The Rectification Deed: Everything You Need To Know

Real estate purchases require a lot of laborious paperwork, which might result in small mistakes. However, if these mistakes are not fixed right away, the validity of the documents may be questioned. Such inaccuracies in real estate documentation can be fix by buyers and sellers using a rectification deed. Continue reading to learn more about rectification deeds and how to fix such errors.

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You must have a rectification deed (or deed of rectification) prepared and recorded whenever you discover an error in your sale deed or any other property-related document. This is the accepted legal procedure to repair these mistakes. The correction deed is explained in detail below:


What exactly is a rectification deed?

You can repair any flaws or mistakes in legal documents like sale deeds and title deeds by using a rectification deed. A rectification deed, confirmation deed, additional deed, or amendment deed are all terms use to describe it. According to Section 17 of the Indian Registration Act of 1908, rectification deeds are a valid means of fixing mistakes in legal documents. It needs to be register to become enforceable by law.


The rectification deed’s provisions

The rectification deed must specify the persons engaged in the transaction together with the specifics of the original title. The errors that need to be fixed should also be mentioned. Additionally, it will be necessary for both parties to guarantee that the sale deed’s original structure and content have not been altered.


What circumstances necessitate the usage of a rectification deed?

There is a lot of information in the property acquisition agreements, so any small inaccuracies, such as typos or math mistakes, must be correct right away to avoid any ownership challenges. An rectification deed can be made to do this. In addition to typos, the sale deed may need to be amend by adding crucial information or omitting unimportant aspects, in which case a supplementary deed is necessary. The registration of a rectification deed would be barre by legal mistakes or unauthorize changes to the original deed. Similar to this, one must make sure that neither party’s interests are change in the rectification document.


How is a rectification deed registered?

A sub-registrar will only approve your request for rectification if he is persuade that the original document include an error. Both parties to the contract must consent to the revisions request and appear in person at the sub-office registrar’s in order for the rectification deed to be register. Both parties specifically relate to the buyer & vendor. If the prior owner(s) have passed away, you can make amends by getting in touch with their rightful heirs. A rectification deed without a sale is however conceivable with the supporting documentation the sub-registrar requests if you are unable to locate the legal heir.


A rectification deed’s scope and restrictions

Errors that a rectification deed can fix

  • Spelling errors
  • Typing errors
  • Repetitions
  • Number errors
  • Sentence structure that is complex


The rectification deed’s restrictions

  • It cannot be use to alter the documents’ legal terms, such as the nature of the transaction or the initial intents of both parties.
  • Errors that are the sub-responsibility registrar’s
  • Changes in property location lead to shifts in jurisdiction.
  • Stamp duty mistakes


A rectification deed’s charges

A correction deed can be register at the sub-office registrar’s for a charge of Rs 100. This is only accurate if the original documents only have a few minor typographical or spelling errors. The office may demand greater fees and classify the transaction as a new one if the document needs to be alter significantly.


How long does it take to complete a rectification deed?

The law does not define within what time ranges an inaccuracy or mistake in any document should be repaire, according to Sanjeev Chanda, attorney, Meghalaya High Court. Imagine if one of the parties to the transaction learns that the title document contains errors or other discrepancies. In that scenario, they should alert the other party to the error and have it fixed by drafting a rectification deed.

It is crucial to get problems fix as soon as possible because these documents serve as evidence of your ownership over an asset. If the errors are not fix, your status as the owner may be in jeopardy.


How do you draught a deed of rectification?

At the office of the sub registrar

Both parties must physically show up at the sub-office registrar’s where the sale deed was previously register if they discover an inaccuracy. They must submit a request for document revisions to the official along with any necessary supporting evidence. Both parties will also be require to produce two witnesses each for the registration of the rectification deed if significant changes to the original document are necessary.


Online procedure

Online execution of a rectification deed is another option. You must go to the State Land Revenue Department’s website to get the process starts.


Here are some official sites for States





Tamil Nadu:




Many legal phrases are unfamiliar to the majority of us. Therefore, mistakes could be made in the act. Therefore, a correction deed can be create to fix these mistakes. To avoid such errors when creating the selling deed, you can also seek advice from an expert.



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