Slump test: Have thorough knowledge of the tools and use

flat in Kharghar : Concrete’s ability to be work is determine by the slump test. It is one of the oldest techniques use to gauge how simple it is to use concrete. The slump cone test, often known as the concrete slump test method, has been in use since 1922.


Slump testing revolutionised with modern technology

In order for builders to pour concrete quickly, the slump test of concrete should be use to determine the concrete’s workability. In addition, the slump test concrete reveals the water-to-cement ratio as well as the characteristics of the constituent parts. Evaluation of the concrete mixture’s flowability is assist by slump testing. A higher slump number indicates that the concrete will flow more easily.


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On-site slump testing can quickly determine whether the concrete mix possesses the desired fluid qualities. Concrete that has undergone a slump test can be used to gauge the consistency of several batches. An easy and inexpensive test that is prepare on-site while working is the concrete slump test.

Slump test: Elements that influence the concrete slump test

Air content of concrete

Mixing, batching, and transporting concrete

Size of aggregate

Temperature of concrete

Techniques and sampling of concrete slump testing

W/c ratio of concrete

Cleanliness of aggregates

Fineness of materials

The moisture content of aggregates

Slump test: A variety of slumps in concrete

Concrete slump can come in four different forms:

  • Zero slump: The first type is the zero slump, which is create when the concrete’s shape exactly matches the mold’s shape. This type of shape is stiff and consistent, making it impossible to deal with.
  • True slump: The second type is a real slump, which is created when concrete sets up quickly and assumes the form of a mould. The preferable slump is this one.
  • Shear slump: Half of the cone slides down the inclined plane when a shear slump forms. Shear in the concrete is a sign of a poorly cohesive mix. With a severe combination, a shear slump could form. So, one should redo the test with a new sample.
  • Collapse slump: Lastly, a high water-cement ratio is indicate by the collapse slump. A collapse slump would be indicate by an excessively moist or highly workable mix.

flat in Kharghar : Slump test 

Slump test: tools employed

The tools used for the slump test concrete include the following:

  • A slump cone with a height of 30 cm, a base diameter of 20 cm, and a top diameter of 10 cm.
  • The foot components are attach to a base plate using clamps.
  • For easy travel, the base plate has a lifting handle.
  • There is also a grad steel road with a diameter of 16 mm and a length of 600 mm that is graduated in mm.


Understanding the science behind building slump testing

  • If the slump test concrete is going to be done on the ground, one should get a sample of the concrete mix.
  • Wet sieving calls for concretes with aggregates with a maximum size of 38 mm or greater.
  • Make sure the interior of the mould has been completely clean and is free of excess moisture and set concrete.
  • The mould ought to be set down on a metal plate that is horizontal, flat, level, firm, and non-absorbent. While filling the mould with the intend material, it should be made sure that it is position securely.
  • The mould shouldn’t be completely fill with layers. Molds should only have one-fourth of their height filled.
  • Each layer should receive at least twenty-five tamping rod strokes.
  • The second and succeeding layers must pierce through all three layers in order to create a uniform extend across the whole cross-section. The layer must then be tamp all the way to the bottom.
  • To ensure that the mould is fill, the top layer of concrete needs to be levelled with a cloth or a taping rod.
  • When the upper surface has been rodded, only then is the tamping rod screed and rolled to remove the concrete surface.
  • You need to clean up any spills right away if you spot them between the base and the mould.
  • The mould should be carefully and gently elevate vertically while being remove.
  • You can evaluate the concrete by measuring the height difference between the mould and the peak of the test specimen.
  • There should be no vibration or stress in the region where the sample would be taken.

flat in Kharghar : Slump test: Slump cone size

The cone’s top and bottom ends are both open. Typically, the cone’s base diameter is greater than its top diameter. If we talk about the standard size, the cone’s interior top diameter is 3.9 inches, or approximately 100 mm, and its bottom diameter is 7.9 inches, or approximately 200 mm.

The cone measures around 305mm, or 12 inches, in height. The metal tamping road features a bullet nose, a 600 mm length, and a 16 mm diameter. The entire apparatus’ surface should be dry and spotless.

Using precise slump testing to raise the quality of concrete

In order to verify consistency among several batches of comparable concrete in real-world settings and to evaluate the impact of plasticizers, slump test concrete is utilise.

The concrete slump test is use to determine how the ingredients deliver to the mixer vary during the day or throughout the hour.

The aggregate moisture content would unexpectedly rise as the slump increased.

The mixer operator is immediately alert and given the opportunity to correct the problem if the slump is too high or low.

The slump test concrete is frequently use since it is very straightforward and has a wide range of applications.


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