD officer take or confiscate during an income tax raid?

Even though ITD officers have tremendous authority, there are some things they are unable to take.

  • Expounded or lawful money
  • Inventories listed in the books
  • Assets that the Income Tax Department is aware of
  • Stock of a corporation
  • 500 g of gold maximum for married ladies
  • For single women, up to 250 grammes of gold
  • Gold up to 100 gramme for male members


Income tax raid: Who can give the order for the raid?

  • Principal Director General
  • Additional Commissioner
  • Joint Director
  • Joint Commissioner
  • Deputy Director
  • Income-tax Officer



Income tax raid: Rights of a person while the raid is ongoing

  • Women can say no to personal searches without a ladies’ constable.
  • One can call a doctor in case of a medical emergency.
  • After checking on the children, they can go to school.
  • One can have a copy of the inventory created by the ITD officers.
  • One can demand the statement against him.
  • Lastly, one can check the seized account books.







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