Everything You Need Know About Buildings That Comply With Seismic Zone 4

Seismic Zone 4-compliant buildings : Buildings in Delhi-NCR must adhere to the NBC’s zonal requirements because the area is in Seismic Zone 4. People who live in the high-rise dense cities surrounding the capital have lingering questions about the most recent earthquakes that struck NCR in May 2023. What is a building that complies with seismic zone 4? navimumbaihouses.com explains the idea to you.

Many individuals are unsure of what Seismic Zone 4 compliance implies in light of the Delhi High Court’s order requiring all structures in the capital to comply. As is widely known, Seismic Zone 4, which is regarded as a severe intensity zone, includes places like Delhi, Dehradun, Amritsar, Patna, Shimla, Kashmir, and Chandigarh. According to experts, 70% of the structures in these Indian towns are not built to withstand earthquakes with a Richter magnitude of six or higher.

IS 1893 and IS 13920 are the two main building regulations in India that address earthquake safety. However, the codes have not been updated for 13 and 22 years, respectively, The contemporary development environment, where skyscrapers and high rises predominate.


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Seismic Zone 4: What is it?

A Medvedev-Sponheuer-Karnik (MSK) VIII earthquake is highly likely to occur in Seismic Zone 4. A macro-seismic intensity measure called the MSK scale is used to assess ground shaking based on impacts seen in an earthquake location. The Indo-Gangetic plain. Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi. The Faltan or Koyananager region of Maharashtra, and northern Bihar, including Raksual, are all included in seismic zone 4. Due to Zone 4’s high-risk status. Structural engineers should take the greatest safety measures to prevent minimal damage during natural disasters.

Here are a few of the requirements listed in IS 4326-1993 Code of Practise by Bureau of Indian Standards for Seismic Zone 4 compliant buildings:

  • All interior and exterior masonry walls have horizontal seismic bands made of reinforced concrete (lintel bands. Roof and floor bands, etc.).
  • Vertical reinforcement bars incorporated into the brick masonry at all room corners and on each side of door openings.
  • For window openings that are wider than 60 cm, vertical reinforcement bars
  • The height of the structure will determine the diameter of the vertical bars.
  • Cement mortar with a preferred cement-to-sand ratio of 1:4 or 1:6
  • Every window and door opening larger than 600 mm should have vertical reinforcement in the jambs.
  • Floors and roofs made of prefabricated materials
  • Balconies with a cantilever

Seismic retrofitting is also required for earthquake safety, claims the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). Modifying existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity is known as seismic retrofitting.



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Construction methods for quake safety

Typically, structural engineers create a building’s layout and design in accordance with the requirements of the code. The government is asked to approve the tested design. For instance, dampers are employed, which serve as a building’s equivalent of shock absorbers. As a result, the structure stays immobile by absorbing the earthquake’s shocks. There are four fundamental types of dampers: friction dampers, metallic dampers, viscous fluid dampers, and viscoelastic dampers

Another method for earthquake-safe structures is base isolation. Which involves separating the building from the foundation so that it is not affected by the shifting ground below. This approach is better suited for structures whose breadth exceeds their height.





Seismic Zone 4-compliant buildings : Disclosure by developers that is required

The Supreme Court ordered that the earthquake-resistance category must be stated for all new and old structures taller than five stories and housing more than 100 people. The Court ruled that the same must be stated in all real estate project ads.

All of the ‘earthquake-resistant’ real estate properties being offered and sold in India fall under category D. Which indicates that after an earthquake, they must all be abandoned and cannot be occupied or utilised again. The general population believes they will not be impacted by an earthquake and their building will not sustain any damage if they reside in a “earthquake resistant” structure.








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Seismic Zone 4-compliant buildings : Earthquake safety evaluation

The guidelines provided by the Bureau of Indian Standards in IS 4326-1993. “Earthquake Resistant Design and Construction of Buildings – Code of Practise (Second Revision).” Can be contrasted with the building in question to determine how safe it is against seismic activity. The structure is regarded as safe if its components meet the requirements.

The regulation, however, only applies to structures with up to four stories because buildings of five stories or higher are not taken into account. In 2015, the Bureau of Indian Standards was supposed to update the National Building Code and create a unique building code just for high-rises; however, this has not yet occurred.






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