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RICS and Registered Valuers Organization will collaborate in March 2023 to boost the valuation ecosystem. RICS, a global organisation committed to guaranteeing the highest standards of valuation, recently inked an MoU with ICSI Registered Valuers groups, which would boost the property valuation ecosystem across India. The relationship between RICS and ICSI RVO aims to advance best global practices and standards in the valuation industry, enable various training programmes centred on land & building value, and investigate prospects for cooperation in areas of shared interest. Sharing knowledge and abilities necessary for building and land appraisal will also be a major emphasis of the joint endeavour.

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Establishing a property’s market value and true value is the first challenge in selling it. When determining and setting the correct value of a property that the owner wants to sell or rent, property valuation services are extremely helpful. In order to prevent loss or error, property owners can use property valuation services to obtain a fair & competitive value for their assets. The property valuer visits the property, evaluates its state, layout, and enticing features, and then establishes the market value.

The process of valuing real estate consists of roughly 5 steps. This is a step-by-step breakdown of the property appraisal process:

submission of real estate documents

Property-related legal documentation must be submitted by the owner to the valuer for accurate assessment in order to start the property valuation procedure. A contract of sale, a title deed, a building layout or floor plan, property tax receipts, land approvals (if applicable), etc. are examples of these papers.

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Real Estate Inspection

A professional property valuer will conduct a thorough internal & external inspection as the following stage of the property valuation process. The valuer, a skilled qualified evaluator, does a physical appraisal of the property and then creates the final report based on the results. The appraiser may consider the property’s size, condition, layout, architectural design, and level of construction.


Measuring and Attestation of Property

The valuer will measure the property, cross-reference it with legal records, take the required pictures with a date stamp, and evaluate its actual condition in order to determine its exact value. The valuer will record all pertinent details on the property’s physical condition, legal approvals, and overall evaluation.


Property Location Evaluation

After assessing the property’s internal and external qualities, the property valuer determines the benefits that the property receives as a result of its location. These elements considerably increase the property’s value. The location of the property, the demand for real estate in the area, public infrastructure, amenities for civil transportation, stores, malls, offices, hospitals, as well as other facilities are some of the important factors.

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The property’s final report

The property valuer will then write the final report outlining all the features of the property. The final report’s descriptions of the location, title information, site description, planning, comparable sales data, valuation estimate, property images, and disclaimer are all included.


Services for Property Valuation Provide Advantages

Why would a buyer or seller choose to use services for property valuation? Many advantages come with using this service. The following are some ways that property valuation services benefit a seller or a buyer:

  • Calculate the property’s current market value.
  • Provide a thorough account of the property.
  • Describe the advantages of the property.
  • Accentuate geographic advantages
  • Find out what professionals recommend for selling the property.
  • To evaluate the sustainability of proposed development projects in the future
  • To evaluate a property’s profitability and ability to generate income

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Techniques for Valuation

A property valuer may use a variety of valuation techniques while performing a property appraisal. The comparison technique, investment method, and profitability approach are typically use by property valuers to arrive at the valuation figure. Yet, some properties could need a more thorough investigation to give the final valuation of the property more room to manoeuvre. The five ways for valuing property are listed below:

Profits Method

Profits Techniques are frequently use for valuing commercial real estate. This method is used to determine the market value of properties like restaurants, rental offices, malls, hotels, etc. The valuer uses the business’s three-year running average operating income to determine the market value of the property. The business’s profit & loss statement is used to secure this figure.


Comparative Method

This process, sometimes referred to as inferred analysis of property worth, compares the costs of properties in the same neighbourhood. Based on the value of the nearby properties, the final value of the property is determined. This strategy involves a detailed evaluation of comparable structures and real estate with matching features and measurements. The comparative technique is frequently employed when determining the market value of residential properties.

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Contractor’s Method

The replacement value of the property technique is use in the Contractor’s Method or Cost Method. This method is use when the Comparison Method and Profit Method are unable to determine a property’s value accurately. This approach adds up the cost of each construction element, the cost of each structure, the value of the land, and the cost of reconstruction. The market value of the property is then determine by subtracting a typical depreciation figure from the initial estimate.


Residual Method

When a developer, investor, or owner assesses the value of a property for potential development, this method of appraisal is helpful. The Residual Method aids in determining whether the property is viable for rental reasons, development projects, or redevelopment projects. When determining the value of a property using this method, the gross development cost, building cost, property builder/developer profit, and fees are all taken into account.


Investment Method

The Investment Method is a useful technique for determining the market value of commercial properties. The capacity for the property to generate money immediately affects its market value. This strategy, which entails converting income from the property—both current and future—into an approximative capital figure, offers a fair view. Here, the valuer uses the discounted cash flow method and takes into account any potential future cash flows that the property owner may produce.

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Why Property Valuations Are Done

There are numerous uses for property valuation services, some of which are listed below:

For Purchasing or Selling Real Estate

It is crucial to get the property appraise and valued before placing the “For Sale” or “For Rent” sign on it. The procedure aids in obtaining the property’s fair market value and improving knowledge of the real estate industry. A certified valuer will examine, assess, and communicate the property’s final market value after taking into account all relevant criteria.


For the Purposes of Rent

Property assessment services assist landlords in setting fair and competitive rent when trying to rent out their properties. The owner may set the rent at 6–10% of the property’s total market value after receiving the final evaluation report.

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Regarding Mortgage

The importance of property appraisal increases when a buyer intends to finance the purchase. The ultimate appraised value of the property directly affects the loan amount. The final assessment and value of the property has an impact on a number of financing terms and conditions.


For Taxation’s Purpose

Property, whether it be a home, office building, or piece of land, is subject to many forms of taxes. Such properties are subject to wealth taxes, property taxes, municipal taxes, etc. The true value of the property must be determine in order to be use as the foundation for calculating the taxes due to the government.


For Title Transfer of Property

Often times, the property’s title is given to another person, like a relative or a legal heir. Property appraisal is necessary to start the transfer of property title process since the stamp duty is determine by the estimate worth of the property.

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In acquisition and merger instances, a firm may take control of another company or piece of land. These stories are frequently report and seen in the news. In these situations, the property in question is evaluate in advance to determine the final market price. This aids bidders or buyers in developing an acquisition strategy and locating financial sources.

Hence, property valuation services are essential for both purchasing and selling a property. They also aid in determining the market worth for a variety of other uses.



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