The Indian Real Estate Market’s Bleak Prognosis And Its Influence On First-Time Buyers

Market’s Bleak : To say that the Indian real estate market is in a state of turmoil is an understatement. On the one hand, housing and commercial property values are at all-time highs, and on the other hand, there aren’t many purchasers in the market.

Market's Bleak real estate prognosis and its influence on first-time buyers


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There is a lot of turmoil and instability in India’s real estate sector.

Market’s Bleak: To say that the Indian real estate market is in a state of turmoil is an understatement. The explanation for this paradox is that significant quantities of money (foreign, domestic, and black money) have been invest in the real estate market, which has kept prices high while lowering demand. demand, resulting in an oversupply of inventory.


Market’s Bleak: Inventory Levels That Are Too High

Inventory levels are at an all-time high of 24-48 months, according to recent studies, whereas the optimal range is 12-18 months. This is why, rather of rushing into initiatives, numerous international real estate titans are taking a wait-and-see attitude. It’s predictable that there’s a housing surplus with such high inventory levels, which is worsene by the duality of unsold properties and high prices.


Market’s Bleak: Unsold Homes and High Home Prices: 

Market’s Bleak: The fact that there are many unsold houses while property prices remain high is owing to the vast sums of money that have been park in the business. This indicates that the Indian real estate market will continue to have difficulties unless excess cash is drain out or the economy improves dramatically.

Indeed, even if borrowing rates are lowered. The Indian real estate market will not be resurrected unless the aforesaid issues are addressed. This is the most major roadblock in the way of Indian authorities addressing the country’s real estate business problems. Homes will stay unsold as long as prices remain high. And the sector will remain stagnant as long as there is surplus inventory.

Market’s Bleak-Investing Glut and Overcapacity

Market’s Bleak: If we consider each of the causes given above, we can see that there has been a flood of foreign investment in the real estate industry by global majors over the previous decade and a half, resulting in property values skyrocketing. The third point was that real estate was a magnet for all of the extra cash that was flowing into developing economies as a result of the Federal Reserve’s ultra-loose monetary policies.

This was exacerbate by the fact that, following the global financial crisis of 2008. The Reserve Bank of India, in partnership with the Indian government. Participated in quantitative easing. stimulus expenditure and economic pump priming. The third, and most critical, factor is that the illicit money that was circulating in the economy made its way into the real estate market.


Market's Bleak real estate prognosis and its influence on first-time buyers


Market’s Bleak: What Does This Mean for First-Time Buyers?

When it comes to what this situation implies for first-time homeowners. We find that the majority of them will be surprise by the high costs and the resulting surplus capacity. This means they’d be astonish if realtors ask for more while also discovering that many properties remain unsold or vacant.

Furthermore, they would discover that if they took out a house loan. The interest rates would be quite exorbitant, adding to their agony. First-time homebuyers are discourage from actively looking to invest in their ideal house. Because of the combination of all of these concerns. This is also why many first-time homebuyers are delaying purchases. Since they are unable to locate homes at the prices they desire while still having to borrow at higher rates of interest through home loans.


Market’s Bleak: Transparency in the Sector’s Business Practices

Making the real estate industry’s business practises more transparent and responsible might help the sector’s grim future. The Reserve Bank of India is already discouraging realtors from asking upfront payments of more than 20% of the overall project cost.

This technique aims to prevent overcapacity from growing as a result of realtors requesting a substantial amount of the cost upfront. Following that. The government should take action against defaulting realtors and significant real estate companies to guarantee. That they do not break their commitments to homebuyers.

Third, more openness in real estate transactions is neede, which is what the new Land Acquisition Bill attempts to achieve. To summarise, the government and the RBI are taking a variety of efforts to help first-time homebuyers overcome their obstacles.



The previous discussion looked at some of the issues that exist in the Indian real estate market. And proposed some remedies. As can be seen from the preceding statements. The real estate industry require reform. Which can only be accomplishe through a systematic and structural reform programme including collaboration and cooperation among all stakeholders.

However, it should be underline that there will be no solution to the real estate sector’s. Difficultie in India unless funding patterns and business methods are made more transparent. Finally, it is hoped that authority would implement the much-need and long-overdue reform of India’s real estate market.



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