Septic Tank Vastu : Follow These Guidelines To Keep Away The Negativity

Septic Tank Vastu: Because it aids in waste disposal, a septic tank is of vital importance in a home. To ensure harmony and happiness, Vastu Shastra makes various recommendations about how to build it. The old Indian architectural manual, for instance, suggests locating the sewage tank towards the northwest. Notably, in order to keep bad energy out of the house, Vastu regulations for kitchen outlets and drainage pipes are equally important.

It is frequently advised to build the home using Vastu principles. Every part of the house should be constructed so that it draws in positive energy. The septic tank area should be considered as well while developing a Vastu-friendly home.

Negative energy may be repelled by positioning the septic tank in the northwest according to Vastu principles. Additionally, it guarantees the family’s unity and financial security. It is always always advisable to speak with a Vastu specialist. To begin your knowledge of Vastu for the house in general and the septic tank in specific, you may want to read the following article before you seek expert advice:

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Septic tank Vastu: Recommendations

According to experts, the following are crucial septic tank recommendations:

  • Never build a septic tank in the house’s exact corner; instead, put it with some room in the corner.
  • Vastu specialists advise building a septic tank outside the land. If it cannot come to pass, see to it that all other regulations are obeyed.
  • The septic tank’s position should allow for simple vacuum cleaning of the tank.
  • Because it might draw unfavourable energy to the home, the septic tank shouldn’t ever contact the house’s walls.
  • When building a septic tank, it is generally essential to get professional assistance after contacting an expert.



Vastu for septic tanks: Dos & Don’ts

Following are some dos and don’ts that should be considered while putting a septic tank in a home in accordance with Vastu:



  • Make sure that the height of the tank is lower than the building’s plinth.
  • Make sure the septic tank’s width is along the north-south axis and its length is along the east-west axis.
  • To avoid Vastu dosha, the sewage pipe within the septic tank needs to be robust and leak-free.
  • The toilet’s exit for the pipes should face either the north or the north-west. The kitchen-related one, however, need to be positioned toward the north or east.
  • Always keep one to two feet away from the compound wall.
  • Make sure that none of the trash outputs are situated toward the south. The east side should be cleared of liquid waste, while the west side should be cleared of solid garbage.



  • Don’t install the septic tank facing south-west since that orientation is best for the master bedroom, especially for keeping the locker.
  • Any building work should be avoided close to the septic tank. If something needs to be erected, make sure it is built at least 5 to 10 feet away from the structure.
  • The drainage pipe’s upper section has to face north or the northwest. Do not maintain the same south-west facing position.
  • Avoid building a septic tank in the northeast; it is thought to draw good fortune.
  • Avoid putting a septic bank on top of the structure.



Vastu for a septic tank for a residence facing north

The northwest corner of a home facing north is the optimal location for a septic tank.


Septic system South-facing home vaastu

The best place to put a septic tank for a house with a south-facing entry is north of the west direction, north, and east. Avoid directions like southeast, northeast, or southwest corner at all costs.


Septic system Vaastu for a residence facing east

The northwest corner of a home that faces east is the ideal location for a septic tank. This assists in escaping the Vastu doshas.


Vastu for a septic tank for a residence facing west

If the house faces west or northwest, that is the greatest orientation to build a septic tank. For a Vastu-friendly home, one might also choose to face south or south-west.



Vastu for a septic tank: ideal site

A septic tank placed incorrectly may result in financial and medical issues. Experts in Vastu Shastra have recommended positioning it to the west of the home’s northwest corner. The optimum direction is the south of the southwest corner of the home, just in case there are any difficulties. Additionally, the experts advise maintaining the tank’s length in an east-west direction and its width in a south-north direction. The third northwest corner is where the septic tank should be located.


Key conclusions

  • The area in the home where both liquid and solid waste are collected is known as a septic tank.
  • Septic tanks should always be placed in the northwest corner of the home, according to vaastu specialists.
  • Ensure to maintain the septic tank is in a way that is distant from the plot and does not contact the walls of the home
  • The direction of the septic tank’s installed sewage lines should be south.
  • For making the house Vastu compatible, the septic tank should not be placed on the top of the house





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