Residents of Navi Mumbai Are Dismissive Of CIDCO’s Housing Project

MUMBAI: Citizens of Khandeshwar, Kamothe, Kharghar & Navi Mumbai have come against the City and Industrial Construction Corporation (CIDCO) project to build 90,000 homes for economically disadvantaged sections of society under Prime Minister Awas Yojana (PMAY).

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img1: residents criticize CIDCO over of housing project

This the residents say plotting was reserved for, among of the other items, a bus depot, and park, and CIDCO modified its status without necessary of the procedures. The people, led by the secretary-general of state congress and spokesperson Sachin Sawant, met on Wednesday with the minister of urban construction Eknath Shinde and asked him to move the project somewhere else.

Navi Mumbai is the Residents Criticize CIDCO Over of Housing Project

CIDCO was going to develop a plaza outside Kamothe Station, just as it did outside Vashi and Belapur Stations, Ranjana Sadolikar, a resident, told Mumbai Mirror, adding it had even allocated Rs 125 crore for the project. Nevertheless, without consulting anybody, CIDCO revised the plan, and opted to use the 11-acre plot for the housing project, she added.

The CIDCO has been not followed by due process to change the booking. It would have encouraged and heard residents ‘ thoughts and complaints but none of this sort happened. CIDCO began work on the housing project even before the Union Environment Ministry received the necessary clearance, Sadolikar said.

Even before the Environment Ministry nodded, almost Rs 800 crore had been disbursed as ‘ mobilization advance ‘ to contractors, Sawant said. “There have been large-scale anomalies in contract approvals. This has been confirmed even by the Controller and Auditor General.

CIDCO’s vice-president and managing director, Lokesh Chandra, denied the charges. Before deciding to build the housing project on that particular plot, all due process required under the law was carried out, he added. “In addition, as per the planning, a bus depot & a truck terminal will be built. All the buildings are on stilts; under will be a bus hub and a truck terminal.

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