Renting A House? Here’s A Checklist!

There is a laundry list of stuff you should examine before renting a house. This covers aspects such as the flat’s physical condition, associated fees, and essential paperwork. In this thorough assistance guide, navimumbaihousingcom. strives to cover all of the prerequisites for renting a property.


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Renting a home may appear to be a straightforward chore at first, but it can quickly become overwhelming if you overlook several critical considerations that must be addressed before moving in. While the documentation in a rental arrangement may be regarded lightly, the consequences for renters are significantly more serious if some essential criteria are overlooked. Apart from inspecting the exteriors and interiors, it is also necessary to do a legal check on ownership before renting the property.


Here are some key considerations to bear in mind when renting a home:

Physical examination of the apartment

Before renting a unit, you must do a physical inspection of the property. Examine the furnishings and fixtures, as well as the plumbing, electrical, and sanitary fittings. As a renter, you must pay a visit to the apartment or owner to inspect the specific location and negotiate any adjustments you may like. If they are worthwhile, the owner may consider them before you move in. A physical examination helps to minimise eventual miscommunication between the parties.


Renting A House: Maintenance fees

Annual and monthly maintenance clauses might generate disagreements between the owner and renter. As a result, before renting an apartment, a renter should be well-informed on the terms and circumstances. Water taps, power boards, and wiring may not be at the top of your maintenance routine, but major interior or exterior damage repair and wall colouring might become a point of contention. As a result, issues must be addressed straight away.


Discussion about brokerage commissions

If the apartment is finalised through a broker, the commission amount should be established at the outset because it might range from half a month’s rent to one month’s rent. It varies by city, and it is best to work with a broker who is registered with the Real Estate Regulations Act (RERA) to prevent problems later.


Renting A House: societal conveniences

Choosing an apartment in a society is more difficult than choosing one on a construction floor. The owner must inform the renter of all paid and unpaid services for which he or she is qualified. Extra parking, restricted club usage, swimming pool, door-to-door service costs, and Residents’ Welfare Association (RWA) fees may cost you extra afterwards if the owner fails to reveal them at the outset.


Considering renting a house? Here's a handy checklist!


Lock-in duration and percentage rent increase after contract expiration

The minimum lock-in term (the minimum stay duration) should be explicitly stated in the lease agreement between the tenant and the owner, such as six months, one year, or three years. This lock-in period is usually one year. Also, while leaving the unit, the notice period, modification of advance security, and payment of the utility bill should be agreed. As a result, before moving into the residence, the lease agreement should be thoroughly reviewed and any doubt should be cleared up. The percentage increase in the rental fee must be discussed at the time of the agreement’s signing.


The rental increase and security deposit should be in accordance with the Model Tenancy Act, 2020.


Renting A House : flat Documents 

You must ensure that the property is clear of any fraud or title issues before purchasing an apartment or flat of your choosing through a broker or straight from the owner. You can seek papers such as the chain of title transfer, the most recent paid energy and water bills. The general layout and provision of alterations (if any), the owner’s relationship with the broker (if any). And basic knowledge about the last tenant who lived there.


Renting A House: Rental Agreement Requirements

Certain provisions must be included in your rental agreement to avoid future misunderstandings with the landlord. According to the Registration Act, leasing agreements for immovable property that last more than 11 months must be registered. Here are a few highlights:


  • Include the tenancy’s start and end dates.
  • Rent amount due and payment frequency (monthly/quarterly)
  • The security deposit has been paid.
  • Service and maintenance fees
  • The need to pay for repairs and upkeep
  • Termination terms of the agreement
  • The term of notice for leaving the residence
  • Provisions for electricity, water, and power


The procedure of renting a home should be approached with caution and comprehensive market research. It is also recommended to use internet platforms to read evaluations regarding a housing society and the neighbourhood.



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