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Mandir Direction In Home: Learn the significance of your home’s mandir orientation according to Vastu. Learn the proper placement for the idols in the pooja room, since this promotes optimism, wealth, and spiritual upliftment.

Every homeowner has a favourite room they spend the most time in. It can be the TV room for kids. Parents may choose to relax on the balcony, while home cooks will undoubtedly choose the kitchen. The Mandir, on the other hand, is the one location in the house that is revered by everybody, and it has the power to entirely change the atmosphere of your home. After all, worshipping has a big influence on the spiritual vibrations and energy in your house or place of worship. Therefore, it is essential to take into account a few important aspects while choosing the mandir orientation at home.

If you don’t build your puja mandir in accordance with the proper Vastu principles, it isn’t a full puja mandir. This introduces a number of aspects that you must take into account, including its location, the colours you select, the placement of the idols, and the design of the puja unit, all of which are significant factors.



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Here are some good Vastu tips for choosing your home’s mandir orientation. These pointers and suggestions can assist you in orienting your Mandir correctly, regardless of whether you have a specific puja spot in your huge home or a small room in your apartment.



Mandir Direction Has Vastu Importance in the Home

A home’s orientation is important since it is said to be the source of good vibes and spiritual energies. Because each of the four cardinal directions—north, south, east, and west—is linked to distinct attributes and features, they are essential to Vastu.

For instance, the south is said to be the direction of health and longevity, whereas the north is seen to be the way of prosperity and success. It is said that a structure or room’s proper alignment with the cardinal directions will offer its occupants good fortune and vitality. Similar to this, choosing the proper mandir orientation at home is essential for fostering a joyful and spiritual atmosphere.


Ideal Mandir Direction In Home

The northeast is thought to offer positivism, chastity, and spiritual upliftment since it is connected to the Agni (fire) element. The Hindu god Lord Ishana is claimed to have pointed in this direction, which is said to represent the direction of wisdom and understanding.

It is said that placing a pooja room at the northeastern corner of the home will offer its occupants success, wealth, and good health. Additionally, it is said to promote spiritual development and offer a conducive environment for reflection and prayer. If the northeast direction is already used by anything else, you can alternatively pick north or east as the mandir direction for your house.While having a separate pooja room is desirable, in urban areas where space is at a premium, it is not always possible. Thus, such residences can benefit from either a wall-mounted mandir or a tiny corner mandir, depending on the needs and tastes of the residents.


Which way should God be facing in the prayer room?

Given that it is said to be the most auspicious orientation for devotion, the puja room should be situated in the northeastern corner of the home. After determining the finest location for the Mandir, the following step is to choose the proper direction for the idols.

Depending on the particular God and the reason for the devotion, a deity’s orientation in a puja chamber might change. According to Vastu, the following are some general rules regarding the positioning of God in a puja room:

  • The northeast corner of the space, sometimes referred to as the Ishaan corner, should house the main God.
  • As the rising sun represents fresh starts and the promise for spiritual development, the deity should face east.
  • The orientation of Lord Vishnu’s idol should be toward the west.
  • The orientation of Lord Shiva’s idol should be toward the north.
  • Lord Ganesha, Durga, and Lord Kartikeya’s idols should all face east.
  • Both the Lord Hanuman and the Bhairav idols should face south.
  • Shivling should be located in the house’s northern region.



Advice on Creating a Home Mandir for Pooja

There are a few guidelines to bear in mind while installing gods or deities in a mandir to make sure the area is brimming with blessings and good energy. Here are some crucial suggestions to have in mind:


Pick the appropriate direction:

According to Vastu, it is more auspicious to position the deity in the proper direction. It will guarantee that the space is infused with blessings and good vibes.

The idols or images of the gods should be positioned higher than everything else in the room since they are regarded as being of higher value. This may be accomplished by setting them on a shelf or pedestal.

Use a red cloth:

Since red is revered as a holy colour and is said to bring luck and wealth, use a red cloth to cover the gods. The fabric must be kept clean and maintained at all times.


Keep the area tidy and maintained:

As a symbol of reverence for the gods, the pooja room should always be kept tidy and maintained. It involves routine dusting, cleaning, and checking the condition of the idols or artwork.


Include fresh flowers and fruits:

In Hindu devotion, fresh flowers and fruits are frequently utilised as sacrifices to the gods. You may decorate the pooja area with fresh flowers and fruits to make it seem welcoming and pleasant.


Make sure the space is well-lit:

Lighting is important for performing pooja or aarti, hence a pooja room should be well-lit. To illuminate the space, you can use a diya, an electric bulb, or a tube light.


Incense sticks:

Incense sticks may cleanse the air and produce a nice scent in the pooja room. Depending on your preferences, there are many incense stick varieties you may use.

Vastu is an important factor to take into account while planning your home’s puja area since the Mandir increases the environment of your home.

  • Avoid piling up goods in and around the puja area.
  • Make a small shelf next to the Mandir where you may keep the pooja items as incense, puja supplies, flowers, lamps, and holy scriptures.
  • According to the correct mandir direction in home, nothing should be placed above the god’s idol.



The Proper Direction For Mandir Prayers At Home:

Vastu’s principles also hold that the direction you face while you pray is significant. The best orientation for prayer is to face north, sometimes referred to as the “Ishaan” corner. This direction is said to bring fortune and success since it is connected to the deity of wealth, Kubera. Additionally, it is said to be the location of the gods and the wellspring of all spiritual power.

The east, which is connected to the rising sun and Lord Ganesha, the deity of understanding, is another good direction for adoration. Good fortune, mental clarity, and pleasant energy are all brought by this direction.

It is not advised to worship towards the south-west since Lord Yama, the deity of death, is linked with this direction. It is said that worshipping in this direction will result in bad energy and difficulties in life. Also not advised to worship towards the north since Varuna, the deity of water, is connected with that direction. Financial issues are supposed to result from worshipping in this direction.



Hindu religious activities depend on knowing the correct mandir direction at home. Vastu claims that the right mandir orientation may provide pleasure, wealth, and health to the home’s occupants.

Given that the rising sun is seen as a representation of the divine. The east is said to be the appropriate direction for a mandir. It’s crucial to remember that as long as the environment is tidy and peaceful, the orientation may not always matter. Place the Mandir away from distractions in a calm, serene part of the house. Considering that the Mandir is a sacred area, it is also crucial to keep it clean and well-maintained.





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