Navi Mumbai’s Top 10 Localities For Living

Navi Mumbai Localities For Living- Navi Mumbai is a reputable city with planned facilities and infrastructure improvements. It is no longer a viable option for Mumbai because Navi Mumbai has developed into a vibrant metropolis with met requirements that make it more livable. The top ten places to live in Navi Mumbai are listed on Navimumbaihouses if this is where you want to settle down as well.

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Navi Mumbai, a projected satellite development, came in sixth place on the 2020 Ease of Living Index. Homebuyers have responded favourably to the area’s affordability, abundance of open areas, and impending expansions like an international airport, Special Economic Zones (SEZ), and enhanced metro access, among other things, making it a bustling real estate hotspot. The top 10 places to reside in Navi Mumbai have been compiled below, out of the approximately 300 micro-markets that make up the city. These neighbourhoods were chosen due to their growing appeal to prospective homeowners.


Panvel, Navi Mumbai

Due to its close vicinity to the Sion-Panvel Highway, NH-48, NH-66, and JNPT Road, Panvel is a mid-segment locality that benefits from smooth road connection. Autos and public transportation are also easily accessible. Panvel offers a range of choices for hospitals and schools. One-bedroom and two-bedroom flats make up the equal portion of the inventory here. Several well-known developers, including Godrej Properties, Kalpataru Limited, and Indiabulls Real Estate, are among those who have stock. In less than a year, property values have risen by about five percent, and the asking price is currently approximately Rs 8,200 per square foot. An average 2 BHK home rents for Rs 14,700 per month. Even though Panvel has all the amenities needed for a comfortable lifestyle, inhabitants’ dependency on private water tanks is growing due to the erratic water supply.

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Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

There are many ready-to-move-in 2 BHK & 3 BHK residential flats in Kharghar, a posh neighbourhood. It is located roughly five kilometres from Belapur’s Central Business District (CBD) and ten and seven kilometres from Kalamboli and Taloja, respectively, two industrial zones. It is a well-known centre for education with clear road access. A 2 BHK flat here has competitive rates; the monthly cost for a tenant is approximately Rs 24,000. The value of homes in the area has increased by approximately 3% year over year, to approximately Rs 10,800 per square foot. A local resident named Gaurav Patil complains, “Kharghar has good transport options. Along with buses and cars, there is a metro that is only partially operating. Nonetheless, attention must be paid to vehicle traffic during business hours.”

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Ulwe, Navi Mumbai

Ulwe is a mid-segment neighbourhood that appeals to renters and buyers on a budget because it offers a number of reasonably priced options. The neighbourhood is well-serve by the necessities, including markets that are accessible by foot and social and shopping facilities. It also provides decent connectivity with State buses & local railroads. There will be a future Navi Mumbai International Airport located in the micromarket. The average housing value in this area is currently Rs 8,700 per square foot, up 27% over the last five years. The most popular flat type among the locals is the one-bedroom, and monthly rentals are reasonably priced at about Rs 7,800 for the arrangement. Thanks to a number of impending football fields and sports stadiums, the area has been growing rapidly.

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Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai

Reliance Corporate Campus & Loma IT Park are only two examples of the businesses and commercial centres that are close to Ghansoli, an area that is rapidly developing. It has excellent connections to Mumbai as well as other job centres like Vashi & CBD Belapur. Hospitals, schools, and markets surround the region. Two-bedroom apartments make up the majority of the inventory here, and their monthly rates are roughly Rs 31,000. Over the course of three years, buy rates have increased by about nine percent, reaching a current level of Rs 14,500 per square foot. Golf courses and Sea Link connectivity are two examples of the infrastructure improvements taking place in the expanding Ghansoli area. Here, price growth of about 70% is anticipate due to remodelling in accordance with the seaside Palm Beach micro-market.

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New Panvel, Navi Mumbai

Mid-segment neighbourhood New Panvel has many of reasonably priced renting possibilities. Thanks to a network of State-run buses, the locality is well-connect to places like Dombivli, Dadar, and Thane. The Sion-Panvel Highway makes it easily accessible from Mumbai as well. Property prices in this area have increased by about two percent year over year, averaging Rs 8,100 per square foot. The monthly rental cost of a two-bedroom flat is approximately Rs 14,000.00. The distance between New Panvel and Belapur’s Central Business is about 15 kilometres.

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Kamothe, Navi Mumbai

Thanks to its close vicinity to major employment centres such as Infotech Park, Intelenet IT Park, and BSEL Technology IT Park, Kamothe is a well-liked mid-segment locality among both renters and employed individuals. Autos, local railroads, and public buses all provide good service to it. Situated only 10 kilometres from the soon-to-be international airport, the area meets all the necessary living standards. The current rate per square foot is Rs 8,700, with an annual price growth of more than three percent. There are many more two-bedroom apartments in the area, with an average monthly rental of Rs 15,700. Unfortunately, residents’ traffic problems are made worse by hawkers’ unauthorize intrusion.

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Karanjade, Navi Mumbai

With good road access via the Sion-Panvel Motorway, Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway, & Mumbai-Pune Highway, Karanjade is an inexpensive micromarket. It is only three kilometres from the Panvel intersection. The planned infrastructure developments, like as the Science Park Metro Station and the forthcoming Navi Mumbai Airport, are expected to have a significant positive impact on the local community. Here, the price of a home has increased by nearly 7% year over year to Rs 6,400 per square foot. The majority of the stock consists of 1 BHK apartments, with monthly rates of about Rs 7,000.

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Nerul, Navi Mumbai

Nerul, with its array of mid- and high-income residential possibilities, is regards as a luxury locality. It has good road access to Thane, Mumbai, and other Navi Mumbai areas. Because of its 9-kilometer proximity to Belapur’s CBD, working professionals find it in high demand. Its advantageous location—just eight kilometres from the airport—raises the livability factor. It’s popular because it’s easy to get around by train, bus, and taxi, and it has a flourishing retail and social infrastructure.

Developers are purchasing government-owned land lots in Nerul for their projects. The city has been putting a lot of effort into providing services like water and sewage. The fact that a project usually fills up completely within the first 15 to 18 months after opening indicates how popular it is with buyers.” With prices rising by about 4% over the previous three years, the worth of a residence is estimated to be around Rs 15,200 per square metre, & the monthly rental cost of a two-bedroom flat is almost Rs 32,000.

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Taloja, Navi Mumbai

The service industry specifically favours Taloja because it is a reasonably price area. It has a high population density and is the location of numerous enterprises, including Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Hindalco enterprises, and Kelloggs India. With buses operated by the state, it has good access to the job centres. Additionally, local trains facilitate a smooth trip from Navi Mumbai to Mumbai. The neighbourhood is scattered with hospitals and schools. Prices in the micromarket have increased by more than 10% annually, with an average of Rs 6,200 per square foot. The inventory is skewed towards one-bedroom apartments, which rent for about Rs 6,300 a month.

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Airoli, Navi Mumbai

The real estate market in Airoli is support by a large supply of resale units and good road access. The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) and Trans Thane Creek (TTC) Industrial Area are located in this upscale area, which raises housing demand. Shopping centres, schools, and hospitals are examples of fundamental amenities that make Airoli a self-sufficient micromarket. In the past five years, its buy rates have climbed to Rs 13,000 per square foot, an increase of about 7%. The most popular units in this area are 1 BHK units, which rent for roughly Rs 16,000 a month.

Navi Mumbai has been able to draw in developers, owners, and homebuyers. Even though the city offers a much-needed break from Mumbai’s notorious space shortage, you should always use caution when conducting market research.

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