Row Homes : Definition, Categories, Pricing Trend & Advantages

Row houses provide a luxurious lifestyle and appealing aesthetics. They are roomy. Also, they provide homeowners with a larger undivided portion of land (UDS). Anything you need to know about row homes in India is provided here.

Row homes may be a good option for many modern homebuyers who think flats are too claustrophobic. The row home design is universally appealing and one of the best options currently available. Row homes give more room than the high-density flats that are common in Indian cities, thus you might term it luxury dwelling.

Depending on the amount of available land, row houses can fluctuate in price from being inexpensive to being expensive. Here is a look at this type of housing, its possibilities, and how much they cost in Indian cities.

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What does the term “row house” mean?

Row houses are single-family residences that resemble bungalows in many ways, with the exception that they are grouped together in a row. There must be at least three houses side by side in a row home development, but they do not share a stairwell or an exit. Home owners can customise the arrangement of row houses to their own degree and expenditure.


Trailing the origins of row houses

Row-house beginnings The Dutch and Belgian architectural styles of the 16th century included the idea of row dwellings. The Brits later used it to construct houses with consistent fronts and heights in the early 18th century. Around the beginning of the 19th century, Philadelphia’s Carstairs Row was home to the first row homes



What differentiates a villa and row house?

Row homes are a group of residences constructed side by side and connected by shared walls. Bungalows with unique designs are called villas.


What distinguishes a townhouse and row house?

Row homes are evenly arranged, whereas townhouses can vary in height, storeys, and breadth.


What sets row homes apart from other kinds of houses?

Row homes’ ties to their neighbours are what set them apart. The layout and architectural style are the same for each unit. Row homes are grouped together and designed for single families; normally, at least three units are arranged in a row.


Indian row homes

Due to the scarcity of land in large cities, row house complexes are typically found in outlying or developing districts. This enables developers to sell these opulent residences for a fair price. Nonetheless, it is clear that the row home concept exists in both Tier 1 cities and smaller cities. It’s interesting to see how well some of the smaller markets, such Thiruvananthapuram, Cochin, Nashik, and Gwalior, do in terms of sales. Indians who don’t live nearby and those who do contribute to these sales.

The availability of row homes in India is among the crucial factors to be aware of. Given that there is a little quantity of supply, there is a substantial amount of demand, and sales are astounding. “On most days, I deal with a lot of requests from non-resident Keralites seeking row houses. Keralites who were raised outside the state choose apartments, whereas those who were up here favour the big bungalows and independence that comes with them. Rajan continues by stating that most South Indians share this opinion because apartments are a major source of income.

Before, separate residences and vertical living were only common in areas like Mumbai where land availability was restricted and the population had no other option. With the exception of Bengaluru, the majority of other cities boast vast untapped open areas.



Costs for row homes in India

The cost of row homes depends on a number of variables, including the availability of land, the developer’s reputation, the facilities, the project’s location, connectivity, and even its intended audience.


Price of row houses in the top markets of India

City Minimum price Maximum price
Bengaluru Rs 15 lakhs Rs 20 crores
Hyderabad Rs 39 lakhs Rs 9 crores
Pune Rs 20 lakhs Rs 16 crores
Chennai Rs 10 lakhs Rs 12 crores
Gurugram Rs 29 lakhs Rs 18 crores
Noida Rs 12 lakhs Rs 10 crores



What advantages come with residing in a row house?

If you’re thinking about buying a row house as an investment, there are several advantages.

  • Row houses provide a luxurious lifestyle and appealing aesthetics. They are roomy.
  • Higher undivided land shares can benefit homeowners (UDS).
  • It falls in between flats and villas. As a result, you continue to feel like a member of a community.
  • There is no breach of privacy.
  • There is access to designated parking, a water supply, electricity, solar power, etc.


How is UDS for a row house calculated?

Each unit in an apartment has a corresponding UDS. It is the portion of the land that each homeowner receives according to their share. When you purchase an apartment, you typically pay both the land cost and the property cost. Let’s say a redevelopment is in the works, and the government will be paying you compensation. The UDS is in charge of deciding how much to pay. The UDS in an apartment is the outcome of several divisions. Given that a row home is constructed on a single plot, you are entitled to a larger piece of the land than you would in a tightly packed apartment.





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