Mumbai Metro Lines 2A, 7 : Know Route, Station New Names

Lines 2A and 7 of the Mumbai metro were officially opened in phase 1 in April 2022, however full operations of both lines would not begin until January 2023.


Ridership of Mumbai Metro Lines 2A and 7

  • Mumbai 44.26 lakh people used Metro Lines 2A and 7 during their first month of operation.  1.40 people travelled via these metros in the first week following the launch.  According to data on ridership, the combined average daily ridership of Metro Lines 2A and 7 is above 1.47 lakh, with the highest traffic reported along the routes of Metro Line 7’s Gundvali and Magathane and Metro Line 2A’s Andheri West, Dahisar East, and Anand Nagar.
  • On January 19, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially opened lines 2A and 7 of the Mumbai Metro. From the Gundavali station, Modi joined the metro and travelled there.
  • Modi used the recently inaugurated Mumbai Metro train to go from Gundavali to Mogra and back.
  • The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) will begin operating Mumbai Metro lines 2A and 7 on January 20, 2023.
  • Beginning in October 2022, both the 2A and 7 lines underwent testing. The Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) commissioner will provide his approval following the completion of final rolling stock and signalling examinations. The safety certificate for commercial operations, known as the CMRS certificate, has been issued to Mumbai Metro Lines 2A and 7.
  • With the addition of these two metro lines, Mumbai will have three operating metro lines—the Blue line, Yellow line, and Red line.
  • Once operations on both of these lines begin, Maha Mumbai Metro Operations Corporation Ltd (MMMOCL) anticipates a daily ridership of about 300,000 people.
  • On April 2, 2022, Line 2A and Line 7 of the Mumbai Metro’s Phase 1 were opened. Mumbai Metro 7 runs from Dahisar to Aarey colony, whereas Line 2A runs between Dahisar and Dhanukarwadi. The metro’s operations and maintenance provider, MMMOCL, has calculated an average daily ridership of 30,000 people.


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Map of Mumbai Metro Lines 2A and 7: Operational Lines

Beginning January 20, 2023, lines 2A and 7 of the Mumbai Metro will be open to the general public.

Mumbai Metro Lines 2A, 7: Know Route, Station New Names

Mumbai Metro Lines 2A and 7: Station names changed

According to a notice, MMRDA has altered the names of three stations on Lines 2A and 7.  Shimpoli is the new name for the Pahad Eksar metro station, Valnai-Meeth Chowky for Valnai, and Bangur Nagar for Pahadi Goregaon.


Schedule for Mumbai Metro Lines 2A and 7

The first metro on Line 2A will leave Andheri West at 5.55 in the morning, while the final train left at 9.24 in the evening. From Gundavali station, the first metro on Line 7 will depart at 6 am, while the final train left at 9.24 pm. The Mumbai Metro Line 2 A and 7 timetable has been extended, though, with services now running at 10.20 p.m. and 10.30 p.m. from Andheri to Dahisar due to a rise in customer demand. The final trains from Gundavali to Dahisar via Dahanukarwadi will depart at 10.20 and 10.30 p.m., respectively.


Mumbai Metro Line 2A and 7 : Ticket fare

Based on the distance traveled, the Mumbai Metro ticket price is determine. Mumbai Metro Line 2A and Line 7 have a Rs 10 for a 3 kilometre fee. Lines 2A and 7 of the Mumbai Metro have a Rs 50 maximum charge.

Tickets for the Mumbai Metro lines 2A and 7 may be purchase using tokens, smart cards, the Mumbai1 app, or the National Common Mobility Card.


Mumbai Metro Line 2A

Project cost: Approximately round Rs 6,410 crore


Number of stations: 17

Station names: Andheri (West), Lower Oshiwara, Oshiwara, Goregaon (West). Bangur Nagar, Lower Malad, Malad (West), Valnai-Meeth Chowky, Dahanukarwadi, Kandivali (West), Shimpoli, Borivali (West), Eksar, Mandapeshwar, Kandarpada. Upper Dahisar and Dahisar (East).


Mumbai Metro Line 7

Project cost: Approximately Rs 6,208 crore


Number of stations: 13

Station names: Gundavali, Mogra, Jogeshwari (East), Goregaon (East), Aarey, Dindoshi, Kurar, Akurli, Poisar, Magathane, Devipada, RashtriyaUdyan and Ovaripada.




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