Surat Tourist Attractions

Surat Tourist Attractions : Surat is the ninth largest city in the country and the second largest in Gujarat. Over 90% of the world’s diamonds are cut and polished here, earning it the moniker “The Diamond City of India.” It has long been one of Gujarat’s most important industrial centres. It is an important textile manufacturing as well as an emerging IT centre in India. Surat boasts a diverse range of sights, sounds, and amusements to keep you engaged.


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Surat Mughal Sarai’s top 15 tourist attractions

Even today, people go to this structure to attempt to imagine what it would have been like to stroll during the Mughal era, as the name “Mughal Sarai” invokes history. The structure, which was once used as a bar or sari, currently contains many administrative offices for the Surat Municipality.

The arches’ beautiful artwork and deft carvings continue to demonstrate the splendour of Mughal heritage. Several cafés and eateries in the area provide traditional Gujarati cuisine.


Surat Tourist Attractions: Tomb of Khudawand Khan

Khudawand Khan, one of Surat’s most beloved governors, is interred in the tomb near Chakla Bazaar.

He made substantial contributions to the city’s prosperity and development as a commercial centre, and it is still well-known as a result.

The tomb’s construction is stunning, with wonderful Islamic embellishments. The nearby Chakla Bazaar is a well-known shopping neighbourhood in Surat, where one may get glass bangles, cloth handbags, and traditional Bandhani dupattas.


Surat tourist attractions


Surat Tourist Attractions: Dumas Bay

Dumas Beach in Surat is well-known for its uncanny activities. Locals and visitors have reported multiple sightings of ghosts strolling along the shoreline at night. Witnesses have reported hearing screams at night, creepy laughter, and strange noises.

Individuals from Dumas Beach have apparently gone missing in a number of occasions. If you go during the day, enjoy the lengthy beach’s strolling pathways and the bhajiya and tomato puri that are offere.


Surat tourist attractions


Surat Tourist Attractions : The Dutch Garden

The Dutch Gardens are a popular tourist destination in Surat. There are mausoleums with carved tombstones of British, Armenian, and Dutch officials who visited Surat on business.

Visit Christopher and George Oxenden’s tombs, Baron Adrian Van Reede’s mausoleum, the neighbouring Anglican Church, and a former English factory.

The grounds are well-kept and built in a European style. Surat residents utilise this area for walks and jogs.


Surat tourist attractions


Surat Tourist Attractions: Museum of Sardar Patel

The Sardar Patel Museum is a prominent tourist attraction and one of the best places to visit in Surat. The museum houses a large collection of antique items like as maps, books, scrolls, paintings, statues, historical records, and more.

These things illustrate Gujarat’s history and the splendour of the country’s past. The museum has a planetarium as well as an area displaying traveler’s maps.

The audio-visual display that explains the origin of the cosmos is popular, and countless school trips are organised here.


Surat tourist attractions


Surat Tourist Attractions: Riverfront Tapi

Visit the vast and well-kept Tapi riverfront for a nice evening stroll along the river. It has a stunning appearance when fully lighted at night.

There are several restaurants where you can eat exquisite Surati cuisine, and the location is ideal for sitting in front of the tranquil river. It is possible to take stunning photographs of the river and its environs.

Drive down to Ubharat Beach to relax by the sea and enjoy the peace and quiet.

This is an excellent way to unwind with a group or spend some time alone. The sunset may be viewe from the beach, and the twilight hours are wonderful. Food booths along the shore also sell specialties.


Surat tourist attractions


Gujarati cuisine

Surat’s wonderful cuisine is only one of the city’s many attractions. Locho, a Gujarati form of Khaman, the delightful Surti Sev Khamani made from chana dal, the unusual Surati Oondhiyu created from 8 veggies, and a vast range of bhajiyas including Lashkari, tomato, aloo, and other bhajiyas are among the speciality cuisines. Pink vadas are an original Surat innovation.

One or more of these things are offere by roadside restaurants, businesses, and street vendors in Surat. Gaurav Path in Piplod is a popular spot for street cuisine.


Surat tourist attractions


Sarthana Nature Reserve

Sarthana is a beautiful, green natural park in Surat with a zoo that is well worth seeing and is home to a variety of animals. Among the animal species found here are lions, tigers, antelopes, blackbucks, spotted deer, otters, pelicans, flamingos, crocodiles, and pythons.

Hiking through lush greenery, eucalyptus, and mango trees is a highlight of the natural park. Because it is only 8 kilometres from Surat, the park is a good spot to relax in nature and witness uncommon and exotic creatures.


Surat tourist attractions


Water Park Amaazia

Amaazia Water Park offers the best alternatives to beat the summer heat. For thrill enthusiasts, the Amaazia Water Park has exciting rides such as King Cobra, Kamikaze, Forest Jump, and Twister, as well as engaging attractions such as Wendigo, Free Fall, Tribal Twist, Carnival Beach, and many more. Relax at the Cabana if you need to take a break.


Surat tourist attractions


The ISKCON Temple

Experience a spiritual high at the famed ISKCON Temple in Surat. This massive temple complex will make you feel at ease and pleased. Participate in the temple’s aartis and bhajans on a regular basis, and buy products from the gift store.

Admire the statues of Radha, Krishna, Sita, Rama, and Laxman, which have been carve and gilded. You may also unwind and meditate on the temple’s tranquil surroundings.


Surat tourist attractionsSurat tourist attractions“/>


The Surat Castle

Surat Castle was constructed in the sixteenth century. Sultan Mahmud III, the ruler of Ahmedabad at the time, ordered its construction as an anti-invasion precaution. The Fort is a square building with two towering towers on each of its four corners. It is located on the banks of the Tapi River.

This fort, located around 4 kilometres from Surat Station, has been rebuilt to recover its previous glory. The fort ramparts provide excellent photo possibilities and are a must-see for history buffs.

Admire the statues of Radha, Krishna, Sita, Rama, and Laxman, which have been carve and gilded. You may also unwind and meditate on the temple’s tranquil surroundings.


Surat tourist attractions


Jain Temple of Chintamani

The Chintamani Jain Temple is a mediaeval temple in Surat, adjacent to Rani Talab. The walls of this 400-year-old Jain temple are adorn with vegetable dye paintings depicting Jain preacher Acharya Hemchandra, Solanki King, and King Kumarpala.

Bardoli, 35 kilometres from Surat, was an important political centre for India before independence. It is advise that you visit the Sardar Patel National Museum, the Khadi workshops, and the Swaraj Ashram and Garden. Gandhiji is credited with making the iconic proclamation under the Aitihasik Ambo mango tree that he would accept nothing less than democratic home rule for India.

Saint Kabir is said to have live on a small island named Kabirvad in Gujarat’s Bharuch region many hundred years ago. The island, which is located alongside the Narmada River, provides a calm retreat behind the massive Banyan tree canopy that Kabirvad is known for.




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