Mother Deed : Important Document For Tracing Property Ownership

The Mother Deed is an important document if you are planning to buy a pre-owned property. Learn everything there is to know about this important document and how to register it.

In the real estate industry, property ownership is a complex and detailed process. It is critical to understand the documentation process when purchasing pre-owned units. Relevant paperwork is essential for security and sale. In light of this, having the mother deed to your property is extremely important.

When there are numerous transactions on the property, tracing the ownership history becomes critical. This is where the mother act comes in. The document serves as important legal evidence of property ownership. It aids in determining the origin of the property and verifies the conveyance deeds. If you want to sell the property, you must have this document.

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What Exactly Is Mother Deed?

The mother deed is the primary document used to establish legal ownership of real estate property. It is the most important document when starting a real estate transaction. The earliest on-paper records of a property are examined to trace its ownership history. In real estate language, these records are given the name of the parent or mother documents.

Properties in the real estate industry go through a series of transactions. Purchase and sale are the most common. However, gifting and inheritance both fall into the same category. This explains many changes in ownership. Every such change necessitates the creation of an on-paper record in the form of a transfer document.

These records are used to trace ownership prior to a new transaction. Ownership records must be presented in a continuous and chronological order, according to government regulations. It can be difficult to understand the exact contents of a mother deed Online. It is recommended that you seek legal counsel in this matter. In the event of a missing transaction record, information must be obtained from registration offices and revenue records. In times of need, transaction recitals in supplementary records and inquiries from concerned parties are also made.

The transaction flow is terminated at the current owner. The legal rights of each intermediate owner to transfer the property are also scrutinised. It is necessary to understand the distinction between the mother deed and other property paperwork. Parent documents are distinct testimonials that cannot be replaced by any other deed. Settlement, release, partition, and gift deeds cannot be used as parent deeds. This list also includes power of attorney.




Mother Deed Elements

When you examine a mother deed, you can learn about the property and its successive owners. It also includes detailed information about the property’s location, area, block details, and so on. The deed also includes information about nearby properties and transaction considerations. In the case of independent housing transactions, this document also describes the property’s construction. Other important elements in this document include the owner’s and transferor’s information, payment mode, advance payment details, and so on.

The master deed also includes indemnity provisions for the transacting parties as well as the payment of consideration duration. The document is subject to a stamp duty and must be registered. The municipal bodies have the authority to certify the authenticity of this document. When buying or selling a home, you should pay close attention to the paperwork.



Stamp Duty

A mother deed is written on non-judicial stamp paper. The Stamp Act of the state in which the property is located determines the value of the stamp paper. The stamp duty is paid by the property buyer in accordance with the stamp rules in effect in the state. To meet their specific needs, states have introduced various amendments to the Stamp Act. As a result, the value of the stamp paper varies depending on the location of the property. When all of the necessary formalities and paperwork are in place, the final document is ready.

The mother deed is also known as the sale deed or title deed. This main document establishes property ownership in the buyer’s favour. This agreement must be signed by all parties to the transaction. It also necessitates the signatures of these parties on each page. The execution also requires at least two witnesses. Before signing the mother deed online, the buyer should ensure that all property taxes are paid. Ignoring this fact can result in fines and penalty charges.


The Mother Deed is registered.

A mother deed is registered at the office of the jurisdictional sub-registrar. The presence of all transacting parties is required for the process to proceed. Original copies of all required documents should also be provided. In some cases, the property buyer may be unable to appear in person before the sub-registrar. They can delegate authority to a trusted representative. The mother deed bears the buyer’s photograph, thumbprint, and signature.

After that, the representative has the authority to sign and present the mother deed and other paperwork to the sub-registrar. The deadline for submitting documents for registration is four months after the execution date. Another four months are set aside for registering with a penalty. The registrar may levy a penalty of up to ten times the regular registration fee. The property buyer is responsible for paying the registration fee and stamp duty. These payments are usually split with the seller as well.



How Can I Obtain a Mother Deed Online?

The significance of mother deeds in property transactions is well understood. The absence of the document renders real estate transactions illegal and incomplete. A physical preparation process is the best way to obtain the document. You can also get it online, thanks to advances in technology. A plethora of land registry websites are available to assist you in this regard.

To obtain a mother deed online, go to the official homepage of any such site based on your location. Residents of Delhi, for example, can access the DORIS website. On the welcome page, select the ‘Deed Writer’ option. The website has now redirected you to a new page. From the dropdown menu, select the ‘Sale’ option.

A new dropdown menu with a list of options appears. This mostly has sale categories based on location, such as’sale within NDMC area,”sale to tenant within MC area,”sale within MC area,’ and so on. There is also the option to obtain an additional copy of the document. You have the option of selecting a viable option. Provide the contact information for the second party. as well as the property’s consideration value

When you submit these details, a new page appears. At this point, pay the registration fees and stamp duty to obtain a new mother deed online. If you want a duplicate of the document, the site will request some additional information. All Indian states now have online land records, similar to the state capital. If you run into any problems, you can always apply in person at the sub-office.



The mother deed is the primary document used to confirm legal ownership of a real estate property. This is the most important document to have when starting a real estate transaction. To reconstruct ownership histories, the earliest written records of a property are examined. In real estate jargon, these documents are given the name of the parent or mother. To obtain a mother deed online, go to the official portal. Finally, when dealing with real estate, you should pay close attention to these documents.






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