The 10 Best Locations Near Top Schools in Mumbai

Check out these areas of Mumbai for families with kids, close to some of the best schools in the city.

1 bhk flats for rent in kharghar, There is no doubt that Mumbai is one of the most famous cities in India, despite the crowded streets and sky-high real estate prices. The lack of land has led to an increase in the value of real estate in the city, which today has become inaccessible to many middle-class families.

The 10 Best Locations Near Top Schools in Mumbai

However, many families still choose to live close to schools and schools to save time and not overburden their children with travel time. So if you are planning to renovate your home and move to areas with good schools, here is’s list of the best places to live in Mumbai for families with children:

Sick Average property price in Malada: Rs 14,799 per square foot.

There are some good schools in Malada that you might want to consider such as Children’s Academy, Mahindra Academy, Carmel of Saint Joseph etc. The area has good residential complexes and other recreational options, making it a great place for a day out. your child is more productive. Aksa Beach is nearby, where ferries leave for Esselworld and the Water Kingdom.


Average property value in Goregaon: Rs 16,588 per square foot.

Goregaon has several outstanding schools such as Ryan International and St John Universal School. The district also has residential complexes of the middle and elite segment, as well as numerous green spaces. If you are inclined to international educational standards, Goregaon is the best place for your housing needs. There are also several colleges and other attractions such as Cinema City and Aari Colony.


Average price of real estate in Matunga: Rs 32,327 per square foot.

It is one of Mumbai’s exclusive suburban neighborhoods, home to many excellent schools including Don Bosco High School, home to prominent figures such as Azim Premji and Boman Irani. In addition, there is also the Shishuwan School, which is not inferior to others in terms of learning and life skills for young students.

This suburb is full of excellent educational institutions and is home to Mumbai’s premier engineering college, the Weermata Jijabai Institute of Technology (VJTI). In terms of residential area, Matunga has a number of residential developments offering spacious 2BHK ideal for family needs. A number of new housing co-ops are also emerging in the region to meet your additional needs.and open space and area.


Average real estate price in Thane: Rs 11,303 per square foot.

If you feel comfortable moving to more remote suburbs with more greenery, spacious homes, and good schools, there is no better area than Thane. When it comes to studying, Tan is a popular destination. Schools like Sulochana Devi Singhania School and Hiranandani School are ranked among the top 20 schools in Mumbai and are great choices for providing a better future and brighter mind for your children.

With metro connections and the emergence of new entertainment and leisure centers in Thane, the area is preferred by families looking to enjoy luxury at an affordable price compared to Mumbai. The neighborhood is developing rapidly and can offer you a good profit if you plan to renovate it again in the future.


Average property price in Mazgaon: Rs 27,884 per square foot.

Mazgaon is one of those regions which has good schools in Mumbai. This includes St Peter’s School, St Mary’s School and the Fazlani The Global Academy. There are several residential complexes in the area offering 2BHK and 3BHK apartments at prices ranging from Rs 1.5 to 3.4 crore.

The area is well connected with other parts of Mumbai, making it a favorite destination for families with children. The area has all the amenities that make it one of the best residential areas in Mumbai.

The 10 Best Locations Near Top Schools in Mumbai


Average property price in Mahim: Rs 29,413 per square foot.

This region is known for its famous Scottish School of Bombay. This school is ranked fourth on the list of the best schools in Mumbai. This is another reason why families choose to stay in and around Mahima. There is Swami Vivekananda’s Garden, Mahim Road, Paradise Cinema and many other attractions that ensure that no aspect of life is left unexplored for children. Although Mahim lacks open space, the beach in the immediate vicinity satisfies this need.

Santa cruz

Average property price in Santacruz: Rs 33,602 per square foot.

A very popular school group was born in Santacruz. Poddar International School, one of the most famous and renowned schools, offers an excellent education and ensures the all-round development of its students. Right in the city center, Santacruz has excellent connections to all other places in Mumbai, and the transport options ensure that getting between home and school is easy.

This area was once considered one of the most expensive residential areas in Mumbai. There are several stylish apartment buildings in the area, where spacious 3BHK and 4BHK are available for a starting price of Rs 3.5 crore.

Juhu, vile speech

Average property price in Juhu: Rs. 46,690 per square foot.

This area can be considered as the educational center of Mumbai. Owning some of the most beautiful and renowned colleges in Mumbai, Jamnabhai Narzee and Utpal Sangui, a group of UCMC institutes is located in this highly literate and lifestyle-offering location. wonderful.

The region has many open spaces, playgrounds and gardens, as well as a great learning environment with many classrooms close to schools for children to excel in all areas. The popular seaside resort of Juhu also has excellent dining and entertainment options. As one of Mumbai’s upmarket neighborhoods, Juhu accommodation options start at Rs 6 crore for a 2BHK apartment.

Strong Average rate for properties in the Forth: Rs 41,600 per square foot.

The fort is also considered one of the exclusive residential areas and has two of the best ICSE schools in Mumbai: Campion School and JB Petit High School for girls. Ranked among the top 10 schools in Mumbai, these leading institutions are enhancing lifestyles in the region.

You should definitely consider this place if you want to enjoy Mumbai and city an elegant lifestyle. This makes it possible to live in South Mumbai, where you can find many gardens, several large museums, etc., while being close to city offices.

Bandra Kurla Complex

Average property prices at Bandra Kurla, Bandra East: Rs 32,648 per square foot.

Often referred to as one of the best places to live in Mumbai, the Bandra Kurla complex in the east of Bandra has earned its reputation for having one of India’s top schools, the Dhirubhai Ambani School. In addition to this fact, it is a lively area with many commercial and sophisticated buildings, making it the perfect combination of employment opportunities, community living and excellent education.

Plus, Bandra is one of the most popular destinations where you can find tons of coaching activities, activity centers, gardens and playgrounds to make sure kids grow well in all aspects. …


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