Six Precautions To Take Before Renting Your Home

Six Precautions Before Renting Your Home: Renting a house without doing your homework can result in a number of problems later on. Keep these factors in mind before renting your home to ensure a smooth process.

Renting out a home is a difficult task that most people will agree on. If not handled properly, it can become a major annoyance and cause future problems. The tenant misusing the property or refusing to vacate are common issues, as are late rent payments and nonpayment of maintenance fees on time.



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Here are some important factors to consider before renting your home for a stress-free experience:


Background Check:

When renting out your home, you must ensure that the prospective tenants are qualified to live there. You can obtain information from their previous landlord, place of employment, and friends to conduct a thorough background check. Police verification is required before signing a rental agreement to ensure your tenant is not involved in any criminal activity. It protects property owners by validating the tenant’s identity. Police/tenant verification can be done both online and offline and is a relatively simple process to save yourself from future headaches.



Property Ownership Documents:

In order to rent your house in the future, you must have the necessary ownership documents. By visiting the website for land details in your state, you can check and obtain property documents online. Here is a list of possible property documents for your rental agreement:

Property Ownership Documents:

You must have the necessary ownership documents to rent your house in case of any issues in the future. You can check and get property documents online by visiting the website for land details in your state. Here is a list of property documents you might require for your rental agreement:


  • Title Deed
  • Sale Deed
  • Gift Deed
  • Lease Deed
  • Revenue Record
  • Will
  • Electricity Bill, Water Bill or Telephone Bill
  • Partition Deed
  • Property Tax Receipts



Rent, Tenancy or Lease agreement:

A rent agreement is a contract that is signed by both a landlord and a tenant to begin and manage a tenancy. Before you rent your house, make sure you have a proper rent agreement in place. Rent agreements detail the two parties, the landlord and the renter, as well as the terms and conditions of the tenancy. The rules outlined in the rental agreement must be follow by both parties.

The rental agreement should include the landlord’s and tenant’s names and addresses, the terms of the tenancy, the length of the tenancy, the rent and security deposit amount, restrictions on both parties, the conditions for terminating the agreement, the conditions for renewing the agreement, and who is responsible for charges such as maintenance fees, repairs, and so on.


Tenant Damages Clause:

The agreement should also include information about the house you are renting, such as the floor or apartment number, the size of the house, the number of rooms, bathrooms, the living area, and the kitchen, among other things. Take note of all the fixtures and fittings, such as beds, sofas, tables, chairs, wardrobes, fans, air conditioners, lighting, and woodwork, if the house is furnished.

Before renting out your home, your lease agreement should include a penalty for any damage caused by the tenant. The tenant damages clause should state that the tenant shall not cause any damage to the property, building, or common areas. Except for normal wear and tear, the tenant must return the property to the landlord in the same condition as it was when the lease began. Before you rent your house, you must pay for any repairs or replacements that are required to restore the condition of the premises.



Six Precautions Before Renting Your Home- Agreement Termination:

A rent agreement is typically made for 11 months, with a two-month notice period for either party to terminate the agreement. The notice period must be specified in the rental agreement’s termination clause. The rent agreement can be renew if both the landlord and the tenant agree. Premature termination terms must also be mention. If the tenant violates these terms, they may be evicted before the lease expires. It is critical to remember this clause before renting your home.


Six Precautions Before Renting Your Home- Charges for Tenant Overstay

When renting out your home, time is money, so you want to keep the time between tenants as short as possible. Managing multiple tenants and occupancies can be difficult. More time between tenants reduces your profits, and potential renters may be wary of a property that has been on the market for an extended period of time.

As a result, the rental agreement should include additional charges that can be claim if the tenant fails to vacate the house on time. If the tenant fails to vacate the premises within the term of the Lease. They must pay twice the monthly rent for the first two months and four times the rent for the subsequent months.





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