Plants that repel mosquitoes: a natural barrier against pests

Anyone who has to deal with mosquitoes knows that they are a pain. They are a major nuisance and carry diseases like dengue and malaria that can be lethal.

There are products on the market that deter mosquitoes by luring them in and then poisoning them. This might be a good idea, but if you have pets or young children at home, to whom these products can be very harmful, or if you simply don’t like artificial mosquito repellent products, you might want to consider getting plants instead. They work just as well as mosquito repellents without the mess or unpleasant odour they leave behind.



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This article discusses a few plants that effectively ward off mosquitoes and keep them at bay. These plants provide natural perfumes that, while they may smell extremely good to humans, repel mosquitoes by making them sick to their stomachs.

9 plants to keep mosquitoes away


Lavender is the first plant on our list of mosquito-repelling plants. Animals may not enjoy the wonderful smell that this well-known plant generates, but we humans do. If you have a lavender plant at home, you’ve probably noticed that animals veer away from it and attempt to avoid it.

Even when defecating, they stay away from it. This occurs as a result of the plant’s leaves producing essential oils. Growing lavender plants doesn’t need much work and requires little maintenance. You only need to remember that they require full sun and sufficient drainage.

Plants that repel mosquitoes: a natural barrier against pests


Marigolds are a cult favourite, especially in southern India where they are often grown as beautiful plants, but they serve more than just aesthetic purposes. Marigolds are an annual flower that are also quite simple to grow. Additionally, it gives off a fragrance that may deter insects from approaching it.

They can also be raise in pots. To prevent mosquitoes from entering your home, place them at several entry points. If you want to keep those pesky bugs away from your garden, they might also be a useful addition.

Plants that repel mosquitoes: a natural barrier against pests

Turmeric grass

The smell of a citronella plant is one of its most distinguishing features. Citronella grass, also referred to as lemongrass, is a common ingredient in mosquito-repelling products. Pests can be repel by the lemongrass plant just as well. Due to its inability to withstand frosts, this low-maintenance plant is best suited for larger planters, but in warmer climates, it can also be plant in the ground where it will receive direct sunlight.

Plants that repel mosquitoes: a natural barrier against pests



Catmint, also referred to as catnip, is a plant that does well in practically all environments. It is a member of the mint family and is widely cultivate for both commercial and weed purposes. Catmint plants are both invasive and very controllable.

They are excellent mosquito deterrent plants in addition to having a pirate-like appearance, and according to a research by Iowa State University, they are ten times more efficient than DEET.

Plants that repel mosquitoes: a natural barrier against pests


Rosemary is a popular seasoning spice in cooking as well as a fantastic plant for repelling mosquitoes. They repel moths and mosquitoes effectively thanks to their moderately woodsy aroma.

They should be kept in a container over the winter because they prefer hot regions. Rosemary can be pruned into various shapes to create borders and other sorts of decorative accents. It is also use as a decorative plant.

Plants that repel mosquitoes: a natural barrier against pests


Basil is a different culinary herb that also serves as a mosquito deterrent plant. Basil is frequently use as a garnish as well as a flavouring. Basil has a strong aroma that effectively deters flies and mosquitoes. The herb will not let you down if you keep it wet, give well-drained conditions, and enough sunlight. Basil can be grown separately in a container or with other plants in a garden.

Plants that repel mosquitoes: a natural barrier against pests

Honey balm

When it comes to being a plant that keeps mosquitoes away, bee balms are really effective. They sort of put on a “shoving it in their face” performance when it comes to pests and other annoyances like mosquitoes, all the while maintaining a positive appearance that draws beneficial insects like bees and butterflies that favour plants.

Bee balm, commonly referred to as monarda or horsemint, is a plant whose leaves secrete oils that keep mosquitoes and other invasive insects away. Bee balm is a charming plant that comes in a variety of eye-catching hues, including purple, red, pink, and white.

Plants that repel mosquitoes: a natural barrier against pests


The most adaptable plant on this list is without a doubt the mint plant. It is a very effective herb for repelling mosquitoes and has a variety of medicinal and culinary purposes. With its strong scent, it also deters ants and flies. It is very simple to manage and grow. A perennial herb that prefers mild sunlight is mint.

Plants that repel mosquitoes: a natural barrier against pests


Sage is the final plant on this list that deters mosquitoes by releasing essential oils when burned. Sage can also be used to generate a bug spray by crushing the dried leaves. This method will keep mosquitoes away.

Plants that repel mosquitoes: a natural barrier against pests



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