Thane 2022 Ready Reckoner Rate

Thane, also known as the ‘City of Lakes,’ is a Maharashtra city. Upvan Lake, Talao Pali Lake, Kopineshwar Mandir, and Sanjay Gandhi National Park are among the various recreational places in this Konkan district. The city is very well for the recreation attractions including its growing real estate developments. There have been a number of reasons for this, such as lower custom duties and quick reckoner or circular prices.

Thane 2022 Ready Reckoner Rate

A Ready Reckoner rate is a property’s base price above which no transaction can take place. In addition, the ready reckoner rate in Thane aids in the calculation of stamp duty and registration fees. Stamp duty and registration fees in Maharashtra are currently set at 5% and 1%, respectively.

In this blog, we’ve discussed ready reckoner rates in Thane, presented rates for various localities and types of property, and discussed well how to verify ready reckoner rates in Thane, among many other things.

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What is Thane’s Ready Reckoner Rate?

The Maharashtra government sets the ready reckoner rate in Thane every year on December 31. These rates apply for a calendar year, from April 1 to March 31. The Maharashtra Stamp Act and the Maharashtra Stamp Rule, 1995, have been used to determine the rates.

Rate of a ready reckoner A thane is a price value below where a property transaction is not possible. Accordingly, a house buyer can register a protest under the RERA Act if this is done. Any such incident would result in serious penalties for the seller. The rates depend on the location and property type. Thane district includes Kalyan, Murbad, Bhiwandi, Shahapur, Ulhasnagar, Ambarnath, and other cities.

Thane 2022 Ready Reckoner Rate


What will Thane’s Ready Reckoner Rate be in 2022?

Every location and property type in Thane has a separate ready reckoner rate. When comparing posh areas to developing ones, for example, the rates are greater in business districts. Similarly, ready reckoner rates are greater for commercial properties and lower for residential homes. The current ready reckoner price in Thane for apartments and flats, residential land, office space, and stores, according to the Maharashtra government’s latest updates, has been:

Type of Property

Thane’s Ready Reckoner Rate


Range from Rs.2190 to Rs.35840.

(Flat+Plot) Residential

Range from Rs 33700 to Rs 84800.

Space for work

Range from Rs.37400 to Rs.105100.


Range from Rs.42000 to Rs.157800.


Range from Rs.37100 to Rs.105300.


Thane District’s Ready Reckoner Rate

You must have observed the price difference between the various properties in Thane due to various ready reckoner rates. The rates for several cities in the Thane district are listed below.


Land Rate  (per sq meter)




(Rate of construction + land in rupees per square meter built-up)





(Rate of construction + land in rupees per square meter built-up)




(Rate of construction + land in rupees per square meter built-up)





(Rate of construction + land in rupees per square meter built-up)



Rs 10900


Rs 40500


Rs 47800


Rs 57100


Rs 47800



Rs 2190


Rs 32600


Rs 37200


Rs 45000


Rs 37400



Rs 3450


Rs 36400


Rs 43000


Rs 50000


Rs 42100



Rs 12800


Rs 42500


Rs 49600


Rs 78300


Rs 49600



Rs 8990


Rs 46600


Rs 51600


Rs 60700


Rs 51900



Rs 30500


Rs 69200


Rs 77800


Rs 107900


Rs 77700


Rs 44200


Rs 83700


Rs 105300


Rs 147700


Rs 105300



Rs 9370


Rs 43300


Rs 51500


Rs 65200


Rs 54200



Rs 5810


Rs 39900


Rs 44500


Rs 52900


Rs 44500


Nizampur City

Rs 8900


Rs 34600


Rs 40300


Rs 52700


Rs 40300



Rs 26400


Rs 61000


Rs 71200


Rs 86200


Rs 71400


Mira Bhayndar

Rs 35830


Rs 74700


Rs 90200


Rs 117600


Rs 90100



What Are the Best Ways to Find Ready Reckoner Rates in Thane?

You should process known the ready reckoner rate of the area where you wish to buy a house when buying it. The Maharashtra government has set up an online portal to verify ready reckoner rates in any area. On the Maharashtra Department of Registration and Stamps webpage, a property buyer can check the rates. At this time to make the website more user-friendly, the department gives information both in Marathi and English. The Sub-office registrar can also provide information on the ready reckoner rate in Thane. Follow the steps below to check the rates just on the internet:-


Step 1: go to the official website Just go Web Sites once you’ve registered at the website.

Step 2: On the home page, under ‘Internet Service,’ select the ‘e-ASR’ tab section. Once you click, you’ll be presented with options including such About, Procedure, User’s Guide, and FAQs. Now choose Finish from the drop-down menu. You can also use the User Guide if you need assistance with the Process.

Step 3: You’ll be taken to a new website where you may see a map of Maharashtra. Then select Thane.

Step 4: From the drop-down menu, choose Taluka and Village. Rates for ready reckoners in Thane will be displayed immediately.


Factors Affecting Thane’s Ready Reckoner Rate

As stated previously, varying speeds apply to various areas due to factors such as facilities provided, real estate market value, and building type. The following factors have an impact on the rates:-

  • The ready reckoner rate in Thane is categorized into three parts: urban, influence, and rural. They are even further divided into subareas. Ready reckoner rates are much higher in urban locations, while they are lower than the national average.
  • Rates vary according to the type of property. Commercial spaces, including such shops and offices, are much more costly, but domestic spaces, including such plots/flats or apartments, are less expensive.
  • The ready reckoner rate is influenced heavily by facilities. The rates are higher in areas with nearby amenities such as hospitals, schools, supermarkets, swimming pools, gyms, etc.


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