Is It Possible To Keep Tenants In C1 Buildings In Mumbai?

Tenants In C1 Buildings In Mumbai- The Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is in charge of building maintenance, making sure that residents are safe. The authority divided residential construction into a number of groups, including decaying C1 structures. C1 buildings are not the best choices for those looking for housing given their current state. This blog discusses the safety of residents in buildings classified as C1 and the opinions of the judiciary.

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The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) designates C1 structures that pose a risk to public safety each year prior to the onset of the monsoon season. The authorities are requesting that people leave these shaky buildings so they can be demolished. Many residents, especially those who have resided in these buildings for decades, refuse to vacate the premises despite the serious risks involved. This circumstance brings to light the difficulties that the citizens and the government face.

The risks that could affect the tenants of the C1 building are examined in the article below, along with the high court’s ruling to guarantee their safety.


What is a C1 category building in BMC?

Buildings in Mumbai are routinely inspected by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), and when a structure is designated as C1, the BMC evacuates and demolishes it to avoid any possible mishaps. According to the BMC categorization, a building in the C1 category is one that is too risky for habitation. The public’s and residents’ safety is seriously jeopardized by these buildings. To find out the safety status of your building, go to the BMC website and look through the list of C1 category buildings in Mumbai.


Can you retain tenants in the C1 category building?

C1 category buildings are thought to be exceedingly unsafe and unsuited for habitation due to their bad state. In order to prevent untimely and unfortunate building collapses, BMC has established standards prohibiting tenants from occupying such structures and advising them to depart immediately.

The BMC gives notifications to tenants telling them to vacate the property. To protect their safety, the BMC is able to evict renters who refuse to leave on their own. In fact, disobeying the orders may result in legal action being taken against property owners or landlords.


High Court Order on BMC’s C1 Category Buildings

The High Court rendered a significant decision concerning Mumbai’s C1 category buildings on March 20, 2023. The 2018 Guidelines, which BMC released in 2018, were the focal point of the court proceedings. It said that prior to starting any redevelopment, approval from all renters and occupiers is necessary. The court did clarify that this is not required, though. As per the recent order by the court, the BMC can commence construction if between 51 and 70 percent of the tenants consent to the renovation.

This implies that renovation projects can go faster and more easily without requiring the consent of each and every tenant. The ruling guaranteed that, in order to increase safety and prevent accidents, unsafe buildings should be dealt with as away.

In conclusion, resolving the C1 category building issue is essential to safeguarding Mumbai inhabitants’ safety and wellbeing. Although BMC makes every effort to prevent accidents, there are obstacles to overcome because the tenants are uncooperative. But the High Court’s notice for Mumbai’s C1 structures gave BMC the authority to rebuild and create safer living spaces. The requirement for safe and reasonably priced housing in Mumbai, the dream city, is met by the preservation and upkeep of the housing stock.



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