How Should You React if a Merchant Steals Your Project Tokens?

Merchant Steals Project Tokens: If you find a home that meets your needs as a buyer. You will need to provide the seller a small payment in order to reserve it.


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How does token money work?

The sum of money a buyer gives a seller as a sign of his commitment to purchase a property is known as token money. By paying the token amount, this gesture confirms that the buyer is sincerely interest in purchasing the property. This symbolic contribution serves as approval for the legal paperwork need for the purchase loan and property registration.

Token money, despite its name, may not seem like much, but it plays a big role in the transaction. Typically, it represents 1% to 5% of the property’s entire worth. While there are certain risks, the most significant one is the possibility that the vendor would abscond with the token money. We will learn about options for handling such a circumstance in this guide.


How are token payments made?

The token money, often refer to as Bayana, is transfer to an escrow account of a third party until the entire real estate transaction is complete.

Since there is proof that the token money was paid, it benefits the buyer. Details about token money, such as the amount paid by the buyer to the seller and the token money refund (in the event that the sale is cancel), will be include in a notarize document. It will also specify how the acquisition of the property will be paid for.

Following payment of the token money, the buyer and seller must sign an agreement to sell to complete the purchase of the property. Should the buyer or seller fail to uphold the terms outline in the legal agreement, the transaction may be cancel. The conditions specified in the notarize document may apply to the token money refund. If the buyer backs out of the transaction, it is legally permissible for the seller to keep a portion of the token amount and return the remaining sum.


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What should you do if a merchant disappears with a token payment?


Bringing a lawsuit in a civil court

  • A buyer may bring a lawsuit against the vendor.
  • Verify the contract and the payment amount with documentation.
  • In the event that there is no written notice, it can be challenging to establish the seller’s culpability, and the buyer might have to forfeit the token sum.


RERA regulations

  • Project registration is mandatory for all developers under the Real Estate (The Regulation & Development) Act, 2016 (RERA) of the state.
  • As token money, developers are allow to take up to 10% of the price of a property from buyers under RERA.
  • This sum, though, needs to be maintain in an escrow account that was made specifically for the project. Funds may only be utilize for project development; they may not be taken out for any other purpose.


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Does the purchaser of token money benefit from income tax?

  • In the event that the buyer backs out at the last minute. The seller flees with the token money, the buyer will not be able to claim any tax benefits on the lost funds.
  • This lost token money will be regard as a capital loss for the buyer under income tax legislation.
  • Even if the seller receive money towards a capital asset, the money obtained will be tax under “income from other sources” rather than “capital gains.”


Perspective on Housing News

When purchasing a resale apartment with token money, advises a buyer to do their research and insist on receiving documentation regarding the token money. Since the unit is not register under RERA (unless it’s a newly construct apartment that the buyer buys as soon as they obtain possession), there’s a chance. It might fall within RERA’s jurisdiction.



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