Latest POP Bedroom Designs

POP Bedroom Design: Plaster of Paris, also known as POP, is a fast plaster that may be quickly incorporated into a design and then left to dry. It is a short set spray for interior design. Although it is frequently employed to create fake ceilings for bedrooms, it can also be utilised to create decorative wall pieces, accent walls, or lavishly detailed panels. But if you want to use POP significantly in your home, you must use the skills of design and décor experts.

POP Bedroom Design Concepts

Before we get into the many POP designs for bedrooms that give the room personality and style, let’s talk about how they are created.


What Steps Are Involved In Making POP Design For A Bedroom?

POP design is created using plaster of Paris, or POP. Gypsum that has been partially dehydrated makes up POP. POP is a fantastic material for POP design because it is heat resistant and lightweight.

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POP Design’s duration is how long?

If there is no external damage, a POP design can last up to 15-20 years. If the material utilised is good, you do not need to be concerned about the POP design’s durability. The redesign of the POP design is not necessary. You could, however, adhere to some maintenance advice.

  • Make sure the POP design is not exposed to water.
  • Broom or a duster should be used to remove the dust buildup.
  • When painting a POP design using oil-based paint, use a moist cloth.
  1. Bedroom Designs with Zigzag POP Patterns

The Zig Zag POP ceiling designs for bedrooms are one of the most popular POP designs for bedrooms. If you want to try something new and are not interested in the traditional POP ceiling design, choose this Zig Zag POP design for your bedroom instead. This POP design will not only improve its aesthetic attractiveness but also make it stand out from the rest of your decor in terms of style.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. A bedroom with square POP ceilings

One of the most popular false ceiling designs is definitely a square POP design for a bedroom. However, it is also one of the most popular looks since it gives the bedroom a clean, gorgeous aspect with its straightforward POP design. You can put cove lights around the margins of the POP ceiling design to give it a subtle glow, emphasizing the false ceiling design of your bedroom.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. Bedroom Ceiling Design Using Plus Minus POP

This POP bedroom ceiling design is ideal for finding harmony between positive and negative space. There are numerous variations of the plus minus POP design for bedrooms, but you’ll typically see this design in a box shape.


  1. Individualized POP Ceiling Design

We begin with the most fundamental POP design/application, which is the bedroom’s artificial ceiling. It not only conceals the necessary work but also gives the roof a striking appearance. You can also utilise LED lighting or play around with different colour textures. You may have spotted a similar decor in Indian homes, we are confident.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. Central Pop Bedroom Design

If you don’t want to use the entire ceiling as your canvas, make a centrepiece like this. As your POP chandelier, think of it! It can be as large and complex as you like. The centre can have a light or even a fan installed, whichever is more useful.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. Lovely POP Design Accent Wall 

You are horribly mistaken if you think POP can only be utilised to carry out straightforward concepts. POP can be applied to a wide range of design concepts. For instance, if you’re seeking for an accent wall, consider this POP wall design. The grey walls would darken the space, whereas white would make it lighter.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. POP Design Lighting for False Ceiling

Purchase of a false ceiling with space for lighting is the best option for a quick and easy bedroom renovation. It looks very modern and is incredibly functional.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. POP in colour Bedroom False Ceiling Designs

It doesn’t necessarily have to be white when POP is employed. You consistently experiment with various colour schemes. This wall has green plaster that has been painted with a circular or swirl pattern. Try experimenting with a neutral or pastel colour and a unique texture.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. Understated Grey POP Design

There are a tonne of design professionals available, so you can try anything avant-garde and inventive. The basics, however, have stood the test of time. Whether it be the furnishings, drapes, or wall colours. Therefore, if you want a delicate yet modern style, you may always invest in a beautiful plaster wall.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. Bedroom Design Using Textured POP

 Simple white there are several design alternatives for POP designs. Simple, a little inventive, and then significantly funkier! You can use this POP design as an accent wall, a head rest for the bed, or even the ceiling, especially for modern pop designs for bedrooms with fans.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. Abstract POP Design

The biggest benefit of employing POP as a design element is how simple it is to incorporate your personal style into any room of the house. Use this POP-based abstract design as inspiration. Such a design is most appropriate when looking for a pop design for a bedroom with a fan, in addition to giving the room a Victorian vibe.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. Ornamental POP Design Ceiling

If you want to include POP heavily into your home décor, modern pop designs for bedrooms with fans are an excellent option. Take some design cues from this bedroom ceiling, which is built with connections for lights and fans.

