Property Market In Kalyan : Eight Factors Driving Up Real Estate Demand

Property Market In Kalyan: Because of its increasing infrastructural development, Kalyan has become one of the most profitable destinations to invest in real estate. Its well-connected transportation and plethora of social amenities have made it the ideal place for working-class people to live and do business. The city also has a variety of high-tech residences to fit any budget for individuals looking for their ideal home.


Property market in Kalyan: Eight factors driving up real estate demand


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Advantage Kalyan

People are seeking for big houses in locations that give them with the newest high-tech conveniences to better their quality of life following the Covid epidemic, as a result of the rising number of people working from home. Kalyan is the ideal place to invest since it has been built as a smart city that is pleasant to live in and improves people’s quality of life. Furthermore, future infrastructure development, like as the Bhiwandi-Kalyan corridor, would surely improve Kalyan’s connection. In addition, Metro Line-5, which will connect Kalyan to Thane and 17 other areas, would raise the value of real estate in the area significantly.


The housing market in Kalyan is fuel by eight demand factors.

Line 5 of the Metro

The Thane-Bhiwandi-Kalyan Metro Route 5 is a 24.9-kilometer elevate line with 17 stations that connects Thane, Bhiwandi, and Kalyan. It is predict that connecting the commercial, industrial, and government sectors of Thane, Bhiwandi, and Kalyan with rail will drastically cut commuter travel time. People are relocating to Kalyan at a quicker rate as a result of this connectedness. By 2031, about 46 lakh people are likely to relocate to Kalyan, according to study and experts.


Kalyan Ring Road

In Kalyan, the MMRDA has planned a 26-kilometer ring road that will connect Dombivli west and Titwala village. Because it would greatly reduce traffic congestion and travel distance, the project is highly ambitious. After the ring road is completed, it would be possible to drive from Kalyan to Titwala in roughly 15 minutes. In addition, the 12.3-kilometer elevated road project from Airoli to Katai Naka is intended to reduce travel time between Kalyan-Dombivli and Mumbai by ten kilometres. Furthermore, the flyover at Shilphata Junction, as well as an underpass connecting Mumbra and Panvel Road. Will aid in traffic flow towards Kalyan.


Property Market In Kalyan: Smart City designation

The government has recognised Kalyan as a Smart City. It is expected to have higher development possibilities than any other area in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region during the next ten years (MMR). The Smart City will include integrated systems and public services in power, water, sanitation, and health care, among other sectors. The Smart City plan contains 20 projects, three of which have already been implemented: automated solid waste management, a 10-metric-ton bio-methanation plant in Umbarde, and house-level garbage bins for segregation.

The control command room, traffic signals, and CCTV project are all finished and will be officially open soon. The chamber is located near Shivaji Chowk in Kalyan, opposite the KDMC offices (W). It will help with traffic light monitoring, CCTV surveillance, and other initiatives related to the Smart City goal.


Property Market In Kalyan: Revamp plan of Kalyan station

Kalyan is a major junction on the Central Railway line that also acts as an outstation rail terminus. The Kalyan station restoration plan will include the construction of six new platforms for long-distance trains. With the existing eight platforms being utilise primarily for local services, resulting in speedier train movements. At Kalyan station, the project will also include the construction of route relay interlocking (RRI), which is essential for signalling system administration.


Property market in Kalyan: Eight factors driving up real estate demand


Sub-campus of the university and the planned BITS Kalyan campus

The Mumbai University has opened a new sub-center in Kalyan. Where students may apply for engineering school admission and enrol in the Institute of Distance and Open Learning’s 100 courses. They currently offer four new courses to their sub-center Kalyan, allowing students to extend their educational possibilities.

A management school will be establish in Kalyan by the forthcoming Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani (BITS). Faculty from major universities such as the Wharton School of Business and the Kellogg School of Management will be present on the site. These Kalyan schools will not only provide a wonderful academic atmosphere for students. But they will also increase the demand for housing in the neighbourhood.


Six economic centres have improved road connection.

Increased transportation and road connections between Kalyan and six economic hubs, including Bhiwandi, Dombivli, Ambernath, Ulhasnagar, Badlapur. And Thane, have improved access for residents to commute within these areas while also assisting industrial sectors to transport their goods in a faster and safer manner. Since a result, property demand in Kalyan has soared, as the development will connect to a number of destinations.


Property Market In Kalyan: Bhiwandi’s Welspun One Logistic Park

Welspun One Logistics Park (WOLP) in Bhiwandi has opened its doors as India’s first MNC-based storage platform. This warehouse offers a wide range of services to its customers. Including ready-to-move-in space and the opportunity to form long-term connections through quick and transparent leasing processes. MMRDA has designated Kalyan as a growth centre for upcoming micro-markets due to its closeness to Bhiwandi, a major logistic hub.


Property Market In Kalyan: Perfection in the future

In five years, commuters from Kalyan, Bhiwandi, and Thane would have the option of either the monorail or the expressway. Aside from the monorail, skywalks and highway projects are also in the works to improve Kalyan’s connectivity. Kalyan may probably be describe to as a develop region by 2028, given the strong infrastructural development.



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