Phase-I Of Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) Likely To Be Use-able In 2020

PhaseI Of Navi Mumbai International Airport | Flats in Navi mumbai :

It was stated by the State Chief Minister Devendra  Fadnavis that Phase – I of Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) will be in operation by the End of December 2019. However Civil Aviation Secretary R N Choubey said ” Presently, the work of land deployment is in full swing,  flats in navi mumbai the pace of work is very good, though it will be very difficult for us to complete the deadline of December 2019“. 

The Government now expects to complete the first phase of Navi Mumbai Airport in 2020 by making One Runway and One Terminal Operational.


The GVK Power and Infrastructure Ltd. has Won the Bid for Navi Mumbai International Airport. The Financial Closure has been Accomplish on July 7. YES Bank will be the lead Bank and mandate lead manager for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of NMIA Project. GVK had Signed the Concession Agreement for the Greenfield Airport Project on January 8, 2018. The Agreement was inked between Navimumbai International Airport Pvt. 

This Project was first proposed in 1997 and received Government Acknowledgement in 2007, got delay due to Land Acquisition and Environmental Clearance flats in new mumbai.

The New Airport is considered to be the biggest Investment in the Country around 18,700 Corer to be Invested for Phase I.

1 The tender for the selection of contractors for engineering and contract connections (ECB) was announced in August/September last year. The source said L&D was selected for construction. flats in navi mumbai the cost of the contract is unknown and it is known that the contract will be awarded after obtaining government approval. “We have not yet offered an ECB contract and we will provide an update on time,” said a GVK spokesperson who builds Navi Mumbai airport. A Cidco spokesperson did not respond to an emails inquiries.

2 An L&D spokesperson confirmed the offer but did not develop it. L&T is the project contractor for expansion projects at airports in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai & Hyderabad. Larsen & Toubro (L&T), a leading player in the airport construction sector, has won a contract for airport construction at the Navi Mumbai international. flats in new mumbai the City and Industrial Planning Committee on the CIDCO Committee convened monday to discuss the agreement.

3 Navi Mumbai airport was affected by delays and cost overruns related to land acquisition and environmental, Population problems. flats in navi mumbai the airport will handle 10 to 20 million passengers in the first phase, but now the terminal will be built to handle 30 million passengers.

4 The project cost in the first phase was set at over 15,000 Rore crore and was funded from capital investments and 11,300 crore long term debt. The government expects the airport to be ready by mid-2020,2021 and operations will start in 2023. The Grizzly reports at the end of May.

5 The complexity of the site is another challenge. One of the contractor’s first tasks was to raise the floor level to 9.5 meters and submit applications. They must be completed before construction of the roadway and other infrastructure. flats in navi mumbai GVK said at an announcement auction last August that the contract was aimed at cutting and filling, terminal construction, pathways, weapons, building support, and multi-storey car parks.

6 Preparation work for the project began in June 2017 Jan. It included flattening the cliff, restoring swamp and returning the river. Cidco, doing this work, has raised the area to 6.5 meters. The channel extends over 60 meters and is directed outside the boundaries of the Ulway River airport.

7 Renovations of the river should be completed within a week and installation of underground cables should be completed by the end of December. More than 85 percent of the villagers affected by the project have been relocated, with the remainder expected to evacuate by the end of June.

8 The project affects ten villages, and the number of affected families is approximately 2,800. Citco has conspired against buyers of houses and land for this project. Those who lost their land received 25.5% of the built-up area near the airport.

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