Property Tax : PCMC Launchesd New Online Payment Option

The PCMC (Panvel City Municipal Corporation) has come up with a new launch of the online payment option for paying property tax. The civic body has even offered a discount of 5 % on property tax if it is paid before March 15, 2021. Moreover with this recent new feature of the Property Tax online payment option, one can get an additional 2 % discount.

PCMC  will be collecting property tax for the first time from the residents of PCMC region. The residents of the PCMC area had not been paying any kind of property tax since PCMC was incepted in the year 2016. However, the residents of the PCMC area were paying the service charges to the CIDCO. The sudden implementation of property tax has created havoc in Panvel region residents. People are showing their denial through various protests against the property tax.

The Citizens feels this property tax is not viable and acceptable and are showing protest against property tax,

For the Following Reasons :

  • In this COVID-19 situation, people are already facing financial promises the property tax proposal should be held in abeyance.
  • Since CIDCO was only taking care of the development and maintenance of the city why should they pay property tax to PCMC?
  • If they are already paying Service Taxes to CIDCO then why should they pay multiple taxes to various CIVIC bodies differently?
  • In spite of, paying 100% Development Charges and Service Charges to the CIDCO, only 60% of the development is completed. Until the said development is not completed, CIDCO is the only Development Authority till the 100% development.
  • The services for which taxes have been included in the property tax like special sewage tax, sewage benefit tax, garbage collection tax, water tax, road tax, development tax, garden tax, firefighting tax, etc. is already being charged by CIDCO and they are already paying service charges for the same.
  • There shouldn’t be “Double Taxation i.e., Service Charges to CIDCO and Property Tax to PMC.
  • Panvel Corporation is a D class corporation, but it is observed that the Property Tax rate is significantly higher than some of the A, B, and C class corporations, including the nearby corporations like NMMC.
  • The rate of property tax should be logical and in-line with what is being charged by other municipal corporations.
  • The property tax assessment is not proper and the measurement of the area also has anomalies in many cases. There should be a proper understanding of taxable amounts based on carpet area between the owner and the authority.
  • Property tax should be charged to individual flats and not to the Society i.e. Common area/amenities should be excluded.
  • PCMC is firm on its decision

PCMC is Firm on Its Decision

Besides all the controversies, the PCMC is firm on its decision and have claimed that it has already given enough time to the citizen to pay their property taxes. The residents which are the part of old Panvel Municipal Corporation area have already paid property taxes and the new properties that are developed after the formation of the Corporation have not yet paid any kind of property taxes. For that reason, retrospective tax is being collected with effect from 2016 as property taxes are a major part of the revenue that they can generate for the development of the city.

Property Tax Online Payment

A senior official from the Property Tax department said that to give some relaxation Panvel Corporation has come up with this online payment option where you can easily pay your property tax and rebate a 7 % discount on your total property tax if paid before 15th March 2021.

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