Makar Sankranti Decoration Ideas to Brighten Up Your Celebrations

Makar Sankranti is one of the most significant Hindu holidays in India, and it is usually regarded by Indians. The festival is predominantly observed in India, although Indians and Hindus all across the world observe it as well. The cold season is a religious festival as well as a seasonal observance, when the light turns to ever-lengthening, longer days. This day, also known as Maghi, falls inside the month of January and is a large harvest celebration dedicated to the sun god Surya. The first week of the sun’s passage into the Makara (Capricorn) Rashi is also celebrated (zodiac sign).

For Hindus, the month of January is filled with festivals. This month includes both Sankranti and Pongal. Makar Sankranti is extensively observed in India and is marked by several modest celebrations. Sankranti decorating is a time of togetherness for all families that participate in the celebration. Makar Sankranti decoration ideas for homes and offices are presented here.


Makar Sankranti Decoration Idea


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Top Sankranti Decorating Ideas for Your Sankranti Celebrations

The ideas for your holiday decorations are listed below, and they are based on varied budgets. The Makar Sankranti decoration ideas listed below are arranged in increasing order of cost, with the first being far less expensive than the last.

Decorating for Makar Sankranti for first Time

Makar Sankranti Decoration Idea



Drapes are a fantastic alternative for Makar Sankranti decorations if you’re on a tight budget. You might utilize sarees, dupattas, curtains, or any other large and presentable textile for the occasion. The fabric might be utilized as a background for puja ceremonies or picture shoots. With a little additional money, you could decorate it with flowers, lights, and balloons.

Thali Sweet’s

First celebrations are usually memorable, and having something sweet is seen to be a positive sign. Purchase a lovely thali and fill it with a variety of goodies. Make them more attractive by adding flowers or ideas to them. This is also a smart tip because guests should be given presents when they visit your house. As a result, this Sankranti decorative piece might be given away as a gift.

Decorated to order

You may acquire a lot of Sankranthi decorations if you have a large budget. To make the above concept more luxurious, you might have the thalis customized to each guest’s preferences. For example, their names, sweets preferences, and even selecting sugar-free sweets for the elderly or as a healthy alternative.


Haldi Kumkum Decoration Ideas for Sankranti

Makar Sankranti Decoration Idea



If you’re on a limited budget, this is a good option for your Sankranti unique decorating. Colors for rangoli are readily available, and any leftover may be utilized for future occasions. Because this is primarily a couple’s celebration, the rangoli might be personalized with the couple’s names if you’re prepared to put in the extra effort.


Choose from a variety of papers, including handmade, glossy, and pastels. Couples may sit together during festivities and construct something with the papers, such as kites, boats, or aircraft. After that, they could write their initials and names on the walls. It is not only a pleasant pastime, but it also accomplishes the purpose of Sankranti’s home decoration.

Basket for Modern World

Customized baskets are a wonderful concept if you have a large budget. You might customize each basket according to the couples’ preferences. You might give each pair a color for the celebrations, such as red for the X’s. The couple would then be given red origami paper for decorations, as well as a red basket at the conclusion of the festivities. This is it if you’re seeking Sankranti-themed decoration ideas.


Sankranti Decorations in Maharashtra

Makar Sankranti Decoration Idea


Maharashtrian culture is vibrant and impressive. Traditional sarees in different parts of the state have varied designs and authenticity. To show off your proud ethnicity, you might have a wall backdrop with various traditional sarees.


Thali of Indian Traditional food

This is the best Sankranti decoration concept for your home; food is a necessity for any celebration. For your visitors, select traditional Maharashtrian food. For the celebrations, you may also pick real cutlery.


You may have an excellent original Maharashtrian set on your lawn for a decent cost. You may customize it to look like your favorite Maratha emperor and allow your kids to transform into warriors.


Sankranti Decoration Items Required List

Sankranti decoration may certainly be a lot of work, but if handled as a pleasant regular thing, it will be the perfect chance to make memories. It is not required to have a massive budget or expensive items to celebrate holidays. Basic decorations are essential, and the Sankranti decoration ideas listed above should help you in lighting your home. The following is a list of needed Sankranti decorative elements –

Constancy: Perhaps sticky tape, safety pins, or fevicol are required. The sort of glue you choose is determined by the materials used in your decorations.

Cutter: Any type of cutter will work. If you have little children at home, though, a cutting tool is preferable to any other option.

Balloons: When everything else fails, balloons always come to the rescue. They’re also inexpensive (assuming you don’t hire a planner) and simple to use.

Glitter: Glitter is a must-have for any party. With a little glimmer, you can brighten up your area. It’s worth noting that it’ll necessitate additional cleaning the next day.

Blooms: Flowers are an important component of every pooja. As a result, make sure to acquire fresh flowers for your home ahead of time.

Sweets: Having something sweet at festivals is a lovely gesture and a positive sign. Tip: Keep additional treats on hand just in case you have visitors.


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