North West Entrance In General Vastu

Examine the Vastu recommendations for a home with a north-west entrance.

North West Entrance  :- Vastu states that you have a better chance of securing a prosperous life if a building or plot is located in your favour. Prosperity can take many different forms, such as an increase in income or a happy marriage. Therefore, it’s critical to understand which Vastu is best for your home, family, and, most importantly, for you.

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Entrance on the northwest Vastu

Vastu is a thorough science that focuses on the flow of energy. As the name suggests, air is located in the northwest. This sub-direction makes an angle of 315 degrees between the west and north, according to the magnetic compass. A different construction could benefit from health, wealth, and prosperity if other Vastu Shastra principles support it. The northwest is believe to be a direction of fortune, luck, creativity, and social circle.

The northwest is ruled by the Chandra (moon), which has a result, so the house needs attention. While his brain is completely uneasy, the northwest-facing home’s owner moves from one place to the next. The owner of this house is generally cheerful and pessimistic. According to Vastu Shastra, if a house is not built in accordance with Vastu Shastra rules, it can lead to arguments and strife within the family.

The direction’s vehicle is a deer that moves quickly, and its weapon is a flag, or “Dhwaj.” Because of the deer’s quick movements and the flag’s flutter, there is an air element present. The personification of success, “Vijaylaxmi,” resides in this direction, which is also indicated by the victory flag’s flutter, which again indicates the wind element. Vijaylaxmi is one of the eight facets of prosperity.



Advice for the northwestern entrance Vastu

Advice for the northwestern entrance Vastu Directions have a profound effect on life. It is essential to choose the right path for your work, your life, or your plot if you want to live a nourishing, prosperous, and happy existence.

  • More prosperity and luck will be welcome if the northeastern boundary wall is lowere. For the property to be protected from outside influences, the southwest boundary wall needs to be raise.
  • When purchasing a home there, make sure the northwest corner has a northwest road that runs west and a west road that ends. It would ensure monetary security.

If there are senior citizens in the family, the newlywed couple and their children should sleep in the northwest bedroom.

  • Water tanks should not be located in the northwest, according to Vastu. If positioning the tank in this manner is require, make sure it is as small as possible. The recommended distance for the tank is three feet from the northwest corner.
  • The pooja room should be in that location because the northeast is a positive area. The faces of Kuber, Lord Ganesha, and Goddess Durga should all face south. When facing east, Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh should be position on the opposite side, facing west.
  • For the balcony area, facing east or north is ideal. Any swing that is installed must face east or north.
  • On a northwest-facing plot, an aromatic garden can be constructed to increase the wind element’s potential.

General Vastu

  • The southwest or south corner is the only acceptable location for stairs. Don’t build your stairs any other way, especially if they are going toward the northeast.
  • Put metal turtles in a north or northwesterly direction. These sculptures are fortunate.
  • On any empty walls near your entrance, hang a statue or a picture of Ganesha. A blank wall typically denotes loneliness. Therefore, it is preferable to avoid it by keeping activity going on your walls.



Advantages of a north-west entrance

  • The element of air will help you maintain a strong social network with a diverse group of family and friends because the Vayu Purusha rules the northwest. You can build guest bedrooms in the northwest area to make this easier.
  • Vayu is crucial to the survival of humankind on Earth. The family’s female members should take this path because it is the most effective. They can become famous and advance science by residing in a building, and their personal development depends on the usefulness of the northwest.
  • A healthy pregnancy and delivery are more likely with the positive energy, which could be very advantageous for women.
  • Harmony in a northwest-facing home is maintain to ensure a peaceful family life.
  • When used properly, the northwest direction brings wealth, healthy children, longer life, government support, and dignity.


North West Entrance  : The north-west entrance’s Vastu Dosha

  • Every member of the family is affect by Vastu Dosh in the Northwest (Vayavaya) Corner, which alters each person’s mind in a unique way. Miscommunication between family members is another effect of this problem.
  • Money may enter your home quickly through the north-west door, but it will also leave even more quickly than it came in.
  • North-west angled Spondylosis, back pain, acidity, gastrointestinal issues, indigestion, depression, problems with decision-making, increased risk of accidents, and insomnia are just a few of the health problems associated with vaastu dosh.
  • Additionally, variations in financial loss, migration, and distress in the northwest are brought on by extensions.
  • When the building or plot is oriented in this way, legal problems like court cases, police inquiries, and other problems could also surface.



Solutions for the northwestern entrance Vastu

  • Affix symbols to the sides of your entrance, such as OM, Swastik, or Trishul. Vastu dosh is prevented from entering your home by these elements that are subject to religious persecution. As soon as religious symbols are in place, you will start to feel calmer.
  • It is advise to grow tulsi and mint at home. Plants facing northwest will attract positive energy and appease Vayu Dev.
  • The entry door should have three Vastu pyramids facing northwest, one on each side and one on top, according to the Vastu shastra. By doing so, the negative energy will be reduce and obstacles will be prevente.
  • Anyone who lives in a house facing the northwest is require to fast every Monday. As a result, they’ll be prosperous, content, and in good health.
  • Chandra Yantra is helpful for those whose moon is malefic. The northwest corner of the house is where the Chandra Yantra must be place in order to work properly. The installation of the Chandra yantra also encourages mental peace.
  • If your home’s main entrance is on the north side of the northwest corner, place a Brass Helix just above it to balance the energy. When it comes to ready-made structures, they can be nailed to a wall, hung, or place on the floor.

North West Entrance

  • A water body in the northwest, missing or enlarge northwest spaces, and incorrect entrances are all Vastu flaws that can be fix with the Brass Helix.
  • Vastu dosha is cured by Shankh. It’s believe that Goddess Lakshmi resides in a house shaped like a conch shell. Any area of your home with Vastu dosh can have the dosh and any ill will directed there removed by placing a conch in the corner.
  • Any water leakage issue must be resolve. It’s bad luck to have leaky faucets at home.
  • According to Vastu Shastra experts, the main door should be use to welcome health and fortune. Fix the entrance door if it’s broken. Keep it clean and fix it as needed to avoid harm.
  • According to Vastu, salt can greatly lessen Vastu dosh. Keep a few pinches of uncrushed salt on hand as a quick fix for Vastu problems facing the northwest. All of the negative energy from the house is absorb by it. Add a little salt to the water as you mop the floor. Keep some salt close to the door to prevent the evil eye from entering the house.

North West Entrance  – Conclusion

Any Vastu dosha would be eliminate by the Vastu remedies suggested for homes facing the northwest. Just remember to speak with a Vastu expert before continuing. Maintaining your physical and mental health will help your family. Live a happy, prosperous, prosperous, and joyful life with your loved ones!







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