Overhead Water Tank Location & Position As Pr Vastu

Water Tank : We shall discuss Vastu placement recommendations for above water tanks in this post. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about overhead water tanks, including how to maintain them.

When building a house, water storage needs to be carefully considered. One of the common types of water tanks you will see on the rooftops of many buildings is an overhead water tank. Motor pumps are used in this storage system to distribute water. According to Vastu Shastra, it is important to put overhead water tanks correctly because doing so might cause issues for the occupants of the house.

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An above water tank is what?

A particular kind of water tank is one that is positioned at a specific height. Any material may be used to construct it, but the goal is to maintain it raised to guarantee optimal effectiveness. Through a pumping mechanism, the tank is topped off with groundwater. High-pressure water is supplied to the tank using powerful motor pumps. Even distribution, steady pressure, and flow are all guaranteed by the design.




Application of an above water storage tank

Both home and commercial uses call for the usage of overhead water tanks.


Household usage

They are helpful in ensuring a steady flow of water for everyday bathroom usage as well as for other equipment like washing machines and water purifiers. Homes use the water from above water tanks for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing, and other uses.


Usage for business

For storing water and chemicals, overhead tanks are useful. Chemical resistance is a feature of the materials used to design such jobs. In commercial settings, such as chemical companies, industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, logistic yards, etc., overhead tanks are used.



Upkeep of the above water storage tank

As water from an above water tank is utilised for everyday necessities, it should continue to be corrosion- and rust-free to ensure a supply of fresh water. Here are some helpful maintenance advice for overhead tanks.

  • Start by giving the tank a thorough inspection to look for rust, corrosion, or dust buildup.
  • Clean up the water tank. Ensure that you clean it frequently, ideally twice every six months.
  • Empty the tank before closing the main water valve. Start by using a scrub brush to clean the tank’s whole surface.
  • Use an appropriate cleaning product, such as household bleach that has been diluted. Clean the pipes and water tank.
  • Use clean water to completely rinse the surface.
  • Allow the tank to thoroughly dry. Make a last check to make sure the tank has been cleaned completely.
  • Fill up the water tank once more. Close each and every outlet and faucet. Unlock the main water valve.


Practical Vastu advice

  • The water tank should always be completely covered.
  • Check often for any seepage or leaks.
  • According to Vastu, overhanging water tanks shouldn’t be positioned immediately over a bathroom or a kitchen.
  • An underground water tank and the septic tank shouldn’t be installed in the same area when building a water tank at home since it affects the energy field in the area. The likelihood of contamination is further increased by this positioning.


Materials for above water tanks based on Vastu

One of the often utilised materials for creating water storage tanks is plastic. However, according to Vastu, one should use materials for the water tank like metal and concrete.



Direction and position of the above water tank according to Vastu

Modern residences might choose an above water tank since it is less expensive and simpler to build and maintain. Guidelines for building water tanks in homes are provided by Vastu Shastra. The southwest direction, one of the eight, is connected to the earth element and is the best place for above water tanks in a house. When placing above water tanks in a structure, one should stay away from all north zones. A water tank placed towards the north might result in health issues and financial losses.


Colours as per Vastu 

Direction   colour as per Vastu Colours to avoid
Southwest Yellow, white, or grey Blue, black, green, brown, red, or orange
West Yellow, white, or grey Red, orange, brown, or green
South Yellow, red, orange, green, and brown Blue, black, white, or grey





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