India’s Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

Haunted Locations: Do you have a fascination with the paranormal? Many people consciously seek out the thrills that come from being in the company of the mysterious unknown, despite the fact that most people want to avoid it. India is home to a number of allegedly haunted locales, each of which is associated with a creepy local folklore or tragic history. They include abandoned forts and villages, as well as deserted towns, shuttered mines, scary hotels, and even unexpected locations like courtrooms and classrooms.

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20 haunted locations in India that will convince you of the paranormal

Rajasthan’s Kuldhara Village

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

Kuldhara is frequently referred to as the “Ghost Village of Rajasthan” and is thought to be one of India’s most cursed places. This mysterious and one-of-a-kind area in India, which is also said to be haunted, should be at the top of the list of places to visit.

Due to Diwan Salum Singh’s excessive taxes, the village’s entire population left in the middle of the night. The locals told the Diwan he couldn’t marry one of the local women because they disapproved of his romantic interest in her. In his final warning to the residents, he threatened them with dire results if they disobeyed him.

As a result, the inhabitants of Kuldhara, including those from 84 other villages in addition to Paliwal, fled to save their honor and integrity. They cursed the area and said that no one would ever be able to live in these barren villages.

Gujarat’s Dumas Beach

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

The Dumas burial grounds in Gujarat are rumored to be haunted since numerous locals have reported hearing weird voices there. Strange voices have been heard warning people of the evil that lies close to this coast, especially at night. Hindu culture has the common concept that this burial is where the residual souls of the deceased reside, making it a good candidate for our list of haunted locations.

Assam’s Jatinga

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

Assam has a long history of being associated with mysteries and mythology, and the hill town of Jatinga is no exception. The distance between the quiet village of Jatinga in the North Cachar Highlands and Haflong, the district’s administrative centre, is nine kilometers.

Use a bus from Guwahati to Haflong, and from there you can take any local means of transportation to reach this mysterious area. One of the strangest events Jatinga has ever witnessed is the annual mass suicide of birds, and scientists have not been able to adequately explain it.

Many birds suffer a terrible death shortly after dusk from September through November each year. They crash to their deaths into structures and trees as they come tumbling down from the sky. It is believed that the combination of strong wind and dense fog in the late monsoon season causes the birds to become lost.

Rajeev Gandhi International Airport

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

The Rajeev Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad is said to be haunted by the ghosts of those who passed away while the airport was being built, giving it a spooky and terrifying atmosphere. This urban legend has survived over time.

Hyderabad’s Ramoji Film City

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

Ramoji Film City is a must-visit location for anyone who enjoys reading or visiting scary locations in India due to its repute for being haunted by famous warrior spirits. Since this film city was built on the remains of the Nizam’s battle sites, there are rumors that it is deeply cursed.

Rajasthan’s Bhangarh Forts

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

One of India’s top ten haunted locations is Bhangarh Fort. Tourists may feel uneasy and uncomfortable while seeing this fort because of the massive Bhangarh forts, which are in charge of producing this strange, unsettling atmosphere. Even reports of people going missing in this area exist, if one were to accept the rumors. As more individuals express interest in visiting India’s most haunted locales, these legends have significantly increased demand for low-cost flights to India.

New Delhi’s Delhi Cantt

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

There are many ghost stories and spooky occurrences in New Delhi, the city that serves as India’s capital. Delhi may retain close ties with the other areas of the country through air, train, and road connections. As a result, travelers do not meet any problem when trying to see Delhi’s most famous ghost, or more precisely, “ghostess”. The scary area around Delhi Cantt is said to be home to the nasty ghost of a white-clad woman who approaches passing cars and asks for a ride before disappearing without a sign.

Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Hotel

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

The prestige of this five-star hotel in India is such that it has welcomed virtually every prominent person who has travelled to India. The lavish setting and top-notch amenities provided at the hotel, however, do not take away from its spooky vibe. According to legend, the hotel is haunted by the ghost of the architect.

Mumbai’s Tower of Silence

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

The choice of the name in this case was not accidental. The region reputedly has mystical ties, which contributes to its fame. It is used as a cemetery by the Parsi community, where the deceased’s remains are scattered over the terrace for hawks and other carnivores to rummage through and feast on. Due to its notorious past and the fact that visitors to the area have described feeling “an uncomfortable presence,” this location is ranked among the top spooky locations in Mumbai.

 Two other places in Mumbai that might easily be added to the list of the city’s worst nightmares are Madh Island Road and Mukesh Mills, where it is rumored that a bride’s ghost ambles the streets. Anyone would be terrified to visit one of these infamously spooky spots in Mumbai before it gets dark. The majority of these locations have guards on duty to keep anyone planning to enter after sundown from doing so.

Bangalore’s Terra Vera

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

This crumbling old house is frequently cited as Bangalore’s most haunted spot. EJ Vaj finished it in 1943 and later gave it to his two daughters, Dolce and Vera, as a gift. On a horrible day in 2002, Dolce, a piano teacher, was viciously murdered at home. On the property, her body was buried by an assassin who has not yet been caught. This signaled a nasty and unsettling turn in the story.

Vera soon departed the house, leaving everything in the same condition. People started seeing scary paranormal activity in the house soon after, and they also started hearing music being played on the piano even though it was vacant. An upside-down cross and headless statues of Jesus and Mary were reportedly found when a group of ghost hunters entered the house. Despite the structure having been destroyed in the past, nobody is brave enough to enter this area of the neighborhood.

Pune’s Shaniwarwada Fort

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

Numerous terrifying legends can be found within the walls of a huge fort built by the Peshwa Dynasty emperors. The most devastating of all the occurrences occurred several centuries ago at this powerful fort. A prince who was the future king of the country was killed on the orders of a close relative. There are rumors that those who visit the fort after dark may still be able to hear his screams for help.

