Recognizing Your Ultimate Desires and Needs

These 9 considerations will help you narrow down what you really strive for and in your prospective rental property.

Recognizing Your Ultimate Desires and Needs


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Whether you’re moving across the nation or simply looking for a new area in your present location, there are a few things you should ask yourself before shopping for a rental property. Keeping note of your responses can help you stay on track with your quest.


What kind of neighborhood would you like to live in?

Do you need to be near the newest pubs, shops, and restaurants, or do you prefer a calmer, family-friendly neighborhood? Keep in mind that you’re not just renting a house, but also a house in a certain location. Before you start looking, be sure you like the place.


What sort of structure do you want to construct?

Do you see a single-family house with a yard as your ideal structure, or do you like the community and conveniences that a big apartment complex provides? If you prefer to know your landlord by first name, a single family house or a compact multi-family property like a duplex may be the best option for you.


What size space do you require?

Consider how much space you require and how much you can afford in a property. Are you happy with a studio if it’s just the two of you, or do you want more space for a home office or guest room? Consider how much space you’ll need for everyone if you have a roommate, a partner, or a family. Also, keep in mind that square footage equals money.


What is the state of the parking situation?

If you’re driving, be sure you know what sort of parking is available, whether it’s on the street, in a reserved place, or in a garage. It’s also a good idea to find out where your visitors may park if they come by car.


Is it possible to bring your pet?

It’s pretty unusual for rental properties to have pet restrictions in tight rental markets. If you have a pet, make sure to inquire about if the landlord permits pets, what sort of deposit you will be required to pay, and whether there is a pet rent. You should also inquire about any breed limitations that the landlord may have.


What kind of luxuries are you looking for?

Consider what features you’d want in a rental house, from basic features like on-site laundry or a dishwasher to more opulent features like a doorman, gym, or pool.

Recognizing Your Ultimate Desires and Needs

Which aesthetics do you wish to stay away from?

Is there anything about the decor that you despise? Fake granite countertops, wall-to-wall carpet, or antiquated appliances? Consider what you’re willing to compromise on and what you won’t.


What type of natural light are you looking for?

You’ll be welcomed by brilliant, early morning sunlight if your bedroom window faces east. Consider your environment and the type of lighting that will best fit your demands. Though it may appear to be a little point, it is important to consider before moving in, as you may wind up with a very hot room in the afternoon or a very chilly room in the morning, depending on the temperature and direction.


What type of outdoor area are you looking for?

Outdoor space can be hard to come by in many areas, but if it is, what kind of outdoor space would you want? Do you require a large yard for your family or pets, or would you rather have a paved area with a few plants and a patio chair?


Consider why renters pick you.

If you already have a renter, consider why they have chosen to stay with you. Inquire about the property and why they picked you over other rental properties. You’ll be able to target your future tenant and emphasize certain parts of your property if you do it this way.

Ask them if it’s the community, the property’s rent, the facilities, or the location that draws them in.


Keep a list of the advantages and characteristics.

Make use of clever highlighting! Since you know why tenants choose your home, separate the reasons from the rewards. For example, if you rent two bedrooms, you will benefit from features such as space and privacy. WiFi and central air conditioning, on the other hand, are amenities that will not appeal to working individuals who are usually on the road.



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