PCMC Authorizes A Tax Reduction For Female Property Owners

PCMC Authorizes: Tax breaks for female property owners have been authorised by PCMC. Are you a resident of Pune who want to purchase real estate? Do you also consider the property taxes you might owe in the future? If so, then you should read this article. The general body of PCMC proposed a programme enabling property owners to evade taxes, which will be welcomed news for Mumbai’s citizens. The important thing to remember is to register the property in a woman’s name. Now, women who own real estate are eligible for a tax break of up to 10% on their homes. The programme was introduced in 2011, and during the fiscal year 2021–2022, many women benefited from it. As long as the beneficiary is a woman, this programme will be automatically executed, thus many people stand to gain in the upcoming years.

Women’s empowerment is the only goal of this plan. Having this plan in place will encourage family members to purchase houses in honour of their female relatives and make them feel special. Legally documented women property owners may seek for this benefit. According to the data, approximately 8000 women have utilised the advantages.

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PCMC Authorizes: The PCMC

Property tax collection in the area is regulated and governed by PCMC (Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation). It oversees the city’s infrastructure. The organisation can also obtain tax rates for various residential units and plots. It is also in charge of yearly or biannual tax collection. Property owners may readily find all the information on property tax, its calculation, and filing on this civic organization’s website since it is technologically up to date.


PCMC Property Tax Calculation

The value of property tax differs by region. Also, you can determine the tax in three ways mentioned below.

  • The property’s market value is important in determining its tax value.
  • The next method involves calculating the property tax based on PSF (per square feet) valuation.
  • The third way is to calculate property tax based on the property’s rental value.

Using the PCMC website, anybody may simply calculate their property tax. You must enter a few pieces of information before learning the tax value. The higher tax benefits are only available to registered female property owners.


Benefits for Women Who Own Property

Buying a house under a woman’s name provides a number of advantages. Let’s learn more about the advantages women who own property may take advantage of.

Low-Interest Home Loan Rate –

Property purchases require big investments, and most individuals find it difficult to make such large payments all at once. One of the finest options for purchasing or investing in real estate is a home loan. A house loan’s interest rate is a crucial consideration. Huge interest rates may also be quite taxing on your finances. It is best to buy the home in the name of the female family member if you want to protect yourself from such excessive interest rates. Women who own real estate can simply and at cheap interest rates get mortgage loans.

A significant difference may be made by the financial institutions’ low interest rates, which range from 0.5% to 5% for women.


PCMC Authorizes: Exemption From Stamp Duty –

The procedure of registering a property adds to the costs, which can occasionally be very high. Under several places, if the property is registere in a woman’s name, the stamp fee is reduce. This exception, which may be between 2 and 3 percent, can have a significant impact. Rajasthan citizens receive a 1% exemption from stamp duty, compared to a 2% exemption for residents of Haryana and Delhi. If you are buying the property to present to a female household member, you can still get this discount.


PCMC Authorizes: Tax Break:

If a woman or a couple owns the property together, they may qualify for a tax exemption on home loans. Additionally, if both parties are employed, they may each claim their own deductions. A maximum deduction of Rs 2 lakhs can be made in a fiscal year.


Recent PCMC Announcements

A tax credit worth Rs. 55 lakhs has been announced by the PCMC. It is for those owners of flats who actively contributed to the construction of the sewage treatment plant and the adoption of zero waste policies.


Conclusion: Women Property Owners Receive Tax Break

It is best to purchase property in your wife’s name or as a co-owner because there are so many advantages accessible to women property owners. The bonus will be increase if the woman earns money on her own. The government has announced many additional perks for female property owners in addition to the PCMC tax concessions.





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