Delhi’s Agrasen ki Baoli

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

In the centre of Delhi is a stepwell called Agrasen ki Baoli. It is a breathtaking piece of architecture with 103 stairs. Even if the size and architectural brilliance of the stepwell are amazing in and of itself, so too are the many different tales that have captured the curiosity of so many people. People are alleged to have drowned themselves after being drawn into the well by the haunting black water. The only sound you can hear behind you as you walk down the stairs is the echo of your own footsteps, yet based on the legends, the attraction only grows. This one typically ranks rather high on the wish lists of those looking for a thrilling encounter.

Kolkata’s Writer’s Building

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

Administrators work in this historic building, but none of the staff members hang around after the sun goes down because of the building’s bad reputation. The building has a large number of empty rooms, many of which have not been utilized in many years. The numerous legends surrounding this place claim that these closed chambers are haunted and that the nights bring forth strange occurrences like high-pitched laughter, howling, and muttering. The fame of this place is a result of these legends. Surveys have produced no conclusive proof to explain any of these incidents, which adds to the place’s unsettling vibe.

Kolkata’s National Library of India

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

The largest library in India is a well-known haunted location in Kolkata and is home to many more people than just bibliophiles. The amount of people who appreciate reading this enormous collection of bibliophiles is almost equal to the number of people who enjoy ghost stories. The rumor that Lady Metcalfe’s ghost roams this building’s hallways has been around for a while. This story is supported by a number of witnesses, many of which describe the existence of someone who is only watching them.

Add to this the mystery surrounding the hidden chamber, which the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) discovered in 2010 and is thought to have served as a prison camp while the British governed India. According to witness testimony, the number of persons claiming having supernatural encounters increased noticeably after an accident that left 12 workmen dead while they were remodeling the location.

Goa’s Three King Church

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

It may seem confusing for a church to be reported to be haunted. But if you accept the story surrounding the Three King Church in Goa, you will discover it is feasible. A local legend holds that two more kings were murdered on the grounds of this church. By the rival king who wanted to rule the entire kingdom for himself. He poisoned himself shortly after killing the two emperors in response to the uproar in society; ever then, the church has been haunted by the ghosts of all three rulers.

Local residents and visitors to the church. Both reported hearing strange noises and feeling “a bizarre, scary presence” both inside and outside the structure. The church’s perimeter offers a great viewpoint from which to watch the sun set. But due to the scary folklore associated with the region, the bulk of visitors leave by late afternoon.

Meerut’s GP Block

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

The GP Block is a well-known landmark in Meerut that is renowned for the numerous ghost stories attached to it. There have been some really strange occurrences close to this two-story building. Which is rumored to be home to many malevolent spirits. One of the most popular and frequently repeated ghost stories. Involves the presence of four people consuming alcohol inside the building. Every first-person account has the same details, which helps the problem become more common in people’s minds. Additionally, the sight of a woman exiting the house while showcasing a red dress heightens. The tension in the already created horror spectacular.

Himachal Pradesh’s the Barog Tunnel

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

The Shimla-Kalka Railway line is well-known for an interesting mystery story involving. The tragic death of a British worker at the beginning of the 20th century. In addition to the stunning scenery it passes through. The Barog Tunnel, also known as Tunnel No. 33, is sometimes referred to as the toughest railroad tunnel in the world. But this is not the only feature that sets it apart. The British government assigned Colonel Barog the task of building a tunnel in a region. That was largely unpopulated in 1903.The story starts at this point.

Despite being a dedicated professional, Colonel Barog made a crucial estimation error that prompted the construction of parallel tunnels. He was completely shamed as a result, which caused him to experience intense depression. Colonel Barog killed himself within the unfinished tunnel by shooting himself. According to the accounts, another engineer was able to complete the tunnel. But it appeared as though Colonel Barog had never actually left that position. A little town eventually grew up around that tunnel. The railway station that served the community was given the name of the shamed engineer. The villagers claim that Colonel Barog’s spirit may frequently be seen wandering the tunnel and its surroundings. The fact that Colonel Barog is believed to be a loving ghost and that. There have been no records of any terrible encounters being found must absolutely be brought up.

Himachal Pradesh’s Tunnel No. 103

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

A tunnel with the number 103 can be discover on the Shimla-Kalka Railway. Two incredibly well-known ghost stories are based on this tunnel. The damp, dark tunnel creates the perfect setting for the unsettling impression of being a spectator. A British ghost converses with the passengers. The second legend describes the horrifying sighting of a woman’s ghost moving through the tunnel’s walls. On the other hand, the locals believe that there are more spirits in the tunnel than just these two. That there are even more than these two.

Kurseong, Dow Hill

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

Kurseong, a charming hill town near to Darjeeling, is well known all over. The world for the outstanding level of its residential colleges. But despite its lovely exterior, this hamlet is replete with rumors of horrific crimes and other terrible incidents. The Victoria Boys’ School in Kurseong is repute to be a haunt place infest by demons. Even after the facility has been close, locals claim to have heard footsteps, whispers, and a variety of other sounds coming from there. On the other side, the tale of a headless infant is set in the forest area of Kurseong. According to reports, a young kid minus his head was observed by woodcutters. Who were compeller to enter the forest as part of their work. They also state that the spirit disappears into the forest after a predetermine period.

Khairatabad Science College in Hyderabad

India's Most Terrifying Haunted Locations

Right near to the Khairatabad overpass is a disused building that was formerly a scientific college. People have claimed to have seen wandering dead and heard strange noises at this abandoned city structure. Which has since developed a reputation as a haunted spot. The dead bodies in the biology lab allegedly weren’t taken out when the structure was abandon. The unsolved murder of a security guard stationed in the building gave the ghost stories even more validity.






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