Say no to Corona (COVID-19) and do Work from Home

Most businesses are telling their workers to operate from home in these times of the Coronavirus pandemic. You will make the work from home more efficient by setting down some ground rules.

 more companies ask employees to work from home

img1: more companies ask employees to work from home


  • When to do if you work from home

  • some Best Tips for you work from home

  • What not to do if you work from home


Businesses around the world have overwhelmingly called for Employs to be given work-from-home (WFH) to monitor the novel coronavirus or Covid-19 in its tracks in the midst of the infections every day. Apple-to-Facebook and Twitter-to-Amazon multinationals have urged workers to operate remotely even as states, populations & companies are preparing to contain the epidemic that has now reached as many as 178 countries. Bureaux in India have also advised workers to operate remotely before the situation improves to stop the spread.

While attempts are being made all over the world to find a cure for the deadly virus that has spread at an incredible pace, it could be a while before office will be open to business. It will be a good time to set some ground rules because work from home is the foundation of your daily life, rather than just an aberration.


How to do if you work from home?

By the beginning of the decade between 2000 and 2010, technology-fuelled multinationals proved it was possible to give their workers flexible work opportunities, an appropriate choice for both the employee and the employer. For one thing, workers wouldn’t have to deal with the onerous task of commuting back and forth; companies won’t have to lease costly workspaces at various places and spend millions per year to operate those. The appeal of the WFH definition somehow began to fail by and by, with the majority rolling back this alternative towards mid-2010s.

Neil Usher, a global workspace design specialist in his book The Essential Workplace, says the WFH idea took a backseat freshly gone by in the middle of the decade, when businesses were possibly expecting technology to act as a cure-it – all panacea. How the goal was not achieved, the author states, also has to do with the fact that technology has improved our ability to communicate and connect physically.

Lured as you may have been by the ring of it, there is a chance that WFH may face some challenges ahead of you.


No fixed working hours

You’ve got to follow a certain everyday schedule to be at your office. Since in remote work there is no going to the workplace, it is easy to lose track of time. The joy felt at the long-term possibility of not having to fly to office does not make up for the feeling of losing control of your routine.


No real contact between humans

Isolation will teach even the most ardent introverts and geeks how to appreciate the strength of human interaction. Although you’re certainly in communication with your colleagues across different multimedia channels, they will hardly ever substitute for the actual interaction with your colleagues.


No real separation of Work & personal Work

Dividing the hours in a day for your personal & professional life is also a positive thing. You may be tempted to use your working hours for personal work when your home is your place of work, and vice versa. That could have an impact on both fronts in your life.


work from home

img2: Work From Home


The top tips to help you work from home count

Because we’ve established the obstacles in the path to working from home, finding the answer is simpler.

Start your day like before: The first rule in the middle of all office and house work not to go crazy is to treat office hours as office hours. Your personal time is the time before, and after. To keep things simple and convenient, strictly follow that ground rule. If you’ve got a job 10-to-7 do not be lazy and start at 11 am. Similarly, don’t overcompensate for being home and working after 7 pm.

The Quick tip: Your family members must be made acutely aware of the fact that you are not available for personal work, even if you are around during your office hours.

Build & stick with a workstation: Because we are not sure about the timing, we should not be sure about the location. Running around the entire house with your laptop lying in one corner in your pyjamas and its charger plugged into the drawing room is a sure-shot way to ruin efficiency. So that by looking for stuff and making trips around the building, you don’t exhaust yourself physically, just make one spot in your workstation’s building and maintain its sanctity there.

“We are continually encouraging our team leaders to set aside space at their home as their office when our teams start working remotely. It may take a little discipline at the outset, but a dedicated workspace is necessary, “says Nair.

“If your home is a cluttered mess of things, staying there for a long time can cause dullness and languor and claustrophobic sensations. So clear the clutter, take whatever you don’t need and pack it away. A spacious, clean workspace would be more soothing and calming, “says Casa Exotique creator Bhawana Bhatnagar, interior stylist.

Have your work equipment handy: The worst thing about not being in your office is not having someone around to help you in case any app starts running on your desktop or you feel like having a fast cup of coffee because you’re tired of working. Through the absence of an office one considers the equipment they easily had at their fingertips. Make sure your wifi doesn’t fail & make sure all those tools on your system that enable web, message, & video-based communication run flawlessly.

A video-based contact, i.e. a Skye call, can also mean that you and your environs are available to your colleagues. Be ready for the video call, on both counts.


The what not to do if you work from home

Do not multitask: Multitasking can hamper your professional success even though you can do so. Job separation and personal hours are paramount.

Do not overcompensate: this is for the worker — only because you’re operating remotely does that mean you don’t have to overcompensate and you don’t have a personal life.

“Obviously the urge to over-deliver takes over staff during remote work situations. We want to compensate for their supposed absence from the workplace by doing more than they would if they were present at the workplace. This propensity will inevitably fatigue you in the long run, apart from the obvious repercussion that this isn’t sustainable, “says Kalpana Asthana, a soft skills expert based in New Delhi.

Do not lose touch with superior, co-workers: on call, mails, texts and calls, stay in close communication with your boss and co-workers. Notify your bosses and inform them on your progress in your work.

Should not hesitate to take breaks: It is your office’s normal procedure, right? Certainly a working professional does not need a lecture on why it is important to take breaks during work. However, for the sake of consistency, the break should not be used to do any other personal job. Before you get back to work, treatment is as a break to relax.

Noting that keeping the beginning and end of the day committed, Nair adds that remaining safe in these periods is non-negotiable.

“That starts with knowing and managing our own levels of stress. We must consider our own mental, physical, emotional and cognitive reactions to stress and function to lower levels. So how do we get to do that? Throughout the day, take daily beaks, walk and have a rest. Nothing helps off the screen like a few minutes away, “he says.

Do not neglect your personal life: When you took home your job, you loved ones would have complained earlier. Now that you have turned part of your home into your office, it would be unacceptable to stay involved in your job and to neglect your personal obligations.



Question: Can the Corona outbreak be prevented work from home?

ANS: Since the virus spreads through social encounters, strategic promotion of research will go a long way in controlling the outbreak.

Question: What might be the problems with WORK FRO MOME?

ANS: In addition to distractions that could hamper your speed and productivity, work from home can also lead to social isolation, which can cause anxiety.


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