Thane Property Registration : Online Procedure & Fees

To establish clear ownership rights, every property purchased must be registered with the appropriate jurisdictional authority. After paying a stamp duty and registration fee, a property in Thane can be registered at the sub-office. registrar’s The following are the steps involved in Thane property registration and the fees borne by the buyer.

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All property transactions in India must be registere under the Registration Act of 1908. To obtain property rights, it is necessary to record the transfer of immovable assets. In Thane, the documents required for registering a property deed must be submitted to the Registrar’s office within four months of the date of registration, according to Section 25 of the Maharashtra Registration Act. In the event of noncompliance, a fine of ten times the property registration fee is impose.


Thane property registration procedure

Follow the steps below to register a sale deed in Thane.


Step 1

To register a property in Thane, go to the Department of Registration and Stamps’ website, e-GRAS. Log in with your registered username and password. Click ‘pay without registration’ if you are not a registered user.


Step 2

After clicking the ‘Pay Without Registration’ button on the portal, select the type of user and the payments you want to make. Individual homebuyers should choose the ‘Citizen’ option. To proceed, select either the ‘pay stamp duty and registration fees together’ or ‘pay stamp duty only’ option.


Step 3

On the following page, there will be a form. The form is divided into seven sections.

A) Department information: Choose the district and sub-office registrar’s for your property.

B) Payment information: Include the stamp duty and registration fee.

C) Information about the first party: Please provide your name, PAN, and mobile number.

D) Information about the second party: Provide the seller’s name and PAN.

E) Property information: Enter the property’s flat/survey number, locality or road, area/city, and pincode.

F) Property valuation information: Enter the property’s agreed-upon value.

G) Payment mode: Choose a payment method from the list. Once completed, print the stamp duty and registration fee challan from the website and bring it with you to the execution.

H) Once you have paid the stamp duty and registration fee, the property registration process is complete. The authority also issues a certified copy of the registered document within 45 days.


Thane Property Registration: Deed Execution

You can get a challan online in addition to paying the stamp duty and registration fees through the Mahakosh portal. On the homepage, click ‘Search Challan’ and enter the necessary information.

To register a property sale, take the seller, two witnesses, and the necessary documents to the specified sub-office. registrar’s You must also present the challan during the execution of the deed.


The following documents are require to register the sale deed:

  • ·         Certificate of Encumbrance
  • ·         An original copy of the sale contract
  • ·         The buyer, seller, and two witnesses must provide photo identification in the form of a voter’s ID, Adhaar card, or passport.
  • ·         a copy of the municipal tax bill indicating the year the property was built
  • ·         PAN card copies for the seller and buyer
  • ·         The buyer’s, seller’s, and two witnesses’ thumb impressions or signatures


Thane Property Registration: What are Thane’s stamp duty and registration fees?

Stamp duty and registration fees in Thane are 7% and 6% for male and female buyers, respectively. This includes a 1% local body tax, a 1% metro cess, and a 5% to 6% stamp duty charge.

The Maharashtra government passed a bill on March 23, 2022, extending the stamp duty waiver for resale properties to three years. Thus, for the next three years, stamp duty in Maharashtra will be paid only on the difference in the price of a property rather than the entire amount.

Property registration is require when purchasing a home. A certified copy of the sale deed establishes ownership rights and provides protection in the event of a dispute. As a result, paying attention to the registration process and accounting for the stamp duty and registry fee is critical.


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