Posh Areas in Navi Mumbai – Preferred For Living

If you want to stay in the Posh area in Mumbai then you will need to invest a lot of money but you can easily invest in the properties in Posh areas in Navi Mumbai. Here we are briefing in short about the localities in Navi Mumbai which have good infrastructure and beautiful surroundings where you will feel like staying forever.

Navi Mumbai is the extended node of Mumbai and is a perfect residential place as the place is very adjacent to the overly crowded Mumbai Nagari. Many places in Navi Mumbai are still under development and the whole infrastructure of Navi Mumbai is a new development and is well planned.

With proper road planning, street lightings, and plot structure, there are many areas in Navi Mumbai which falls under Plush localities few of them we are mentioning below:

Posh Areas in Navi Mumbai

1. Kharghar

Kharghar is the poshest localities of Navi Mumbai as it is surrounded by the serene beauty of Kharghar hills, Pandavkada Waterfall, and many other recreational places. Because of its geographical appearance, Kharghar has attracted many good developers and they have now started their projects with iconic skyscrapers and world-class amenities in Kharghar. As such there are many sectors in Kharghar which are very good in infrastructure and can be called the plush locality. A few of those are sector 7, sector 10, sector 21, and sector 35.

Apart from Being One of the posh areas in Navi Mumbai, the place is an educational hub and going to become the next commercial hub of Navi Mumbai with the upcoming BKC-2.

2. Taloja

Taloja is the most sought-after place after Kharghar, as the place is getting attraction for new residential development both by builders and investors. Even though the place is a newer development but it is a planned city with wider roads. The place is now getting famous as the ultra-modern township projects are sprawling slowly into the Taloja being no place available in Kharghar for such big developments. A few of those examples are Sai World City, Adhiraj Capital City, Arihant Alishan, Niharika Absolute, and many more.

3. Belapur

Belapur is one of the commercial hubs in Navi Mumbai. The Parsik hills Sector 26, Belapur is the iconic and posh area of Navi Mumbai. The place is a beautiful green landscape and has beautiful bungalows situated in the lap of nature.  If we Consider commercial places in Belapur, Sector 11, is a well developed and highly accessible posh area in Belapur which is well known for the Public Banks’ Head offices.

4. Nerul 

Nerul is a very famous place for its D Y Patil Sports Stadium. And the place palm beach road in Nerul is a very famous plush locality of Navi Mumbai. The place palm beach road has a beautiful breathtaking view of palm beach. The NRI complex is one of the iconic plush societies in Nerul Palm Beach.

5. Vashi

Vashi is the most sought-after place in Navi Mumbai, but buying property in Vashi can be costlier as the place is adjacent to Mumbai.  Sector  26, Sector 27, and Sector 28 are the posh areas of Vashi which are also quiet places to reside.

6. Ghansoli 

Ghansoli in Navi Mumbai is another commercial hub and surrounds many commercial IT parks in its vicinity. The place is also good in terms of residences and sector 11 is the posh area in Ghansoli

7. Panvel

Panvel is another posh area in Navi Mumbai. It is developing at a faster pace as many big builders have started developing their huge projects at Panvel. A few of the examples of such projects are Sai World City, Hiranandani Fortune City, Arihant Aspire, and many others like these.

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