TDS on Rent: Definition, Rules, Payment Methods, And Ways to Pay TDS on Rent

Are you aware with the notion of TDS (tax deducted at source) on rent deductions? TDS may have been deducted in a variety of situations, including the sale of a home, a bank fixed deposit, your monthly pay, and so on. Do you, however, understand what TDS is and how it works?

Let us explain it in simple terms for you. TDS is a sort of income tax that is taken from your monthly rent payment. It is a notion that was created in order to collect taxes at the source of revenue.

In most cases, the person who receives the money is responsible to pay the income tax. However, the government ensures that income tax is withheld from your payments through TDS.

As a result, the income recipient receives the total sum (after the TDS deduction).

We’re here to help you understand how TDS on rent works for Indian residents, as well as how it’s calculated and paid by various taxpayer categories. Let’s start by understanding what TDS on rent is.


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What is TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) on Rent?

The Central Government of India adopted TDS, or Tax Deduction at Source, to collect taxes from the originating source of income. A person who is responsible to pay a certain amount to another person must make the tax deduction at the source and send the money to the Central Government account through any of the authorized bank branches, according to TDS on Rent – Section 194I.

TDS on Rent: Definition, Rules, Payment Methods,  And Ways to Pay TDS on Rent


TDS on Rent – Section 194I: Why Was It Introduced?

TDS on rent – Section 194I was adopted for a number of reasons.

  • Section 194-I of the Finance Act of 1994 dealt with the deduction of tax from rent.
  • The government also included a provision for rent income to be covered by a tax deduction at the source.

Let’s take a look at what Section 194-I rent is and how TDS on rent – Section 194I works.

What Would Section 194-I Rent Mean?

When we think about TDS on rent, we usually think of the rent of a dwelling. According to Section 194-I of the Income Tax Act, rent is a much broader phrase than you may imagine. It refers to a sum of money, referred to by any name that is paid in exchange for the use of a property, whether it is a tenancy, a lease, a sublease, or a portion of a contract.

  • Grow a plant (in any manufacturing or industrial facility)
  • Land
  • Constructing (including residential and commercial buildings)
  • Equipment (in offices, factories, buildings, etc.)
  • Fittings
  • Furniture
  • The necessary materials (such as desktops, laptops, network gadgets, tools, and other electric essentials)

The deposit money is not subject to TDS since the owner returns it when they vacate the premises or return assets if they are selling the property or finding a new renter. According to Section 194-I of the Income Tax Act, the deposit amount is not considered income.

TDS on Rent Regulations (Section 194-I)

Section 194I contains a number of important provisions relating to TDS on rent. All entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and self-employed professionals are subject to the laws and regulations that control the tax deduction on rental income.

  • TDS on rent is taken from the total due rent amount by the individual paying rent.
  • The amount of TDS deducted on rent must be remitted to the Central Government account.

TDS on rent is only deductible if the total payable rent for the current financial year exceeds Rs.2, 40,000.

Section 194-I TDS Rates on Rent

TDS is taken from rent payments at the time of payment. TDS rates on rent in FY 2021-22 are listed below.

Renting Types

TDS on Rent as a Percentage – Section 194-I


2% of the rent that must be paid


10%  of the rent that is due

Individuals and HUFs are not subject to tax audits.

If they pay more than Rs.50,000 in rent, they would be charge 5% or 3.75 percent of the rent due (depending upon their credit to the owner and the date of payment)


Who is responsible for deducting TDS from rent?

Section 194I contains a list of persons who are require to deduct TDS on rent.

  • People, with the exception of individuals and HUFs, who owe a sum in the form of rent to an Indian resident, must pay TDS on that rent, which must be deduct at the source.
  • TDS deduction on rent is applicable to HUFs or individuals who are subject to tax audits.

How Does TDS Work in Rent Calculation?

TDS on rent is deduct when a payment is made to the taxpayer. To be cover by the Income Tax Act, the taxpayer must be a resident of India. TDS on rent is compute in the same way for residential and commercial properties.

  • TDS on Residential Property Rent: TDS is deduct from HUFs/individuals whose rent exceeds Rs.50, 000 again for current financial year. Assume ABC lives in a private leased apartment with his family and pays a monthly fee of Rs.50,000 for the rental property. Because he is an individual, the 5% TDS on rent that applies to people is deductible for the fiscal year.

