Mumbai’s Colaba market: Where to shop and how to get there?

You will undoubtedly fall in love with Mumbai’s street shopping if you visit the city. Additionally, there are many street shopping locations in Mumbai that you can visit to satisfy your need for retail therapy; one such area is Colaba market. This is one of the well-known markets in Mumbai where you can buy a variety of goods, including clothing, shoes, purses, and accessories for the home. In addition to shopping, this location offers some of the best street food in Mumbai that you should not miss. So let’s get to the specific details of the Colaba market without spending any more time.

Mumbai's Colaba market: Where to shop and how to get there?

Colaba market: Brief information

  • Opening: 9:00 AM
  • Closed at 9 p.m.
  • Day off: Open every day.


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Why is Colaba Market so well-known?

Mumbai's Colaba market: Where to shop and how to get there?

The Colaba market is quite well-liked by Mumbai residents. People enjoy gathering the best cheap jewellery that is available. This market is well known for its quirky apparel, handmade goods, fashionable shoes, eyewear, etc. So, anytime you are in Mumbai, try to make the most of this location.

Where can I find the Colaba market?

Every part of the city may easily visit Colaba market. From Bandra station, you can ride the local train to CST. The Colaba market is located the closest to a railroad station, CST. You must cross Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji Road to get to the airport from the train station. The main market begins on the highway.

To get to the market, there is also a bus service available. To go to the market, you can take the 11 LTD, 123, 3, 83, A-124, A-107, etc.

Where should I go in Colaba Market?

Mumbai's Colaba market: Where to shop and how to get there?

Colaba market, also known as Colaba Causeway market, is a unique location where you can find practically anything, including furniture, bags, clothing, shoes, jewellery, and household goods. It can be challenging to choose the finest locations, though, among the numerous businesses and kiosks. You may be able to get products at certain stalls for as little as 49 cents. Additionally, trademark dresses can occasionally be purchased at a very low cost. From Cafe Mondegar, the market begins, and it continues until it reaches Colaba Police Station. You might have problems locating the ideal location given the size of the region. You can find information about what to do and where to shop at Colaba market here.


You must go here if you want to find some truly cool Japanese artefacts. Everything is affordable and will hypnotise you.

Nappa Dori :

A wide selection of leather bags and travel necessities are available. Although it may be a touch expensive, it is still worthwhile to purchase.

Progressive Cottage Craft:

You must stop by this store if you want the highest quality handicrafts. You can purchase whatever you desire for yourself and your family because the price range is reasonable.

The Grand Shop:

The Grand Store is a must-visit location if you’re looking to purchase some high-quality tops, shirts, current clothing, etc.

Street shops:

These are the greatest places to shop if you’re looking for quality goods at extremely reasonable prices. You can purchase trash jewellery, Kolhapuri shoes, designer purses, fancy clothes, everyday necessities, and other items from these stalls. Here, you can use your negotiating skills to secure a favourable contract.


Where can I get food in Colaba Market?

Cafe Mondegar: This restaurant is well-known for its selection of dishes and cold beer. The most popular foods here are from Indian and other international cuisines.

Bademiya: This location is regarded as Mumbai’s largest kebab shop. For foodies, this restaurant is literally heaven. You must visit the store if you want chicken, mutton, or other non-vegetarian kebabs.

Theobroma: Theobroma is renowned for its incredible selection of bread, macarons, croissants, danishes, cakes, brownies, and other baked goods. So, be sure to visit this location.

Bagdadi: If you enjoy non-vegetarian food, this restaurant is a great choice. The least expensive eatery will prepare some extremely delectable dishes, such as boti chicken, chicken bhuna, bheja fry, chicken biryani, etc. All are accessible to satisfy your taste buds.



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