Thinking Of Getting A Pet Animal? Consider These Vaastu Animals For Your Home

Vaastu Animals For Your Home: Are you more of a dog or cat person? Or perhaps you simply want to know more about having dogs at home. In any event, you need to be aware of the Vastu advantages that pets may bring to your house.

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  • Vaastu Secrets about keeping a Pet in Your home
  • Setting Up Your Pet’s Home? Keep These 4 Things in Mind
  • Vastu Animals for Your Home: Pet-Specific Vastu Guidelines


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Creating a Home for Your Pet? Remember These 4 Things

Are you concerned about where your pet should live? Here are some ideas to think about:


Thinking Of Getting A Pet Animal? Consider These Vaastu Animals For Your Home

Vaastu Animals For Your Home: Say No to South

  • Avoid establishing a housing or resting area for your pet in the southern Direction (South East and South West). These corners might give your pet a restless or sick feeling, according to Vaastu.
  • Choose North, East, or West instead; these directions will keep your pet happy and well-behaved at all times.
  • This advice is particularly crucial if you want to bring a cat or dog into your home.


Vaastu Animals For Your Home: Elements Come First

Before deciding where to place your cat’s cushion or bird enclosure, make sure the area is well-ventilated and well-lit from the outside.

Natural lighting and ventilation will take care of half of your task, which will make animals happier when they can eat, breathe, and sleep comfortably. Be mindful of the many microclimates in your house. You don’t want your pet to experience extremes of heat or cold since those conditions will hurt them in the long term.


Vaastu Animals For Your Home: Keep windows and balconies closed.

It’s possible that your dogs are less aware of open windows and doors than you are. Make sure all windows and doors are covered with safety netting to prevent the dread of your pet dog or cat leaping from a height.


Talk to a Few Pet Owners that You Know

  • It might be a great burden to care for a pet if you’ve never done it before.
  • Consult with your friends who have owned dogs so that you aren’t taken by surprise by the obligations. Even think about getting advice from your neighbourhood vet.



Animals for Your Home Using Vastu: Pet-Specific Vastu Instructions

Here are certain animal-specific Vastu rules that you must abide by if you own a pet animal.

  1. The best location for your pet dog’s kennel according to dog vaastu shaktra

  • Dogs are wonderful home companions since they are among the most devoted and protective animals.
  • The best fortunes and Vaastu advantages can also be retrieve by a person’s best buddy.
  • Install the dog kennel or cage nearer to the front door of your house if you’re building one.
  • This will guarantee that your pet has socialisation chances in addition to safeguarding your house from intruders, resulting in a pet that is happier, healthier, and well-behaved.
  • Place the kennel nearer to your house’s northeast corner. This corner is said to be more Vastu-friendly.


  1. Fishes for Vastu: The Best Aquarium Position

If you choose to keep fish as pets, make sure your aquarium is located in the northeast corner of your home. A longer and healthier life is correlated with having an aquarium in the northeast corner of your home.


  1. The ideal location to keep pet birds.

  • In general, keeping birds in cages is seen as harsh, which may have bad vaastu effects. Therefore, if you were to raise birds, make sure they were in an adequate-sized cage so they could fly around, feed, and rest.
  • As long as you take into account your living space and financial constraints, parrots, budgerigars, and lovebirds are all beneficial for your home in terms of vaastu.
  • Keep the enclosure in an area with good airflow and natural lighting.
  • Put a drinking water basin made of soil in the southeast corner of your bird cage.

Thinking Of Getting A Pet Animal? Consider These Vaastu Animals For Your Home


  1. Considering Vaastu When Having Pet Cows, Horses, and Rabbits


According to Sanatana Dharma, the cow is regarded as the mata (mother). Cows in your home can put a stop to melancholy and grief.

Thinking Of Getting A Pet Animal? Consider These Vaastu Animals For Your Home


These creatures stand for power, independence, and freedom. Horses are said to have the power to bring success into a person’s life in both vaastu and feng shui.


  • Rabbit Prosperity and peace are represented by rabbits. Their energies aid in the recovery of conditions involving the thyroid. Rabbit cages should be avoide since they can cause Vaastu Dosha; otherwise, you’re set to go.
  • Make sure the animal enclosure is position either toward the northwest or east, whether it is for a horse, cow, or rabbit.
  • Every time you encounter an animal, keep in mind that it is a gift from nature to you. Use the opportunity to express your thankfulness for your life.





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