In Maharashtra, What Is The R-Zone?

In the real estate industry, R-zone plots are typically viewed as a risky investment. But can an investor take any actions to ensure that this investment opportunity is secure? This article explains what R-zone land parcels are and what you should know about them when looking to purchase property in Maharashtra for a home.

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The phrase “R-zone” refers to residential building lots that are available in both urban and rural settings. Plots and lands to be established under the R-zone must be approved by special planning agencies in Maharashtra, such as the City & Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra as well as the Development Authority for the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.


What are the various R-zone classifications?

R-zones fall into one of two categories:

R1 zone or only residential areas

The R1 zone plots are exclusively residential and are located within 12 metres of the nearest road in the open spaces, according to the planning authorities. If the location is crowded, the distance to the closest road is 9 metres or less. Without the regulatory authority’s approval, residential buildings may be constructed on this tract of land.


R2 zone

The term “R2 zone” refers to residential areas that are at least 12 metres or more from the nearest road. In a further variation of the R-zone plot. The plots are situated at least 9 metres away from the access road in densely populated regions.

Any type of residential development is permitted in this area. In fact, the zone allows for the construction of commercial, institutional, and healthcare facilities.


What are the dangers of making an R-zone investment?

When the title of the deed is incorrect, there are risks involved. Before making an investment decision, learn how to inspect R zone plots & their locations. When all of the ownership paperwork is current and error-free, there is no risk involved.

The EC should also show no discrepancies, complaints, conflicts, or other encumbrances if you want to purchase an R-zone site. After researching the area’s ready reckoner rate, invest in the land if there are no such questions and it is legally yours.


Are R-zone plots capable of becoming Non-Agricultural (NA) plots?

The regulatory authorities’ most recent change to residential zones states that it is possible to convert plots in Maharashtra’s R zone into NA plots. The conversion certificate can be obtained by submitting an application to the neighbourhood municipal corporation and paying 0.05 percent of the area’s ready reckoner and circle rate.

The title must be marketable & clear in order for the property sale from an R-zone to a NA plot to go smoothly. Verify if the vendor or the owner alone is the only owner of the property. It is also required that the deed be verified by an accomplished attorney. Check the EC issued by the regional sub-office registrar’s before you sign the contract.

The local government entity in charge of overseeing the registration of the land must issue this certificate. You can change the R-zone plot into a NA plot and move forward with your proposal if EC determines there are no unpaid balances, complaints, or disputes.




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