Real Estate, Markets, and Monuments in Sikandra, Agra

Even now, more than two centuries later, India’s whole history is shaped by the Mughal Empire. The renowned residential district of Sikandra, in Agra, has one of the biggest effects. There are many Mughal Emperors’ tombs there, including Akbar’s.

This historic location is stunning with its red sandstone tombs, marble gateways, and a famous tree-shaped guard. In addition to its historical significance, the area is drawing interest from real estate aficionados and investors.

We walk you through some of Sikandra, Agra’s most well-known tourist attractions in this blog. Additionally, you will discover more about the area’s significant landmarks and the present real estate market.



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Sikandra, a well-liked suburb of Agra City, is situated to the northwest. The Great Akbar’s Tomb is its most famous landmark. This little region has a significant place in Indian history and features some of the best Hindu and Islamic architecture.

According to historical records, this neighbourhood was first planned in the early 1600s by the great emperor Akbar. There are four entrances in this renowned complex. The most well-known of these are the Eastern and Western portals. The southern doorway, which serves as the mausoleum’s principal entrance, has four white marble minarets and beautiful mosaic work.

The Din-e-Illahi calligraphic reflection may be found inside the primary attraction, the tomb of Akbar. A historical religious movement brought religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam, etc., together in peace.

Top Destinations in Sikandra, Agra

It goes without saying that Sikandra, Agra offers a lot of tourist attractions with so many renowned tombs and forts. This location offers everything for everyone, from its magnificent examples of ancient architecture to its mouthwatering food selections. Some of the most well-known tourist destinations in Sikandra, Agra, are listed below:

The Great Akbar’s tomb is located in Sikandra.

Real Estate, Markets, and Monuments in Sikandra, Agra

Sikandra Tomb, which was constructed in the 17th century and is known for its remarkable architectural design, was in fact a tiny paradise during the Mughal Empire’s era. Although Akbar personally chose this famous mausoleum, it couldn’t be finished during his lifetime.

Over 119 acres, the magnificent tomb of Akbar is stretched out. It features tranquil water canals and Mughal-style gardens. A marble pavilion and a sizable pyramid with four floors are also present.

This historic site is currently open to visitors from 6 AM to 6 PM. For Indian visitors, the entrance price is INR 30, while it is INR 310 for overseas visitors.

Agra, Lodi Tomb of Sikandra

Real Estate, Markets, and Monuments in Sikandra, Agra

When entering Sikandra, Agra, the well-known Lodi Tomb is the first building that is seen. It’s crucial to keep in mind that while this unidentified tomb is a member of the Lodi Dynasty, it is not the same as Sikander Lodi’s Tomb in the Lodi Gardens neighbourhood in South Delhi.

The large hall in the centre of this octagonal building is there. It includes four roomy rooms on all sides and lovely patterns. Even though the dome of this well-known structure is in relatively bad state, the tourist destination continues to draw in a lot of visitors each month.

Kanch Mahal

Real Estate, Markets, and Monuments in Sikandra, Agra

The Kanch Mahal is the next sight to behold after leaving the Lodi Tomb. Even while this well-known monument is relatively small in comparison to others, its geometric beauty is simply breathtaking. Jahangir used this area, which was construct between 1605 and 1619, as a hunting ground. This two-story structure was later converted into a “harem,” or residence for women.

In addition to its gorgeous embellishments and vibrant tiled windows, this building’s walls include striking patterns with elephants, peacocks, and various flora exhibited as wall art.

Known marketplaces in Sikandra and Agra

Agra is renown for its retail areas that offer uncommon and distinctive crafts that are difficult to find elsewhere. But Taj Mahal trinkets are among the most popular goods purchase from these markets. In addition to these tiny reproductions, Taj is pepper with retail areas for your enjoyment.

There are countless items that are in demand that you can purchase as a keepsake from the Agra markets. The most popular products include leather goods, rugs and carpets, fake marble, handicrafts, jewellery, embroidered clothing, and silk saris.

All of these goods are available for purchase in the city’s crowd markets. Sadar Bazaar, where you may buy for leather goods, handicrafts, clothing, and more, is one of the most well-known markets.

A wholesale market, Kinari Bazaar provides a wide range of reasonably priced goods like textiles, glassware, and handicrafts. It is also well-known for its “dal moth” namkeen and “petha” sweetmeat.

Subash Bazaar, TDI Mall, Raja ki Mandi, Shah Market, Hing ki Mandi, Shahganj Bazaar, and more are just a few of the city’s other well-known retail areas.

Sikandra’s housing market in Agra

Despite being a well-known tourist destination, Sikandra, an area of Agra, has long drawn many real estate investors. One of the main factors contributing to its real estate success is its smooth connectivity with other residential areas like Lohamandi, Dayal Bagh, and Kamla Nagar. Sikandra, Agra, is an emerging real estate hotspot in this city given its proximity to Raja Ki Mandi Railway Station (7 km) and Agra Cantt Railway Station (10 km).

Currently, 2BHK and 3BHK builder floors/apartments are the most prevalent configurations offer in this residential area. Additionally, the typical purchase price for residential property is between INR 2,600 and INR 4,300 per square foot. Fortunately, this area has excellent physical and social infrastructure, with Shastri Puram Road, NH 19, and NH 44 serving as connections to numerous schools, hospitals, and employment centres.

Factors Affecting the Real Estate Market in Sikandra, Agra

While land prices across the country continue to rise, Sikandra, an Agra suburb, is still a great, cheap option with a thriving real estate industry. There is no disputing, though, that there is still tremendous room for development in this neighbourhood.

What makes Sikandra, Agra, a superb real estate choice?

1.  At the moment, the area has a fantastic selection of affordable 2BHK and 3BHK apartments, villas, and builder floors.

2. Excellent bus service and frequent access to various areas of the city through NH-19 and NH-44.

3.  Surrounded by prestigious healthcare and educational institutions, including Kamayani Hospital, Maurya Hospital, and JS Convent Public School.

4. Prominent shopping districts like Vidhi Complex, Big Brands Mall, and Dwarka Avenue are close by.

5. The distance from this neighbourhood to Agra Domestic Airport via the Sikandra-Bodla route is only 11 km, while the distance to Agra Cantt Railway Station is merely 10 km.

Sikandra Agra’s drawbacks

1.  This area now has a very inadequate drainage system, which makes major water logging during the monsoon season rather usual.

2.  Due to a poor trash management system, there are also enormous waste piles visible beside the road.

Conclusion for Sikandra, Agra

Sikandra, Agra, should be the first location on your list when visiting Uttar Pradesh if you are eager to explore some of India’s most well-known historical sites and architectural attractions. In addition to the well-known Tomb of Great Akbar, this suburb is home to numerous other well-known tourist destinations, including the Lodi Tomb of Sikandra and the Kanch Mahal.

Similar to the last example, this location has recently become a well-known real estate hotspot in Agra because of its significant tourist attractions and excellent accessibility. At the moment, 2BHK and 3BHK house layouts are the most common in this area. However, it goes without saying that this residential area also needs some care to get better, just like any other location.



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