Learn About The Registrar Of Assurances’ Office

The main location a citizen must go to register or sell property is the Office of the Registrar of Assurances. The office is run by a sub-registrar, who also takes the require paperwork and issues the stamp duty. The office of the registrar of assurances, however, has the right to refuse the property registration if the papers are not in order.

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You need to get the office of the registrar of assurances’ approval before you may sell or buy a piece of property. An organisation that manages property registration in a state as well as a union territory was appoint. In accordance with the regulations set forth by the Registration Act of 1908. The registrar of assurances’ duties also includes collecting money from property transactions through registration fees and issuing stamp taxes. To learn more about it, keep reading:


What is an assurances sub-registrar?

According to the Registration Act of 1908, a sub-registrar of assurance is a state or union territory government official that is select by the state in question. The officer is employe by and works for any state registrar’s office. Within four months of filing the property papers. A sub-registrar of assurance is permit to register the sale deed of the property. This government representative evaluates the documents under cross-examination to ensure their validity and has the authority to reject the proposal if any rules are broke.


Sub-registrar offices’ function in the registration of real estate

Here are some specifics regarding the office of the registrar of assurances’ several responsibilities:

  • The sub-registrar is task with accepting the documents and registering the Sale deed.
  • The sub-responsibility registrar’s is to ensure that the state government responsible receives the most money possible through the collection of stamp duty & registration fees.
  • The office of the registrar of assurances is require to buy and sell the documents submitted to the government official in order to verify their validity.
  • after verifying with the persons who supplied them, to record the documents that have been present to him/her
  • Following the submission of documentation, the office of the registrar of guarantees also issues the registration receipt.
  • The sub-registrar must make sure that the property documents have all the required stamps.
  • The office of the registrar of assurances has the right to reject the application for property registration. At any stage if any crucial document is discover to be missing or any regulations are broken.






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