Real Estate Business in India has Given Good Revenues to US President Donald Trump

Real Estate Business in India has Given Good Revenues | Property Rates Venue :

US President Donald Trump has got some ulwe property rates venue from his Real Estate Business in India in 2016 as Royalty. This Information is said by him in his Annual Financial Accounting . According to a copy issued by the US Government’s Office of Corporate Ethics, Trump’s listed assets are $ 1.4 billion and their income is more than $ 45.2 million. Trump had made it public that he has received Remuneration from its Two Real Estate Ventures in India and the Income From Both are placed in Royalty Category.


Trump has Earned $10 Lac to $50 Lac from an Indian Company DT Marx Worli LLC. This Revenue is Earned under the License Agreement with Javala Real Estate Pvt. and Lodha Developers Pvt., but the Location mentioned in this Agreement is New York. Apart from this, the DT Tower Kolkata LLC also got a license between $ 100,000 and $ 100,0000. However, his income from DT Tower Gurgaon LLC is less than $ 201, which is almost negligible.

1 Since the White House moved to Trump in January last year has been very clear, Trump’s organization is not the same for everyone. Is now managing world-class real estate with his brother Eric.

2 He said that the father’s term of office is not good for the family business ulwe property rates venue.

3 The Trump teenager, who is now promoting the brand’s identity in India, said, “When we start doing business again, it will be an important market for his company.”

4 After Trump Cyrus took over as president of the United States, his ulwe properties rates venue company avoided plans to enter new international markets to avoid conflicts of interest.

5 The Indian real estate market ulwe indian property rates venue is one of the most promising areas, starting with $120 billion in 2030 in 2017.

6 Yes, the industry is growing rapidly and attracting people from all countries to start their own businesses. Therefore, if you want to enter this market and advertise yourself, it is best to do your homework before the actual break.

7 The selected address lists seven key steps that will help you achieve your goals. Like ulwe property rates venue other majors, you must do some research on this topic to match real estate trends. You can first search for information about veterans in this field.

8 If you don’t meet a competitor, they are happy to share their opinions and adventures with you. Nothing is better than word of mouth, and residents of the region can show you the challenges and challenges of doing real estate business on both sides.

9 You can register as a commercial broker, house broker or landowner. You  ulwe property rates venue can continue to work with them based on their priorities and capabilities. (Understand the field, budget, etc.) First, it’s best to focus on one area, and as you progress, you’ll start to solve the rest.

10 Although it can be removed early through legal and real estate reforms, licensing and registration are important. In addition to keeping your documents clean, you want to be professional and sincere.

11 From registered companies (as private partners or limited partners) to tax registration, service licenses and permits, real estate agents and GST registration are essential.

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