Supertech Twin Towers Demolition : Causes & Latest Updates

Supertech Twin Towers Demolition : Updates on the 2022 demolition of the Supertech Twin Tower

The Supertech Twin Tower was destroyed on August 28, 2022, under the directives of the Supreme Court of India. Supertech Twin Tower Demolition in Noida Sector 93A was done using a controlled explosion with high-grade explosives. Supertech twin tower Demolition, built at an estimated cost of Rs. 700–800 Crore, took around 10–12 seconds to be destroyed. Estimated demolition costs for the Supertech Twin Tower are Rs. 17.55 crore. The Supertech corporation alone paid the costs associated with demolishing the twin towers.



Supertech Twin Towers had a construction cost of between Rs 200 and Rs 300 crore. Due to a violation of construction-related regulations, the Supreme Court has ordered that these Supertech buildings be dismantled. In reality, there has been debate about this Supertech asset for over fifteen years. On November 23, 2004, land was allocated for Supertech Emerald Court in Noida’s Sector 93-A.

The Supreme Court has now ordered the destruction of the Supertech twin skyscraper following years of legal conflict. The Central Building Research Institute was also designated by the supreme court as an expert to provide guidance on the destruction of the Supertech twin towers. The Supertech twin tower destruction was supervised by an expert due to the large number of nearby structures.

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Supertech Demolition Waste Clearance to Take More Time, Deadline Missed in December 2022

The demolition clearance of the destroyed Supertech Twin Towers has just been postponed. The organisation in charge of clearing debris has argued before the Supreme Court that the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) implemented in the NCR is to blame for the delays in clearing debris.

The removal has a deadline of November 28 imposed by the Supreme Court of India. The business has asked for additional time, though. The business estimates that it will take an additional 45 days to finish the debris cleaning operation. Edifice Engineering is in charge of clearing the Supertech debris.


Buildings close to the demolition site did not have any visible cracks.

The twin towers’ destruction had raised concerns that nearby structures would sustain harm. The Central Building Research Institute had been designated by the Supreme Court as a technical expert in the case to allay residents’ worries.

The institution was given the responsibility of conducting a post-demolition survey of the neighbouring structures. The CBRI has determined after a comprehensive investigation that there was no structural damage to the neighbouring structures. Soon, scientists will probably provide Noida officials their recommendations for reducing geohazard risk.

The crucial zone is located less than 50 metres from the demolition site, and scientists have been examining the influence on it. The structures next to the demolition sites don’t show any signs of structural deterioration.



The Supertech Twin Towers: An Overview

For most people, renting an apartment is a lifetime goal for which they invest all of their resources. However, your hopes are crushed when your life resources are invested in projects like the Supertech Twin Towers. The Supertech twin towers of a project in Noida’s sector 93A were to be demolished, per a decision from the Supreme Court of India. This decision was reached after residents of the Supertech Emerald Court project filed a lawsuit alleging that the National Building Code had been broken. To fully grasp the court’s decision, you must be familiar with the Supertech Twin Tower case background. It will facilitate new initiatives according to standards. Tell us more about the firm in question before that.


Supertech Limited is the business. Supertech Twin Towers’ hinterland

R K Arora, a visionary businessman who has built a real estate empire over the past 32 years, founded the organisation. The business, known as Supertech Limited, has completed innovative initiatives in significant cities. Meerut, Haridwar, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Dehradun, Rudrapur, Moradabad, Noida, and Bengaluru are the locations where you may locate completed or under construction projects. The construction portfolio of this real estate corporation includes hotels and academic institutions. It has stated that it uses the most recent technologies in its building processes.


History of the Supertech Twin Towers

After a site was approved in November 2004, Supertech Limited began building a group housing society under the name Emerald Court. The original design was for 14 towers and was approved in accordance with the New Okhla Industrial Development Area Building Regulations and Directions. Supertech Limited leased an extra space in 2006. A garden close to the tower T-1 was sanctioned in the earlier proposal. Two more towers were sanctioned in the second punishment. The notorious Supertech twin towers, Apex and Ceyane, are these T-16 and T-17.

The Supertech twin towers T-16 and T-17 have drawn complaints from locals who claim they are in breach of the 2010 UP Apartments Act. Since the initial plan had been altered, the builders were required to get the buyers’ agreement; however, they refused. Authorities in Noida were discovered to have colluded in this case. The Supertech twin buildings’ separation distance, fire safety regulations, and open space regulations were all broken. The Allahabad High Court initiated the first phase of destruction. In August 2021, the Supreme Court affirmed this decision. In May 2022, the destruction was scheduled to occur.