  1. Contemporary POP Accent Wall

POP is a great material to use when establishing a well-designed accent or feature wall in a living room or bedroom. For instance, the accent wall in this instance is modelled after English architecture, which is further emphasised by the use of white plaster of Paris.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. Ornamental Traditional POP Design

Please make absolutely certain that POP is being used correctly! Yes, the designs are mature and influenced by the Victorian age, but you may still play around with the graphics. This yellow ornamental pattern was entirely created by POP. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. Special POP Architectural Design

POP is used in the majority of complex and substantial interior designs because of how easy it is to employ. Therefore, you’re getting a great price if you’re looking for a pop design for a bedroom with a fan.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. Simple POP Design

POP was employed in this area to create the three frames, which go perfectly with the room’s focal wall. Seriously, how brilliant is this concept? For minimalist living, contemporary pop designs for bedrooms with fans are ideal.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. The stucco POP design

These designs serve as the focal point of any room built of sand, cement, or plaster. POP would be ideal for giving such designs permanent life.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

  1. The Textured Brick Wall POP Design.

Plaster can be used as a much-needed variety in the classic brick wall design for private or public office spaces, retail establishments, etc. It also gives it a more aged and rustic appearance.

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

Learn more about the advantages of POP design and installation safety measures by reading on.

POP Designs in False Ceilings: Benefits

Latest POP Bedroom Designs

The following are a few major advantages of POP designs for artificial ceilings:

  • POP is an extremely durable material for ceilings.
  • For many years, you won’t notice signs of wear and tear over a POP ceiling.
  • POP ceilings can withstand the elements.
  • Compared to other materials like gypsum boards, POP is less expensive.
  • POP ceilings only need minimal upkeep.
  • POP in artificial ceilings promises a lot of flexibility.
  • Thermal insulators are another function of POP false ceilings.
  • If you decide to change bases and move to another property, POP artificial ceilings are also removable.


Although POP design has numerous benefits, the following list also includes some drawbacks:

  • In humid situations, POP designs over ceilings or walls might not be the best choice.
  • POP and cement cannot be combin.
  • You can run into problems keeping up the POP design.
  • Heavy lights or decorations hanging atop POP ceiling designs may cause harm to them.
  • Compared to cement or cement lime plaster, POP is extremely pricey.

Safety Measures to Follow When Installing POP Designs

  • Consider the following safety measures before installing POP fake ceilings:
  • Use POP from reputable manufacturers to avoid installation issues caused by cracks.
  • Check that the area where you apply POP won’t experience any leaks.
  • The ideal option is a fake ceiling that is 10 to 12 mm thick. The thinner material could cause harm.
  • Never apply POP until it has dried completely.
  • To reduce the risk of accidental fires, wrap the electrical wires inside a pipe.

How to Choose the Best POP Ceiling for a Bedroom ?

  • Keep your bedroom to yourself and make it cosy. With the POP fake ceiling ideas, exercise moderation. Choose a POP bedroom design that is basic and comfortable for the eyes.
  • The height of the room, the bedroom’s furniture, and—most importantly—the location of the bed must all be taken into account when designing a false ceiling for a bedroom.
  • If you like the false ceiling design with lights, then the lighting arrangement in the POP design for the bedroom should be carefully arrange. The design of the artificial ceiling should take into account the size, colour, and positioning of the lights. In the POP false ceiling design, the next step is to choose if you want to go with little LED lights, some hanging lights, or a chandelier.
  • Another crucial consideration is to avoid using dark colours when developing the POP ceiling design for the bedroom according to Vastu because they are believe to bring bad luck and difficulties.


The use of POP for the interior decor is the best choice you could have made for your ideal home.







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