Examine how calculating TDS on rent will affect him.

5% of Rs. 50,000 divided by 12 equals Rs. 30,000.

TDS on Rent: Definition, Rules, Payment Methods,  And Ways to Pay TDS on Rent

  • TDS on Rent for a Commercial Property: If a company’s rent exceeds Rs.2, 40,000 for the current financial year, TDS on rent – Section 194I deduction applies. Assume that XYZ Company has hired a plant for Rs.50, 000 per month. TDS on rent of 2% will be deduct for the financial year because it is a commercial facility.

Examine how the company’s TDS on rent computation will function.

2 percent of 50,000 divided by 12 equals Rs. 12,000

Section 194I: Payments Cover by TDS on Rent

TDS on rent – Section 194I is applicable to all rent payments in excess of Rs.2, 40,000 each financial year. For a better understanding, see the list below.

TDS on Rent on Building/Furniture: TDS on rent will be applicable solely on the amount of building rent if both the building and the furniture have been rent by two distinct owners.

TDS on Rent on a Manufacturing Building: Rent on a factory building might be earn as commercial revenue or as rental income. If you believe it to be an income from a company, the TDS on the rental revenue will be deduct simply as advance tax from the source.

TDS on Rent with Service Costs: If you run a shopping mall or any other form of business center, the service charges you receive will be factor into your TDS on rent liability. This is because, under TDS on Rent – Section 194-I, the service fee will also be classified as rent.

TDS on Rent Not Being Paid Every Month: Rent is usually paid or receive on a monthly basis. If you pay your rent according to a different rental schedule, however, the TDS on rent will be charge proportionately.

TDS on Rent Payment Form

On the Income Tax Department’s Tax Information Network website, here’s how to discover and fill out the TDS for rent form.

  1. Go to the Website: First, go to the Income Tax Department’s Tax Information Network website and scroll down to discover the fast connections.
  2. Select the Category: On the left side of the screen, select ‘Tax Payments Quick Links’ and then ‘TDS on Rent of Property’ from the Quick Links list.
  3. Find another Quick Link: Clicking this link will take you to the ‘TDS on Property Rent’ page. To get the TDS for rent form, go to ‘Online Form for Furnishing TDS on Rent of Property (Form 26QC)’.
  4. Locate the Form: On the next page, you’ll find a collection of forms under the ‘TDS on Rent of Property’ category. Select ‘TDS on Rent of Property (Form 26QC)’ from the drop-down menu.
  5. Fill out the Form: A form will appear on your screen. Provide all needed information about your property, including its address, tax payment, and more.
  6. Submit the Form: Once you’ve completed the form, you may submit it and pay the tax as directed on the website.

TDS on Rent Payment in Other Ways

There are a number of straightforward ways to make TDS on rent payments without difficulty.

TDS on rent may be paid online through your bank

Net Banking: To make a TDS on Rent payment using Net Banking, you must first log into your bank’s online banking account using your unique banking credentials. The option for this may be found in the Payments section. You’ll be given a Challan Identification Number, which you may use to monitor the progress of your payment later. If you have any questions, you may contact your bank for further information.

Mobile Banking: Some banks offer the ability to deduct TDS from rent payments using their mobile banking application. The procedure is nearly identical for both Net Banking and Mobile banking online banking sites. Simply log in to the mobile app with your unique banking credentials and go to the Payments area to see the TDS on Rent payment option. You may also verify with your bank to see whether this is the case.

Pay TDS on Rent using Offline Cash from Your Bank: To make your TDS on rent payment, go to any of your bank’s branches and pay cash at the counter. Make certain you receive a receipt for your tax payment.

Cheque: In just a few minutes, you may go to your bank and pay your TDS with a cheque. You must make the check payable to the Internal Revenue Service. Don’t forget to save a copy of the payment receipt.

NEFT/RTGS: You can deposit your TDS on rent at your bank’s branch using the NEFT/RTGS payment mechanism. For the payment to be processes, you must fill out a brief form and present it at the bank counter.

Section 194I sets a deadline for paying TDS on rent

Section 194I specifies the time restriction for submitting TDS on rent

On the Government’s Behalf: The taxpayer must pay TDS on rent on the same day if the payment is made by or on behalf of the government (without using any challan form).