Case Study: Supertech Twin Towers

During construction, the Supertech twin towers broke a number of regulations and laws. Some of them stood out visibly and raised serious concerns. Several of them were connected norms.

Towers T-1 and T-17 were maintained apart by 9 metres. This was against NBR 2006, which mandates that there should be half as much space between neighbouring buildings as there is in height. This indicates that Apex Tower, which is over 100 metres tall, should be built at least 50 metres away from T-1 and Ceyane. There are many more problems in the Supertech twin tower case history.

The NBR 2010 standards are broken by the 9m gap between the Supertech twin towers and T-17 and T-1. According to this regulation, constructions higher than 18 metres must maintain a 16-meter separation from nearby structures. Both Apex and Ceyane are taller than 18 metres.

The National Building Code (NBC), published in 2005, requires the construction of open space surrounding towering structures. The area that was free of obstructions next to T-17 should have been roughly 20m. 9 metres is a significantly smaller distance than that.

NBC 2005 additionally requires free space for the prevention of fires. That mandates a 16m separation between the T-17 and adjacent structures. The Supertech twin towers broke fire safety regulations in this area as well, yet they were nevertheless able to get a provisional NOC from the authorities.



Supertech Twin Towers Demolition

More infractions are detailed in the Supertech twin tower case history. The UP Apartments Act 2010 and the UP Ownership of Flats Act, both of which require the approval of current tenants and past buyers, are likewise broken. When the original plan was altered, space was taken away for existing buildings to make place for new ones, and the occupants’ permission was not sought.

When T-17’s floor count went from 24 to 40, RWA’s permission was once again broken. This meant that instead of 650 buyers of flats, there would be 1500. In this instance, the prior buyers’ approval should have been obtained, but it wasn’t.

The garden next to T-1 was destroyed in order to build the Supertech twin towers Apex and Ceyane. The concept of a neighbouring garden was initially promoted to T-1’s occupants. Residents and past owners were not notified when the garden was eventually depleted to build the new buildings.

Two building structures were raised quite closely to one another in the Supertech twin towers. The buildings were close to 97–100 metres tall. In comparison to Apex, which stood 100 metres tall, Ceyane had 31 storeys. The distance between the two buildings was 9m. An specialist in implosion, the contracted demolition business had a plan to have the structure collapse inward floor by floor. According to the original design, the Supertech twin towers were destroyed using between 2500 and 4000 kg of explosives and 9 seconds.


Environmental Impact of the Demolition of the Supertech Twin Towers

The Supertech Twin Towers demolition authority was worried about the local wildlife and ecology. The demolition had an effect on the air quality. According to the most recent statistics, the air quality rating was 108 earlier. However, it increased to 676 following the explosion.


Refund for Supertech Twin Towers buyers

The Supertech twin towers’ apartment purchasers have been given a refund request by the court, and Supertech Limited has been instructed to comply. The corporation is also required by the court to pay an extra 12% interest on the booked amount. The Supreme Court bench was presided over by Justices DY Chandrachud and MR Shah, who want to establish a precedent of harsh action.

The corporation is required by the bench to cover the demolition costs. Additionally, the business must pay INR 2 crore to the Supertech Emerald Court Residents Welfare Association.



Builder of the Supertech Twin Towers is now insolvent

Supertech Limited, the builder company of Supertech twin towers, is officially bankrupt.  The corporation owes about INR 1200 crore in debt. So, it has been deemed bankrupt by the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT). When the business requested loans from other banks and financing organisations in 2013, the Union Bank of India provided a sum of INR 150 crore. Smaller sums were collected from other institutions by the business. The Union Bank of India filed a complaint with NCLT after observing a loan payment failure. The Supertech twin towers’ constructors were declared insolvent by the bankruptcy court in March 2022. The court has mandated that the corporation begin insolvency procedures.


The Supertech Twin Towers: Final Thoughts

All real estate wrongdoers have learned from the Supertech twin tower case history that justice always wins out in the end. A demolition order for the well-known Supertech twin buildings has been issued as a result of the real estate company’s infractions. All parties involved have received penalties and reimbursements from the corporation. An access-controlled explosive burst was used to aid complete the demolition in the safest manner feasible.







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