The Colonial Era Has Influenced Modern Interior Design Trends

Colonial Influenced : The British Empire covere Africa, India, Asia, the South Pacific, and North America, colonists were expose to a wide range of architectural influences. These overseas stays influence the development of what is now known as the British Colonial style. Colonial style is being welcome with open arms by the latest home design ideas for 2022.


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Window shutters, the distinctive overlay of thin wood pieces, and massive front porches, either entirely on the front of the house or wrap-around porches, are some of the British colonial facade’s highlights! Bevelled edges on walls and furniture, attractive designs for sofas, chairs, and coffee tables, and pricey artwork on the walls are all part of the interior design.

The calm settings and dark furnishings of British Colonial design produced a considerable influence, mostly reacting to local themes and conditions to integrate traditional British furniture with the new empire. Warm textures, superbly carve wood furniture, and light and open atmospheres were use to create pleasantly sophisticate spaces with a tinge of formality.


The well-traveled look is still popular in today’s houses. Here are seven ideas for adding a bit of British Colonial style to your home:


1) High ceilings: Colonial Influenced 

 Colonial-style high ceilings are gaining popularity in today’s interior design trends. Because hot air rises and cold air falls, most British colonial residences have high ceilings, which naturally cool the interiors during the hot and humid Indian summer. Colonial architecture is frequently influence by traditional Greek and French aristocratic forms. Ornate dado rails and panelling are typical in these homes, with plaster and painted wood mouldings. Gentle, beautiful, and unsaturate colours should be use.


The Colonial Era Has Influenced Modern Interior Design Trends


2) Pastel colours are making a comeback:  Colonial Influenced 

To create a psychologically soothing environment, the walls are painted white or pastel. These colours reflect heat while creating a light and airy atmosphere. Light and neutral colours are used to paint the interior walls in the traditional British Colonial style. These bright colours aid in coping with the heat of the tropics. Pale peaches or pinks, mellow greens, pastel blues, yellows, browns, and taupes are the most common colours.


The Colonial Era Has Influenced Modern Interior Design Trends

3) Shutter windows or doors that go all the way up to the ceiling:

In addition, in British colonial homes, arched floor-to-ceiling windows or doorways are common. The large windows let in plenty of natural light and allow for excellent cross-ventilation. Window shutters aren’t only for show; they also assist manage winds, keep storms at bay, and keep the tropical heat at bay. These are created from locally source timbers that may be paint or left unfinished.


The Colonial Era Has Influenced Modern Interior Design Trends


4) Plaster and painted wood mouldings: Colonial Influenced 

 In colonial-style homes, plaster and paint wood mouldings are widely employed. Ornate dado rails, panelling, picture rails, cornices, and crown moulding are common wall features. The majority of the mouldings are paint in an off-white hue. To create a genuine Colonial home, cover your walls with these beautiful decorations. You’ll be blown away by how well these decorative arcs function.


5) Antiques and Artefacts: Colonial Influenced 

Antiques and artefacts are abundant in colonial homes. More premium models may include ornately carved and curved legs, while more rustic forms may feature large rectangular plank boards. In colonial-style historic homes, there is a lot of wood, and the furniture is almost always well-made. Avoid overcrowding since this trend is anything but clumsy.



6) Furniture: Colonial Influenced 

The bold and formal forms of the Victorian era are making a comeback in the newest trends. Dark woods and twisted components are use in the furniture, which have a British formality about them. A four-poster bed is a must-have for any British colonial décor enthusiast’s home. The curtain on these beds is made of light-weight cotton, linen, or silk and has animal and botanical motifs, ikats, paisleys, and batiks for a timeless colonial appeal.


The Colonial Era Has Influenced Modern Interior Design Trends

7) Plants are the show-stoppers: Colonial Influenced 

Native flora sparked colonial attention, and this tendency has somehow persisted in current interior styles as well. With potted plants, ferns, and palms, the tropics’ extraordinary beauty finds its way into these gorgeous homes. The foliage of the potted plants gives the rooms a fresh look. It also stands out against the white walls, dark wood furniture, and dark wood floors. Cane chairs are a low-cost piece of furniture that can help you get a British Colonial look in your home.


The Colonial Era Has Influenced Modern Interior Design Trends


Your go-to colonial interior design advice:

  • We’ve developed a list of essential styling ideas that will convert your house into a colonial masterpiece once you’ve settled on your colours and textures.
  • All of the furniture is made of rattan and teak! Aim for a combination of soft-toned light rattan and neutral-toned warm brown wood. In a colonial-style home, plantation day beds are also a must-have.
  • Plants are necessary in the home. To go with the browns, leather, and rattan, add some rich dark green indoor plants. For individuals who don’t want to deal with the upkeep of genuine plants, artificial foliage works just as well.
  • The white walls are complement by dark shutters. To frame your windows, use dark wood panelling, white billowing drapes, and dark brown shutters.

Colonial Influenced

  • Check to see whether the rooms are comfortable. The use of huge, opulent armchairs and couches creates a more pleasant and welcome atmosphere in the living room.
  • There should be a cushion on everything. Use quirky patterned pillows on couches, armchairs, and rockers to liven up your living spaces with a variety of cushions to truly attract attention.
  • Take, for example, flowers. You’d want to decorate your home with floral arrangements. It makes no difference if they’re genuine or not; the objective is that you want to bring some flair to any space.
  • Patterned lampshades and decorations To add subtle colour to any setting, utilise patterned or coloured lighting or décor. It also provides a number of interesting discussion starters for use around the house.
  • In the bathroom and kitchen, go for solid-colored cabinets and worktops! To add more colour, choose coloured cabinets from the palette above.

Finally, are you a fan of Colonial architecture? Or do you intend to change your home design style? What other features do you think may add to a property’s British colonial charm? If you’re feeling inspire, we’re thrill to have been able to help! Please let us know in the comments section below.



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