Non-Government Transactions: If a taxpayer engages in non-government transactions, he or she must pay TDS on rent within 7 days of the end of the month in which the deduction is made, and the tax must be paid with an Income-tax Challan.

In March: If the deductible rental amount is credit or paid in March, the taxpayer must pay TDS on rent by April 30.

Other Situations: In all other situations, the taxpayer must pay TDS on rent within seven days of the end of the month in which the deduction is made.

When TDS on Rent isn’t require

TDS on rent is not deduct in the following situations.

Rent Not Exceeding Rs.2, 40,000 Per Year: You do not have to pay TDS on rent if the total amount payable for the financial year does not exceed Rs.2, 40,000. This is the new capping, which was formerly Rs.1, 80,000.

Individuals or Hindu Undivided Families pay rent: Individuals and HUFs who are not subject to tax audits are not liable for any deductions under TDS on Rent – Section 194IB if the rent paid is less than Rs. 50,000 per month.

When Making a Payment to the Government: According to TDS on rent – Section 194I, a person who pays tax to the government is not obligate to deduct tax at source. As a result, contributions paid to municipal or statutory bodies are free from TDS.

When an agreement specifies otherwise: In the event of a film distributor (or film exhibitor) who does not lease the cinema building or enter into any other similar deal. As a result, the payment paid is not a rental payment.

What Happens If Rent TDS Isn’t Deduct?

Examine the ramifications of failing to pay your TDS on time to the government.

Some taxpayers who are subject to TDS on rent deduction fail to deduct or pay their taxes on time. They must pay a monthly interest rate of 1% from the month TDS on rent was apply to the month it is being deduct.

If a taxpayer has deduct TDS on rent but has not paid it to the government on time, he or she would be require to pay 1.5 percent interest each month from the month TDS on rent was deduct to the month it is paid.

NRIs pay TDS on their rent

TDs on rent rates are a little more to be paid to a non-resident Indian owner, according to Section 195 of the Indian Income Tax Act. The renter must pay a 30% TDS deduction rate to the owner who lives outside of India yet owns a property in India.

A Tax Deduction Account Number is require to pay TDS on rent to non-resident Indian owners (TAN). The Income Tax Department of India can issue a TAN, which is a 10-digit alpha-numeric account number. People who are in charge of collecting the tax amount from the originating source might receive the account number.

If the taxpayer fails to pay the TDS on time, the corresponding penalties depending on the prevalent provision must be paid.

What are the Consequences of TDS Deduction for the Owner and Tenant?

TDS deductions by tenants lower an owner’s overall tax burden, as evidenced by their ITRs. On the other hand, it makes no change to a tenant’s normal tax burden. Tenants must, however, guarantee that the TDS amount is deduct and paid to the revenue agency on time.

Tenants should be aware of the TDS on Rent

  • If you pay a monthly rent of more than Rs.50, 000 as an individual or a HUF, you must pay TDS.
  • Obtain the property owner’s Permanent Account Number and verify it with an authentic document.
  • Carefully read all of the rental agreement’s terms and conditions.
  • Make that the TDS rate of 5% is accurately deduct based on the payment date.
  • To prevent rejection, complete the online TDS form with all of the necessary information. This saves you the trouble of having to fill out the form again.
  • Know that if the proprietor is a non-resident Indian, a tax liability arises under Section 195 of the Income Tax Act of 1961.
  • Remember to download and complete the TDS certificate in Form 16C in a timely manner, and to provide it to the owner within 15 days after the challan-cum-statement furnishing due date shown in Form 26QC.

Owners should keep the following points in mind when it comes to TDS on rent

  • Before renting your home to a renter, check their records and tax payment history.
  • Provide the renter with the right PAN card information so that they may complete Form 16C correctly.
  • Include tax-related terms and conditions in the rental agreement.
  • Examine your Form 26AS Annual Tax Statement for evidence of the tenant’s tax deposit.
  • Obtain a copy of the Form 16C that the tenant got from the TRACES website from the tenant.

TDS on Rent: Key Takeaways

  • Make sure you pay your TDS on rent on time to avoid paying extra interest and incurring costly late fees.
  • When calculating the tax amount, take care and do it correctly.
  • Before paying the TDS on rent, always double-check the numbers on a government portal.
  • TDS does not apply to some amounts, such as ground rent or municipal taxes.




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